Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sometimes its Confusing: Traversing Space, that is.

So, I got these orders to find Langoria. Well, I found a map, now the problem is getting there.

After dropping off, my dearest little tauntaun, at a sitters, and going to the local CeilingMart and collecting all the food I would need for four months, I kicked in the thrusters, and programmed my ship to arrive there.

I went and laid down in my bed, and I had this dream...

Obi Wan was on my ship, and he had stowed away, just to see me. But he was younger, like when I had the biggest crush on him. He came, and he laid his hand on my cheek, and leaned down and gave me a kiss... Such a kiss, that I couldn't even slap him (Which believe it or not, would have been my first reaction.)

I jumped awake... There were alarms going off. I rushed to the deck.

"Computer, what are you doing?"

"Lady Apoc, These appeared out of nowhere."

"Prepare the guns."

"Lady Apoc, the guns are out."

"You can't be serious."

"Afraid so."

"Do something!"

"I can kick the thrusters on high, and convert all systems but life support and engines on the shield, and maybe you can get by. Langoria lies, just on the otherside."

"Make it so..." I paused for a second, "I mean, just do it."


There was a blast, and I felt faint...

"You... said... not... life...."

I laid on the ground, and I held my breath... I had to see if I was going to be alive when this was over... The ship was so shakey, it knocked my air out of me, and I had no oxygen.

I used the last of my strength to pull myself to the windows.

Langoria was green and blue, with life and water. There were cold caps, and mountains. It looked beautiful... The ship kicked in even further, and I tried one more deep breath, but there was nothing there, and the atmosphere was beginning to tear the ship up, it was so thick and strong...

I closed my eyes, and my head landed with an ungodly thump on the consol.

If you'

hu... an... kis...
E... A...


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