Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Opinion about some of the Races of the galaxy Part 2

As continued from a few days ago, what I think about the different races of the universe I live in.

Jawas – Interesting little guys. Their eyes, yeah, their eyes, really creep me out. I have to respect them though. I couldn’t live in a desert my entire life. Killer with a slicer and able to disable a droid in one blow like me. They stink though… Real bad…

Kaminoan – Not much I can say about them. I think how clear and almost see through their skin is fascinating to me. I try not to stare. I hate when people stare at my lekkus. So why would I stare at a race because their skin is amazing to look at.

Langorians – I love these guys. They gave me a ship. Some new toys. My tauntaun a translator. Too bad each and every last one of them is dead.

Mirialan – Good people. I happen to like these people a lot. One of my closest friend is a Mirialan. They always struck me as very tribal, almost wookie or ewok esque. Even though they have made some technical advances to put them high above ewoks. Their skin too is interesting. Almost like tattoos. I like tattoos. There is something about them… Not sure how to place it… Something almost rebellious. We get along pretty well.

Mon Calamari – I love your ships. And in my theory of mathematics, if I love your ships, then I love you. So keep building ships!

Sand-People – I like these guys. I will tell you why. Its not because they kill people. Its not because they really can’t speak. Its not because they like to feed from Jawa flesh. Its because I can kill them and not get yelled at. Well Except by them. But what do they know anyway?

Twi'lek – The best race of all. You just can’t beat us. I mean except for the fact that Most all of our men are fat disgusting slobs. Our women are beautiful, graceful, and deadly. Although we in general are very submissive. For you men who like an obedient woman. You know there is nothing quite as beautiful as a female twi’lek in motion. Men stop and stare. But hey. What do I know? I’m just a female twi’lek.

Wookies – I love these guys. If I had to pick a three races to spend all of my time with. It would be humans, mirialans and wookies. If you’ve ever looked at some of my really, really old journal entries, you’ll notice that I hang out with wookies most often. They make me laugh. They have a lot of hair, and I’ve little or no hair. They are warm when you hug them. They giggle if you poke their tummy. They can rip a droid’s arms right out. A better match can’t be made in the realm of pure force.

That’s it. Have any requests?

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to do much research,

Hugs and Kisses (For Humans, Wookies, Mirilans, and Twi’leks),
Erifia Apoc

Author’s Note… A brief interruption…

I, The Author of Erifia Apoc, No I’m not Aayla Secura, I’m too cool for that, would like to make note of something. Apart from the many hours I spend doing college and writing, I also have a position at the college radio station. Usually there is a way to listen to the station no matter where you are found here.

However. There are some technical difficulties and that is not working. But if by some miracle it happens to work, somewhere around (Thursday, September 07, 2006) 3:00 PM EST I am doing a tribute to a different blogger everyweek. This week it happens to be Captain Jean Luc Picard. In his honor and as a tribute I am playing “The Picard Song – DarkMateria” I will also give on air a link to his blog.

Next Week I will do another blogger with a different tribute song.

-The Author


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Wow! Thanks Erifia! I really appreciate the plug. Here's to 'The Picard Song'.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Very cool, I'm bummed I couldn't get the link to work

1:17 AM  
Blogger Captain Typho said...

Cool! I'll try to listen next week if it's up.

2:37 AM  

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