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Development of a Philosophy: Part 5 (Leuba Sapphire)

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I had two men with me. They had been ‘assigned’ to me. They were rebellion soldiers. I knew their names, and they were important to me. But I knew I couldn’t get attached to them. They treated me with respect because of how I treated them, with the utmost respect someone can have for another.

The Rebellion did not often openly claim me as its associate. They knew I had stolen the Death Star plans from Sidious when he was still called Palpatine. They knew I had made the copy that they received. They also knew I was alive.

The only time they claimed me was when they assigned me an important mission. They knew I was force-sensitive. They knew I had been trained, but they knew very little about my real name, or who I was.

The two men with me were called Life-Bearers, and their job was to do anything they could to make sure I survived. I tried telling them, countless times to get away from me; to go home to their families or go back into the service and assist in the destruction of the Empire.

They refused every time. To them my life was more important than their own. I did not understand. I was not that important of a person. But still they followed me. I was sent to Tatooine, and it was my job to liberate a scientific colony. They chose me to do this because I’ve been there before, countless times.

The men landed, and instead of the Mayor of the colony I was greeted by a Imperial Officer, “Landing Clearances,” he stated plainly.

“I’ve none,” I responded.

“Then take this ship out of here.”

“No, it wouldn’t make sense, don’t you agree?” I spoke firmly, using the mind tricks I so often had to use nowadays.

“Correct, Madame,” he said, “I see the logic now. Is there anything you require?”

“No, I am just here for a short visit,” I responded.

“Very well, I assume you’ll stay on your ship.”


He walked away. Before I was going to assault anything, I was going to go visit an old friend’s son. I walked through the base unquestioned. When I arrived on the outside, I saw speeders, and I took off towards the cliffs with one of them.

I saw the tiny cave, and my cold, war-hardened face softened and I smiled. I crawled down into them, and my eyes adjusted to the light. I was not greeted by the two guards. I walked down deeper into the cave.

I smelled decay. I ran the rest of the way, and when I arrived at the bottom, the dwellings had all be ransacked and destroyed, and there were corpses of Tusken laying all around.

I went to My Old Friend Son’s house, and it was empty save for him laying dead at the door, and his wife laying in beyond that. His wife was laying dead beyond that. He died for her.

I clenched my fists, and I felt my nails pierce my flesh. I ran to the small hut, and it had been ransacked as well. I lifted the rug, and then lifted the small piece of wood. I grabbed a light saber from underneath it.

I lit it up, it was glowing bright yellow. Someone was going to pay for this. I strapped the yellow saber at my side, and I cocked and loaded my gun.

Someone was going to pay.

If you’ll excuse me, I know who is going to pay,

Mourned Hugs and Mourning Kisses,
Leuba Sapphire


Blogger Pantha said...

was is the saying Hell has no fury....

make them pay dear make them pay dearly

12:27 PM  
Blogger Nadel Ledo said...

I would like to see you try and find me. (For I know it is me, you are after.)

And when you see that little red light on your skin, know it is me saying have a nice day! Just before I take my shot.

See you later Jedi spy!

1:09 PM  
Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Kick some... yeah you know.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Skywalker said...

*eyes* Temper, much? I kid.

10:38 PM  
Blogger cooltopten said...

UH OH ...someones gonna get it bad.
good work

2:07 PM  

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