Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Stuff, Jive and Read

Hello All... This Is Erifia Apoc, I have had nothing to do with the fire at the warehouse down the street from my ship.

Now that Legally I am safe... I've been really busy, I've picked up a Job. Which is taking all of my time.

Apart from my job, all my other time is taking up by Last Gladiator Standing.

Like this... The most recent challenge, normally I draw these, but right now I am not feeling too creative...

So... Here's a bit of it...

"I entered the room and all the doors and locks and everything else closed behind me and I heard clicks, slams, locks, chains, hammering, and everything else you can think of to bar up a room.

Then the portal activated. It began glowing brightly, and swirling. Very portal-esque. I took a deep breath, and entered through the portal. I looked around, it was an exact copy of the room I was just in except in reverse.

Boy do I feel like Alice, but man am I scared of this looking glass.

I opened the door, and walked through. It was perfectly the same just opposite… I had to go and find myself. It sounds so familiar to the more recent events in my life. I went to my temporary room, and my shadow self wasn’t there.

Wait… If this was the opposite me, than there was only one place for her to be…

Outside by the pool.

I rushed outside, and I drew my light sabers. She was going to die, I was going to kill her and go home. Simple in out. If I was strong in sabers, she was weak in them, and it was going to be a one sided fight.

“Hello Sunshine!” A mirror of myself screamed as she ran up to me wearing a bright pink bikini, “Look at you! Oh my… You’re like so cute… You like know if you wear some pink… It’ll so look like me and we’ll be like twins.” She exclaimed in a sweet sing-song voice that made me want to vomit.

Urge to kill rising."

Right, got it? Take a read at the whole thing here.

If you'll excuse me the deadline is in two minutes,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc


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