Sunday, April 30, 2006

Acklay Hunt

Transmission Incoming: To any nearby Jedi or Republic officers, we are under attack *Weird Animal screams* We are on Felucia, and there are Acklay everywhere... The Republic has offered a $500 Credit a piece bounty on each Acklay.

Its transmissions like this that make me wonder if I am more of a bounty hunter than a spy. But its when I get stupid assignments that pay well, I realize that I am indeed a spy.

I weighed everything. It was given out by a clone commander. That means either Aayla abandoned them, or she was called away. I couldn't let them suffer. But I could be killed. I would probably die, because Acklay claws inflict as much damage as a lightsaber, but no matter what I've ever done, there was a high chance of dieing.

It would also give me chance to sell some of those bee stingers I have.

I accepted. Why not, if I am going to die, it might as well be on a jungle world.

I kicked in my ship's thrusters, and landed on Felucia. Yes, I actually landed, not crashed like everyone else. I leapt out of my ship, and locked it up.

I heard blasters being fired, and I rushed to them. There were half a dozen clone troopers trying to fight off three acklay, all of them back striding, and with amazing skill I may add.

I grabbed both of my lightsabers from my Lekkus and I extended them. The acklay's attention was turned to me, and as they all rushed to me, I leapt in the air and tossed a thermal detonator down.

"Run boys!"

They did as ordered, and I stayed in the air, just out of reach as the acklay tried to reach me.

With a large exposion, I was tossed from the air towards the troopers. They caught me.

"Who are you?" one asked.

"Erifia Apoc, I'm here to help."

"Thank the Force."

"Locate other members of your troop. We will go help them... You, go to my ship, its right over the hill, inside you'll see a bag of Kashyykian Bee Stingers, collect them and distrubute them to your more proficiant blade users."

"Yes General Apoc."

"I'm not a General, but thanks for the respect."

I walked forward.

"Miss Apoc, you've got part of our troop held in a tree nearby, 500 yards this way."

I ran, and I arrived at the base of the tree. I shoved my saber into the beast's stomach and it began to falter, and I leapt out as it fell.

The two clone troopers in the tree climbed down and helped me turn over the acklay, and I grabbed my saber.

"You see anyone else up there?"


They rejoined their troop, and in a moment there was another location.

"Northeast, Miss Apoc, there is a large group."

I leapt into the air, and leapt from tree to tree. Once overhead, I looked down, and there was a large number os troopers surronded by acklay, but they weren't attacking, they were waiting. I threw both of my sabers, and made them cut off the acklay's heads like scissors.

I fell to the floor, a bit tired, one trooper caught me.

"Thanks for the help Jedi."

"Anytime. Why weren't they attacking?"

"We don't know, it was as if they were waiting for something."

I kicked over a beast, and there was nothing unusual, however when I examined one of their heads, I saw what I was looking for... There was a wireless reciever attached to the base of their brain.

"Boys... I think we need to get out of here..."

"Why is that?"

"Because, they aren't wild anymore."

The troopers all seemed uneasy with my statement, thats when we heard about fifteen acklay all charging for us.

For those keeping track, here is what the Score stands:
Erifia Apoc: 11 kills
Acklay and their masters: 0 kills

The troopers could keep up with me, though I wasn't using the force, I was still impressed, once we made it to where the other troopers were, the troop was nearly complete.

"Miss Apoc, we've located the last trooper, and we are not leaving without him."

"Where is he?"

"Defending the ATTE."

"You guys have an ATTE?"

"Had. The Acklay detroyed the legs first."

"Where is the ATTE?"

"Northwest, 300 meters."

"I'll be back."

I rushed through the swampy underbelly, and leaping over logs, and ducking under branches. Finally I arrived at the ATTE.

There was were a few Acklay suronnding it, slowly crushing into it, staying right of range of the main cannon. I leapt on one's back, and punched the communicator, it then began to attack the other Acklay with me on its back, and I then shoved my saber through the base of its skull.

The clone trooper leapt out, he was the commander who sent for me.

"Your troop is over the hill."

"Lets go then!"

I grabbed him under the shoulders, and leapt from tree to tree, finally arriving with his troops.

"We owe you our lives Miss Apoc," The commander said after a quick reuniting.

"Its not a big deal, I was nearby, I'll tell you one thing, I don't want to be here anymore."

"Neither do we."

"I have enough room and fuel to get you boys to Kamino."


I signaled for my ship, and it arrived, I loaded the clones onto it.

"Touch my Tauntaun, and we will go to war boys."

If you'll excuse me, I need to make a trip to Kamino,

Hugs and *tired* kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Erifia Apoc: 14 kills
Acklay and their masters: 0 kills.
My type of score.


Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

you gave them stingers to fight with? *shakes head* And I thought I had some embarassing days as a trooper.

1:53 AM  
Blogger Luminara Unduli said...

Good job Erifia!

9:17 AM  

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