Sunday, December 10, 2006

So, You think I am Beautiful?

(See it from the Ben's Point of View, here.)

Now he understood, it was so clear, “You fell because of how you felt about me, am I right?”

“I fell because I had to hide it after that, and try and convince myself I never loved you. I’ve learned. Ben, don’t worry about me trying to kiss you anymore. It’s not going to happen again, okay?”

He stared at me, “I worry about you, Are you going to be ok now?”

“Of course I’m going to be okay, I’m Erifia freakin Apoc. Its hard to keep me down on the ground Ben. I get up again.” I looked him in the eyes, to show my joke had hints of truth in it.

“Good to hear,” he responded, “But I’m sorry if I hurt you, Erifia, it was not my intent to do so.”

“You’re a man, its part of your nature,” I responded immediately, “You can’t help it.”

“That isn’t quite the reply I was looking for, but it is ya’ll, so I will accept that.”

I stiffened a bit, I looked at him, “I’m not quite ready to forgive you, okay?”

He patted my shoulder, “I accept that too. I’m glad we had this talk. Maybe we can get back to the way things used to be. I would hate to lose ya’ll’s friendship.”

I raised an eyebrow, “I’ve got a question, I want an answer, no flowers, no running around bushes, Why don’t you like what I wear or what I don’t wear? Does it make you uncomfortable, everyone else doesn’t seem to notice except you. I want to know the real reason.”

“People do notice, Erifia, no one says anything to you. I feel a lady shouldn’t show her body in such a way. It is disrespectful to themselves, besides, you are better than that. I’ve known ya’ll for so long,” he responded.

“So you feel that since I am comfortable with my body and don’t mind showing off a little, that I lower myself from being a lady to being a twi’lek slave girl. Benny,” I said sweetly, “Benny do you think I’m pretty?” I was now playing with him a bit.

“Not what I meant, and of course you are… pretty.” His pause interested me. “I’ve told you that before. You wouldn’t be a slave, Erifia, I couldn’t see that for ya’ll.”

“I would have been,” I responded, “If I wasn’t saved by my old master, but I digress. You hesitated on Pretty Benny. What was the word you wanted to use? And don’t lie to me, I’m a spy, I know when someone is lying.”

He hesitated, he was trying not to lead me on, “Erifia, you are beautiful and you don’t need me to tell you that.”

“But it doesn’t hurt, and don’t worry, I told you that kissing thing was over, that means I get to flirt and make you flirt or whatever, and there is no strings attached,” I stood and with a school-girlish action kissed his cheek, “Right Benny?” I will need to ask Becca about more ways to flirt, its kind of fun.

“Ya’ll flirt more than ya know,” he muttered, “I wouldn’t know how to flirt my dear, I’ve never done it.”

“I’m Green,” I responded.

“Green?” he asked, as he inspected my body, I think I shifted, “My eyes must be messed up, ya’ll look blue to me.” He winked.

“Indigo,” I responded, “Aayla’s blue, and ugly.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Indigo, that suits ya’ll better than blue.”

“Good, I’m glad we had this talk, now I don’t want to hurt you anymore.”

He smiled, “I don’t want to hurt ya’ll either, I never meant to.”

“Actions speak louder then words, and we’ll see how it all works. Goodbye for now, Benny,” I opened my door and laid down on the bed, he left the room.

If you'll excuse me, I am going to take a nap,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc


Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...

You not showing up a updated on blogroll. man that thing breaks down more than blogger.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sleep tight!

2:30 PM  
Blogger Skywalker said...

You and Obi. Just get together all ready. You know you want to.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Master Obi-Wan said...

I am glad we talked. Maybe things can go back to normal?

2:39 PM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Does a Jedi even know the meaning of the word normal?

4:55 PM  
Blogger captain koma said...

Gee Normal for a jedi.
its quite different for a Jedi Normality the have that force thing always bugging them. It bugs them asleep awake shaving falling in love out of love even when they turn to the dark side they are still bombarded with information.
Personallty I see why their lives are so stuffed up. If they just gave up the force and stoppped being Jedi then they would have the possibilty to have Normal lives. But then they wouldn't be Jedi.

that was another late night rant buy captain koma, bored out of his skull cause pf that balsted time difference between the eastern australia and the rest of the world.


Future winner of the amazing mutant race 3

7:44 AM  
Blogger Boots said...

Well I see that you havn't found that present that I left for you.

Maybe I should leave another one??

10:29 AM  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

A good thing it is that trying to kiss Kenobi you have stopped. Often stuck in his beard, food and... other unknown objects get. Want to get any of that on you, you would not!

12:32 PM  

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