Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I was called back to Coruscant. Apparently, as a new rule or something all Jedi have to take a mandatory extra class at the temple.

Naturally I opted for something simple like Force Tricks 101. I would have to return and go to class every month, and the only reason I was able to do this, was because the Republic needs me out there.

I love that Chancellor Palpatine. Such a great man.

I landed my ship, and went down and into the temple. I sat down, there were several other Jedi in the room with me.

"You..." I said with a growl.

"Oh no you didn't," she rose and stood in front of me.

"I hate you, I can't take this class..."

"Do you know how many laws I've broken that I've had nothing to do with?"

"You'll get over it Aayla."

"No Erifia, I think its time we took this to an arena of some sort."

I brought my fist back...

"Ya'll fighting over bein' teachers pet?" Obi-Wan said.

I took a deep breath, and that's when Aayla struck me in the cheek.

"Now, now ya'll. Just go'an get in your seats."

I kneed her in the gut and went to my seat. She doubled over and went to her seat.

"Ya'll opted ta' take my class. So I'ma here. I'm gunna teach ya'll about force pushin' and stuff."

I sighed softly, I looked at him. The old him had to be there somewhere.

He began to ramble on, and I sighed again. Aayla however laughed a bit. After Obi-Wan dismissed us, Aayla smiled, she watched me waited for me to get by her.

"Its beautiful."

"Whatever it is, its definatly not your face."

"That you're in love with Obi-Wan."

"I am not!"

"Okay Erifia. I won't tell a soul."

"You're lying!"

"So what if I am?"

"Please Aayla... Don't... Do you remember him when he was younger?"

"Yes of course, and its sweet that you still love him after his cheetos and several blows to the head."

Usually a master of sarcasm I was confused, was she being serious?

"Are you being serious?"

"I guess you'll find out.

"Guess so."

"Oh by the way, never drop my name as your own, ever again."

I shook with anger... I slammed my fist into her forhead and used the force to make her forget the events of the class.

"Erifia! What are you doing here?"


I walked past her.

If you'll excuse me, I am going to go thank the force,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc


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