Sunday, May 14, 2006

To the temple: Day 2. Youngling Games

After transfering Mace the credits, I then laid down on my old bed, and slept. I woke to the morning, a breakfast prepared by the chef at the temple, (Not by a particular person I can think of...) I ate heartily, and stood for a day of relaxation.

I retrieved a cool smoothie, and I sat in the temple's holo room, a wonderful warm beach with the warm sun spreading its rays on me, while the waves caress back and...

"Yo' E to the A. I needs your advice."

I pushed my sun glasses to the brim of my nose and looked at Ani.


"See I'm digging this foxy g'il, and she diggin' me. But the rules say no lovin'."

"And the problem?"

"Don't you see yo? E-A, I can't be tossed."

"If you love her, than there is no question, in private or in public, you should not hide your feelings."

"But ta' rules yo."

"Follow your heart Ani."

"Okay dawg, thanks for gettin ma' back yo."

"Word," I double tapped my chest and made the peace sign as he left.

Back to my relaxation. I did this until lunch. Then I opened a holo of a waterfall. I sat right in front of it on a rock and found my center.

Then a curious youngling did a cannonball from the top, soaked me and tossed me into the waterfall. It was cold.

"You're Jedi Apoc!" He cried.

"Glad to know you've heard of me."

"You're... You're the best jailbreak player to ever come through the temple."

"I seem to remember being okay at the game."

"You hold the record for the longest time hidden with people searching, four hours."

"Okay, I do."

"Will you play with me and the other younglings tonight?"

"Sure. If you let me sit under this waterfall until then."

"Okay, we'll switch the hologram when it comes time to play."

I sat back up on the waterfall, and near about 10 minutes went by, and the holo dome went into a Yavin 4, forest at night.

I stood and looked around and a whole ton of younglings plowed in, perhaps thirty.

Needless to say, there were 10 younglings looking, and 20 younglings hiding. Being the champ, I was going to look first.

It was unfair. But they asked me to play. I went easy on them, they were younglings. I amy destroy thoughtless droids, and hunt evil people, and even steal, but I will not break a youngling's confidence or dreams.

The match, with me going easy lasted five minutes. Then it was my turn to hide.

Which I did. It was scarcely fair for me to fully hide, so I left one Lekku in plain sight.

After about twenty minutes, all of the younglings (because it was thirty against me) gave up. Then one found the lekku.

They thought it was a snake and began to stomp on it. When I screamed in pain, they apologized crying, and I gave the little guy a hug and told him it just hurt a little.

The next game was capture the flag. They had to rock, paper, scissors over who got me. A young clever youngling named Harvey recieved me on his team, and did the 'Harvey's got game' dance in front of the other team.

Well, I kind of played down my skills again, I went easy on them, the only time I tried to catch them was when they had the flag.

The other team won one game, we won one game, and I pretended to be tired.

I didn't want a fight to erupt because I helped one side more than the other.

They begged me to stay and at least judge one more.

It was a tie, both got and dropped flags at the same time.

I told them that, and I hurried them off to bed.

They begged for one more game, and I told them how Master Yoda would force wedgie me, and how much I hated that, and how NandeHi would have my head.

They rushed to their dorms.

I went and cleaned up, and went to bed.

If you'll excuse me, I've got some serious reflecting to do,

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc


Blogger Captain Typho said...

Sorry about that breakfast thing. ;)

1:23 AM  
Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

aww, well maybe he could bring you an ice pack and a bacta spray for your lekku.

Glad you're having a good time at the Temple

1:59 PM  

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