Friday, April 28, 2006

Back to Class

If you don't remember, I have to take a mandatory Class. Aayla is usually in the class, but she wasn't there when I arrived, and thankfully she didn't arrive when the professor did.

"Howdy ya'll," Obi-wan said.

I took a deep breath, I was prepared this time, I wouldn't let him affect me in such a way.

"Today I am gunna teach ya how ta' move small objects with the force."

*Deep Sigh* He's so intelligent... I shook it off. No, I said to myself, You'll not let him do this to you Erifia.

He really, honestly didn't have any idea what he was doing. At least, as far as teaching us. Unfortunately he had changed since he and I were both younger. But I saw past it. Underneath that exterior was the boy who I crushed on back in the day.

I sighed, again. I began to daydream, him and I killing droids on Genosis, him and I killing droids while having a picnic, him and I going for a long walk, and killing droids.

"Erifia," he said, "Ya'll better start payin' attention, this here's important."

"Yessir," I replied.

He smiled and countinued teaching class. After class, I ran out as fast as I can. At least Aayla wasn't there to hastle me. No-body else taking the class would have noticed, and Obi-Wan wasn't even beginning to think about it.

If you'll excuse me, I am going to run to my ship, like an embarassed little school-girl,

Soft hugs, and blushed kisses,
Erifia Apoc


Blogger Aayla Secura said...

I still don't remember you! Are you sure we even know each other? What's this class you speak of?

6:07 PM  
Blogger Erifia Apoc said...

I guess, since I don't want to kill you, and we fight for the same side we can't be called, Arch-Enemies, but we are without a doubt rivals.

10:33 AM  

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