Saturday, April 01, 2006

Droid Invasion: Part 3

Right...Grevious, challenging me to a lightsaber duel. I don't have my lightsabers, but they are sitting on a table. I am on a CIS cruiser. In space. Okay, I'm going to die.

I called my lightsabers. I extended both of them. He opened all of his arms, and he had several lightsabers, by several I mean, double what I was using.

I swung up, and well, he blocked. He brought his arm down and tried to take off my hand.
"NO!" I yelled, "You may take every Jedi's arms in the galaxy, but you'll not take mine!"
I have to say, too many Jedi have lost their hands.

I decided to avoid the crazy four armed freak, and I went for the exit, cutting into droids, and cutting my way through doors. Fourtinatly for me, all the droids liked to stand in lines, so as I ran down the hall, I just left my blade out and it cut through them all.

I found the droid hanger and jumped into a CIS Bomber, Take that Kristina, just because you can't drive one, doesn't mean I can't. (Its a long story, and lets just say, Kristina definatly didn't know how to pilot a droid bomber.

I kicked in the thrusters, and went into the atmosphere, and my shields stopped. It was getting very hot...

If you'll excuse me I have some crashing to do.

Fiery Hugs and Hot Kisses,
Erifia Apoc


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