Friday, March 24, 2006

A disturbance in the force

A disturbance in the force... Hmph. More like a distrubance to anyone.

I went back to Genosis, and I decide to call it a day early. I was really tired from the hyperspace jump. I lay down, and I finally fall asleep, and then I hear loud thumps and giggles.

So, I ignore it, and when it countinues I naturally get upset. I want my rest! I rushed up the stair and bang on the door. I am going to make some heads roll, right?

Just wait...

You'll see....

Its frightening...

I was needless to say, Disturbed, Grossed out, and Frightened all at once. They were playing truth and dare.

There are two things to date that disturb me about my race more than anything... The first is, when asked to play truth and dare, we have to. The second is, during truth and dare we have to answer the questions without lying, and do any dare that we are challenged to do.

Now, I'm a smart twi'lek, I know that I couldn't take all four of those guys by myself. So I tried to walk away quickly. It didn't work, Naturally Dooku asked me to join them...

"Yes, of course I'll join you."

Well, at least I was wearing my pajamas and they didn't recongize me.

I knew that I would be fine as long as they didn't ask me two questions, "What do I think of the Jedi?" and "What do you think of the Sith?" Anything else I was fine with.

Over the course of the night, my inhibitions trounced by my race's inability to refuse to do dares and answer truth. Had to kiss a droid, jump out of a three story window, stand on my head for an hour, and call Mace Windu, and pretend that I liked him.

They also asked me who I thought was cute in the Jedi temple... I naturally covered my mouth, and it came out as mumbles, but they had to ask again, and again.

"I like... ... ..."

"Out with it sister!" Cried Maul.

"I like..." I gulped, "Obi-Wan."

"Ewww!!" Cried The Emperor, "Why?"

"I liked him when he was younger, okay?!" I cried.

Grevious shrugged, "I guess I can understand that..."

After the pizza, they were beginning to tire, and finally, after several painful hours, they fell asleep, and I ran. I grabbed my stuff, and ran, and flew back to Kashykk... Never to speak of this incident again, and try and wipe my memory of the whole thing.

I was frightened... The whole ordeal would haunt me for the rest of my days. I know one thing for sure, eventually they are going to find me, and I am going to have to play again.

If you'll excuse me, I am going to go beat my head off of a rock.

I need comforting hugs, and no kisses,
Erifia Apoc


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