Thursday, March 23, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Twi'Leks work best with Wookies

I like wookies, I do. After you learn their langauge they are amazingly easy to get along with. Besides, we both have an extreme love of destroying droids. They throw some really great parties too.

10. We are not attractive to them, they are not attractive to us.

This is a plus, no distractions on the battlefield.

9. As the are strong and endurant, we are dexterious and fast.

Well rounded troops, able to do nearly anything together.

8. Ryloth Animals Stink, and so do Wookies.

Wookies stink. Its true. So do the animals of Ryloth. We Twi'leks are used to it.

7. Wookies have strange dances.

Many Twi'lek dancers can learn new strange exotic dances from wookies. Such as the, I have an itch on my back dance.

6. Twi'leks like fresh air.

Ever seen Kashykk? Its very beautiful and fresh.

5. Wookies are good with head decorations.

They have soooooo much hair, that they know how to do near about anything as far as styling is concerned. Its nice to have new decorations for lekkus.

4. Board games.

It doesn't make sense as stated, but I will explain. Lets say I don't like someone because everyone confuses that person with me. I can have her challenge a wookie to a board game. Naturally she will win. Then the wookie gets angry and fight breaks out. I would have to laugh, Long and hard.

3. Wookies are Hilarious.

Once you learn their language, pay attention to their battle cries. I'm serious here. Since its very hard to understand them, to make the battle even more enjoyable, they shout things like "I'm wearing women's underwear" and "I farted!" and "Your mother was an Acklay." I could go on.

2. After Battle Party.

As stated before, they have some pretty wicked parties. Throw in a couple of Twi'lek dancers, and also some ale. Also the remains of some droids, and we have fireworks, and fuel for bonfires.

And the number one reason...

The best reason of all.

The one you've been waiting for.

1. Twi'leks have no hair (Except for eyebrows)

Its true, we are hairless. It may not make sense, but add a battalion of wookie warriors and several million fleas, and let me tell you, we are the only race that can deal with the fleas, because without hair, they don't want us. Trust me. Twi'leks are the best for working with wookie warriors.

If that's not good enough, imagine yourself covered in fleas...

Pardon me, I have some flea spray to administer...

Hairy Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc


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