Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Playing with the Lightsaber

I am on Mygeeto. It isn't a very attractive world, this I will admit, but when you get out in the suberbs, and next to a river, and you have a lightsaber and a beam-blaster, let me tell you of the fun you can have. After a few temporary modifications, I made the beam-blaster, more like a harmless laser.

Well, I rode around on a speedbike, and played with the laser, it was one of my lapses into childhood. I shined it at random people walking down the street, they were confused by the laser, and I had to laugh. Then I got down to the river, and shined it on the river, and at random lights, and well, acted like a child.

Thats when the local clone force came, and decided it would be alright to arrest me on the charges of illegal use of a beam-blaster, and lightsaber, disturbing the peace, and being annoying.

"I am not being annoying," I said waving my hand in front of them.

"She's not being annoying," he said to the other officer.

"I am just having a little fun."

"She's just having a little fun."

"You should go and do your job instead of eating donuts, and hastling people who aren't commiting crimes."

"We shouldn't eat donuts for the rest of the night, and go actually catch a criminal."

"Go ahead and move along."

"Move along."

They got in their car, and went away. I've got five words for you, 'I love being a jedi!'

If you'll excuse me, I have to use more of this laser before I have to dismantle it,

Hugs and laser kisses,
Erifia Apoc


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