Sunday, May 07, 2006

CIS Attack Plans: Yelling and Kicking

I landed my ship at the Navy's headquaters. I threw open my door, and I ran out. I shoved lots of clones out of my way, and I drew my lightsaber and cut into the general's door.

"You!" I screamed.

"What do you want Miss Apoc, I've got no time for your childish wants."

"Want? You know what I've done!"

"You've defended a capital ship from a CIS attack."

"She sent you the plans then? What do you plan on doing about it?! And How come we didn't get any backup?!?"

"Because we couldn't afford it."

"That's a lie! I've been searching our databanks, no CIS attacks have happened for two weeks! Where were you?!"

"Calm down... You all survived..."

"No! We didn't! We lost near twenty clones! That's Detrimental to that ship!"

"They are just clones," he replied.

"Is that what you feel?" I asked.

"That's what I know."

I force pushed everything off of his desk, and knocked it against the wall.

"What kind of navy are you running?" I screamed... "I can't even believe I am a part of the Republic, aren't we supposed to watch out for each other? I'm going to the papers!"

He paused for a second. He hit a button, and then said, "No you're right... I am going to take care of it, I am going to give everyone who witnessed it a mind wipe!"

The doors opened and in walked Mace Windu.

"Mace, wipe Miss Apoc's mind of the last mission she was in, then you are to head to Lt. Commander Oneida's ship, and do the same for every one of those clones. And anyone else who witnessed it."

Mace Windu held up his hand, and a blue light began to glow.

I sighed, I ran forward and kicked him in the groin, and brought my hand to the back of his neck, sending him to the ground, and then jumped and landed on his back.

"Clones! Clones!" The general called, "We have a Sith Lady in the complex, attack."

I leapt onto the table, and kicked him in his face knocking him down.

"Clones," I pleaded, "This man treats you as nothing but expendable soldiers, you need a leader who cares about your lives."

That's when a troop of clones came through the door and began to firing at me.

I cut into all of their guns, and ran out the door. Windu and The Commander rose, and yelled at the clones to chase me.

I arrived at my ship, and kicked it.

"Oneida!" I yelled into the intercom.

"Yes?" She asked sounding drowsy.

"Windu is coming to your ship to wipe your memories, Tell anyone who attempts to board that you are under siege by a spy."

"But what if they overide my systems."

"Just keep them out of it for some time, I am coming."

I kicked it into lightspeed, and after two hours I arrived, I flew into the boarding section.

She was waiting for me.

"They want to wipe our memories, so they can keep their honor intact."


"Because, The Commander of the Navy needs to be removed..."

"You plan on doing this?"

"No, but Mace Windu will."

"How do you figure?"

"Leave that to me..."

If you'll excuse me, I really have to come up with a plan now,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc


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We seem to be having the same problem recently.... lots of shouting... attempted memory wipes... attacking people...

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