Sunday, July 09, 2006

Life and work

I had two things to do today, give Typho an update, and not be noticed. So I did the most classic thing I could do that was secure. I wrote him a letter, picked his lock, went in, and left it on his pillow, This is what it said.

On the envelope it read, "To my oldest and best friend."

The letter itself said,


Guess what?! I'm being courted by three men, and another. The first three are kindly gentlemen whose Galatic common really isn't that good, I've tried to see if they were really the ones for me, and its been rough going. The other is a man who has name that is uncommon in this day, he seems to know the first three, but he likes to remain mysterious, I think you know him, maybe you've seen him on tv or something, I think we were together when you saw him on TV. I am sure I still don't know who is the right one for me, but I will keep waiting and hoping that one will become clear as the man I want.

Your oldest and best friend,
Ms. Leuba Sapphire.

I exited without incident and blended back out into the streets.

If you'll excuse me, I have to try and see who will love me the most,

Hand holding and wedding rings,
Ms. Leuba Sapphire


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