Sunday, June 18, 2006

Erifia back from Vacation; Contains Director's Cut footage

Oh boy do I have a story for you. Let's start with some valueable need to know information, I was denied.

1. Nabeshin's Peaceful Vacation lasts One day at a time.
2. When he asked me on vacation, he only wanted me for my body, and possibly my ability to be cast in any role.
3. Nabeshin isn't only a director, he is an action hero, who is constantly being hunted.

So. This is what happened, that peaceful tranquil beach scene?

Well, wow... It lasts for about five minutes, I got there, I got a drink, and I sat with it for, give or take five minutes, enjoying the sun, and relaxing. Then I heard... "There he is! Get him!"

Also, "There is the afro guy!"

Nabeshin spoke, "We got to run! Do you need a fro?"

"No! What is this?!"

We ran from these guys. He refused to let me rest or fight! Finally it was night, and we got to take a breather in a dark alley.

"Whatever you do," he whispered, "Don't die."

"Oh I don't plan on it... What kind of a vacation is this?"

"A long one, we got all of five minutes."

"There they are!"

So I ran in front of him, because frankly, if he didn't want me to fight, he could get himself shot.

"We've got to get more screen time before we can fight!"

"I'm the main character!"

"Not here you're not, that blonde girl is!"

He ran past her, and my whole of reality came crashing down, I was the main character, I was, I was!

So these guys ignored me, and kept running after Nabeshin, past the main character.

I walked off screen.

"Get my agent. I'm not the main character... Look, up at the top, 'Erifia Apoc; No. I'm not Aayla Secura. I'm way too cool for that.' Even, look down at the bottom, on the taskbar, and up top at the title of page, it says, 'Erifia Apoc.' Who in the **** is this blonde girl. Nabeshin! What did you do? Did you get me a guest roll on your show?"

"Yeah baby."

"Shut up! I want my writer here now... He'll never put up with this!"

"We stole him from you, just like he stole us from our writer."

"So I'll go back, and he'll give you back, and I'll be the star again?!"


"I'm going, see ya!"

So... Yeah, that was my vacation, there was a law suit, and counter suing, and it was a mess.

So if you'll excuse me, I need to go lay down,

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc

(PS. Nabeshin, and pictures, et all (c) of Koshi Rikdo and ADV films.
PSS. Any Star Wars refernces that ever appear on this blog, including Erifia Apoc herself at all, is (c) of George Lucas and Lucasarts.
PSSS. Its free publicity guys. Get over it.
-The Writer)


Blogger Mirai Trunks said...

Hey Nabeshin! Lupin the 3rd called he wants his clothes back :-)

1:45 AM  
Blogger Magdalena said...

be nice Miari

2:43 AM  
Blogger marissa said...

Yeah that right miari trunks be nice

5:21 AM  
Blogger marissa said...

Juet keep clean alwright Miari?

5:22 AM  

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