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Questions from you: Set 1

Thanks for your questions! The First set are answered here. Want to ask another question, or ask a first question, ask here:

Robin, The Boy Wonder asks Erifia, “Which celebrity would you marry/have sex with/push off a cliff?”

Well Robin, the answer is different for all three. See your earthen men don’t hold much sway for me, all of them are petty and spoiled. As far as marrying, I could have a happy life with George Lucas.

Having sex with? That’s a bit harder, since I am a jedi, and I have a vow of celibacy, I would have to say, Jay Laga'aia. Don’t know who he is, Boy Wonder? Look him up.

Push off a cliff? I would force shove any of the following actresses off a cliff and not think twice, Fran Dreschire, Brittany Spears, Rosie O’Donnel, and Paris Hilton.

Now the best question of all, is who would I do all three to? Sean Connery *Sigh*. I would marry him, have sex with him, and push him off a cliff, just to see what he would do to survive, and marvel at him after he had.

This comes from the Yellow Bee-like Henchman from the Local Union 432 to Erifia, “What’s up with the mood swings?”


Does… Does everyone think I have moodswings? I mean I can’t help it… Its not my fault… *sob*

But it could be worse *smile*.

*Scowl* Have you ever been around a woman long enough to actually see how she is, or am I the only female contact you’ve ever had? *Laughter*

Seriously… I don’t have mood swings.

This comes from Jon, Intergalactic Gladiatorand it is aimed at Becca, “Dear Becca, What’s it like being a sidekick? Do you think this is your calling or do you see yourself working up to hero? If you were a hero, what would your sidekick be?”

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Hey Jon! Its been awhile, ever since you shoved me in that room and made me pick one of your contestants for me to be the sidekick of.

Being a sidekick isn’t bad. Like, the worst part is the “Busy” work the heroes have you do. I am the one who cleans the ship and takes care of the tauntaun, sort of like a babysitter. Whatever. I also have to save the hero a lot. I’ve saved Erifia at least six times from death.

As far as whether it is my calling or not? I get paid I don’t know, around 50 credits a day, plus free food and free board. Somedays, I get to sit around and watch TV. Do you know how great that is? Why be the hero, then you actually have to do… I don’t know… Like Real work!

I don’t know who or what my sidekick would be… Its like… I don’t know… Not something I think about. I suppose my sidekick would be the stupid Tauntaun, or maybe a young boy, about fourteen.

He would follow me around all the time and he would always be drooling. And his catch phrase would be, “Huh?” Do you know… I don’t know… Like… I don’t know… Like…. How annoying someone saying, I don’t know, like… Huh? All the time would be?

His name would be… Smally MacGuiness. I would call him smalls. His “power” would be to become a gaseous form whenever so no-one would hit him. And he’s always, I don’t know, say… “Huh?” When they missed.

I hope that helps Jon.

This next question comes from Private Hudson, “Dear Becca, Will u b my valemtime?”

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Uhm… I don’t know… You mean the earth holiday, Saint Valentines day, which was created in honor of Saint Valentine, who rebelled against the Romans so that Christians could love whoever they wanted?

I don’t know… How many girls do you ask?

Like… Better questions, How many girls don’t you ask?

I don’t know, I have a deal Hudson… If you stop watching the ship, waiting for Erifia or I to come out, and you promise never to peep on any woman anywhere, I will go out on Saint Valentines day with you…

I need you to sign a waiver, and I don’t know, I need it in writing that you won’t peep. If you do, no date…

- - -

Hey everyone, thanks for your questions, keep them coming, I will be answering them. One set every three days.

-The Author!


Blogger Private Hudson said...



I got you a valemtimes day card! See, it's got a train on it and it says "I Choo choo choo choose you." Get it my sweet little honey velentimes? I choose you? I like that one.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Becca the Magnificant said...

Remember, no more peeping... I took one for the team.... Thank me later girls.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...


2:18 PM  
Blogger Skywalker said...

Awe, love. :-p

2:22 PM  
Blogger Captain Typho said...

am a jedi, and I have a vow of celibacy, I would have to say, Jay Laga'aia.

Hmm? Interesting... ;)

2:05 PM  

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