Monday, June 05, 2006

Sometimes its confusing: Republic Leader's Thoughts, that is.

I got these orders, I found directions, I flew through space, I wrecked, I spelunked, Found a weird machine, stopped it from ending my life, I got a new ship!!!!, and now I have to go and yell at my boss.

I had a disturbing dream, right before I landed on Coruscant to meet with my boss, Chancellor Palpatine.

It was very quick pictures... But overall it looked like this...

My little red gun, was going to be used in a super weapon... That's all... He was going to use my little red gun as a super weapon...

I sat up... I felt the souls of all those on that planet weighing on me. I looked at the gun, I withdrew the energy cell. I hid it in my room. He could have the gun, but the energy cell was irreplaceable. I slow reached in and withdrew the converter, that way he could not design a way for it to use energy quickly and efficently, it would take billions of credits worth of energy to fire it only once.

I landed the ship, and walked slowly into the building. I felt bad... But if I went to prison, I could not help people against the droids... My reports saved millions of lives... It was a delimma...

I opened the door.

"Who do you think you are?" I yelled at him, "Langoria!"

"Ahh, Agent 357... I didn't expect to see you so soon."

"Shut up, and listen to me. What did you have me sent there for? You don't care about Langoria, there was a reason. There was something you didn't want me to know."

"You're right, you caught me, I wanted you gone because we were working on getting a CIS agent over to our side. Had you been there, you'd have stopped him, and destroyed his whole army, at any endangerment of the Republic. You're a good agent, too good."

I was flattered, but I was still upset, "No, you sent me to some force-forsaken planet, with an asteroid belt around it, I wrecked, and nearly died. I searched the whole planet and all I found was this."

I handed him the red gun.

"What is it?"

"Its a gun, supposidly it caused the end of Langoria. I destroyed the supermachine it was to go with, and unfourtinatly it was half destroyed in the retrieval."

"Interesting... I have a project this could work very nicely for..."

Thoughts of the planet being destroyed came to my head. I would warn the entire galaxy if this project were to be made underway.

"If you'll excuse me for a moment Erifia."

He stood and walked out of the room. I searched all over the room, and I found it... a folder containing some sort of diskette. I thought quickly, and I placed it in the only place I knew it would be safe. Down my bikini bottoms on my hip.

"Thank you, I've realized I cannot pay you the original amount. Forgive me. But I can give you this, a liscense to kill, and diplomatic immunity, along with $1 Billion Credits."

I didn't act excited but I was. The Immunity meant in any world, I could not be touched for any broken laws, and the other was self explanitory.

"Yes, I'll take it... Thank you."

I took the two cards, and he transfered the credits to my name.

I left him. After I had exited the room, I rushed to my ship.

This diskette was important... and I needed it to be placed somewhere where it would be safe...

Very safe...

Now I was a rich girl too...

New ship, secret plans, rich girl...

If you'll excuse me, I've got to go pick up my tauntaun and get a nice hot bath, not necesarily in that order.

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc.

PS. I sent them to a contact of mine, to keep. Maybe one day, they will be useful... Through Damnation I acheived Salvation. Or at least, I hope the force sees it that way.


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