Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hard work and candy

The three men... The ones who had followed Dante, and the ones who were followed by Mal. They have got bad news attached to them. These guys are not nice guys. I've been following them. Just randomly. Like suddenly appearing on the same street. None of them seem to notice me they are kind of off in their own little world.

They were walking through the park, and they split into three directions. It was going to be hard to follow all three of them. So I followed one of them. He walked by a father and son playing catch with the blurnsball. In mid throw from son to father the man grabbed the ball and he broke it, laughed and kept walking. (I shall call this one Blurnsball.)

I'm mean but I'm not even that mean.

I rushed to the other and he was sitting on a bench, he had bread, and he was feeding the ducks. Maybe he's not a such a bad guy afterall. I walked by, and looked at the ducks. They were choking and throwing up. The bread was moldy... The fiend! (I shall call this one Duck.)

Ducks? That's even meaner than Blurnsball.

I, after having been disgusted with both Duck and Blurnsball, I went to the third, hoping he was the awkward one, and was kind to people instead of wicked and nasty to people. When I found him, he was reaching into a baby's stroller and taking his lollypop... How wrong!? I love kids... That's even beyound my comprenshion. (I shall call this guy Lollypop.)

I mean, stealing candy from a baby, how clich'e.

Well, regardles, I now know for sure the type of people I am dealing with. Wicked nasty, clich'ed people. Maybe this won't be as easy as I thought. I mean, if they catch me they might put me in a vat, rested above sharks with... Blasters attached to their head, or maybe tie me to a rope, and let a rat slowly gnaw at it until I am dropped into a vat of electric eels... "Shocking isn't it?" they would ask. Or maybe...

Nevermind... I'm probably just given them ideas...

If you'll excuse me I have to go and make note of these wicked, nasty people.

Flowers and Choclates (Thanks D'Ice),
Ms. Leuba Sapphire


Blogger Spider-Man said...

My jaw drops, and then I burst out laughing. Erifia, you probably don't need to keep following these guys...

8:54 PM  

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