Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saving Master Apoc: Part 2 (Tatooine)

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Mommy’s gone. And no-one knows where she is. We have an idea. She’s in Geonosis somewhere, and I had to walk Auntie Becca through getting there. I wish I had my mommy back.

When we got to Geonosis a bunch of guys who all smelled like that one guy who stole my bubblebubkin; I spoke with them.

“Excuse me mister,” I said.

“Oh, its you again!” He said rubbing my head.

“Are you the nice man from before?”

“Yes little one, I am. What is troubling you?”

“My mommy is missing… Do you know who took her or where she is?”

“No, we did however have reports of a twi’lek Jedi tearing up forces on the front line, but they stopped a couple of days ago,” I jumped around, “Is there anyway to get there?”

“No, there is heavy mortaring there. You can meet up with a medical unit up there, and see if she came through.”

I was a little bit nervous I remember the last time I went into a place with heavy mortaring…


“Wow,” said Captain Hawkeye Pierce, “It’s a little rough up here Tatooine…”

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He grabbed a pen and paper, and began to write things around.

“Whatchu doing?!” I asked.

“Writing my will,” he said.

“What’s a will?”

“It’s a piece of paper that says when I die, who gets what.”


“Because I’m probably going to die.”


“Because of the heavy mortaring.”

“Why are they mortaring us?”

“I ask myself the same question often.”


“Because I don’t know the answer.”


“Because I haven’t asked one.”


“Because they try to shoot me…”


“I don’t know! Please I need to write this!”

“Okay… I love you, bye bye!”

End Flashback

Auntie Becca hopped onto a speeder, and she grabbed me and put me on the back. I don’t like speeders. They scare me. She hit the jets, and we were pushed forward at a great speed and my fur kept trying to pull out.

We wound up finding the medical unit, and I began to run from tent to tent looking for mommy. There were lots of guys who smelled the same, but Mommy wasn’t here.

“Excuse me Mister,” I said to a man who smelled like everyone else.

“Yes?” He asked confused by me.

“Where is my mommy? She’s blue and has big blue hairs coming off the back of her head, and she’s pretty, and she loved me. Where is my mommy?”

“Oh, you mean the twi’lek?”

I nodded shyly.

“She a jedi?”

I nodded again.

“She was taken by a patrol of droids. They surrounded her and captured her.”

“Mommy…” I began to cry, and Auntie Becca held me tight to her.

Auntie Becca looked at the clone trooper and her eyes began to glow, “Where?”

“We are unsure,” he answered trying not to.

“Anyplace to look?”

“The Stalgasin Hive.”

Auntie Becca and I looked at each other. We both were very confused.

If me excuse!

Ps. 8! I can count to 8!


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'm sure you will find your Mommy soon, Tatooine.

Well done on counting to 8!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Did Hawkeye offer you a drink? I hear that he makes some wicked martinis.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Synth-Lin said...

I spent sometime with Hawkeye in Vegas. He was very nice and those Groucho Marx jokes were very funny. But I have noticed something disturbing about Hawkeye. Like Becca he always has the same clothes on. Now I am no fashion goddess but I do know a few things about dressing.
If you could just suggest to Becca that maybe she should be trying something else. Maybe something in red that works.

Love you all


9:39 PM  
Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Awwe you cant count to 8! How wonderful!

10:45 PM  

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