Monday, August 21, 2006

Maybe I want to be sad...

“Erifia Apoc… Prepare to die in the lava of Mustafar!” General Grevious yelled.

He was lowering me slowly into a pool of lava.

I don’t die… You were looking worried. I don’t die. How cruel would it be to kill me off just after my 100th post?

Well, as he lowered me, he walked away. I sighed, and slipped out of the chains, as I was plummeting towards the lava, I force leapt, and landed on the side of the factory. I decided to go and get the plans anyway.

I burst into the main room, and Grevious and a whole bunch of droids were standing there. All with blasters pointed at me. He held the plans in his hand. He stuck them into his mouth, and laughed, “You’ll never get these stupid jedi. Kill her.”

I don’t die… You were looking worried again.

I jumped back out of the room, and ran in true ‘new’ style. The lasers slowly drifting by as I leapt from berm to beam. I leapt out over a pit, and the ship caught me.

I ran to the pilot’s seat, and I kicked it into Langorian Hyper Thrusters and took off.

That leads me to where I am. Having a really bad day… Before having been defeated by Lord of the Idiots, I woke up. Tatooine had eaten something that didn’t agree with his stomach, and as a good mother I had to clean up his room. He’s still to young to use the toilet. That wasn’t really bad. That’s a mother’s duty.

I also had to choose someone to vote out on LGS. Force was that the most difficult decision I had to ever make…

But I went to get a shower, and the hot water was out. So it was, really cold, so cold my skin turned red. (Yeah Twi’lek skin turns red instead of blue.) I then went to put on clothes, and all my clothes were dirty, cleaned wrong, or shredded. So I had to barrow one of Becca’s robes.

I went to the mall, and they were out of dancer outfits. I went next door to dancer outfit emporium, they were out of business. I had to resort to, Happy go Lucky Girl. It was very bright… and very pink.

I wound up with a pink skirt, and a pink tube top. Gag me.

The first thing out of Grevious’ mouth was, “Nice outfit Pinky.”


So I sat in my pilot’s seat. Hand on my cheek, moping. I’m allowed. Its my prerogative as a woman.

That’s when I heard, “Eww-uu-eee… Yoda Jedi, I am…”

“Becca no…” I pleaded…

That’s when she brought this…

Right next to my ear.

“Destroy the sith, we must!” She said mimicking Master Yoda’s voice…

I tried not to smile. I didn’t want to smile.

“Dolly Parton I love, idiots I hate…” I forced myself not to smile…

“Becca…” I said, “Stop it!”

She tried to shove it my ear, “Into your brain, go I must… See hallow I will.”

I sighed, trying hard again not to smile.

“Sing to you I will…”

“Becca! No! What if I want to be sad!?”

“Cause a bad day you had,
One down you are taking,
Turn it around a sad song you did sing.
Don’t know you say,
Lie don’t to me, you,
Ride for a go, and a work to smile,
Bad day you had,
Lie the camera, does not,
Mind you really don’t, back down you are coming,
Bad day you had,
A bad day you had…”

A small smile leaked through my lips, “Becca stop it!”

“Smile… you must,” she said as she shoved it in my ear again.

“If I do, will you stop, so I can be sad?”


I smiled a fake smile, and she said, “Smile fake that is, force-wedgie I will give…”

The smile turned into a real one, as I remembered the painful force wedgies of old.

“Much better,” she said, as she went and put the Yoda pez into its emergency use secret spot.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go wipe this stupid smile from my face, curse that pez dispenser,

Want to be sad hugs, and smiled kisses,
Erifia Apoc


Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

send Becca over to my area to make me feel better. I had a bit of a shock today, also. Just check out a gameshow I was enjoying, then found out I was voted off.

So send over Becca wth the Yoda Pez head to cheer me up.

Oh, and go smack Grevious.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

Congratulate you on your 100th post, I must!

Also, that Pez dispenser I must confiscate and Force-wedgie to Becca I must give! Hmph!

12:05 PM  
Blogger Jedi Katt said...

hey help me to ask her where did her buy tht yoda pez head ok? It sounds pretty interesting *chewing my apple* by da way u reli need to see the therapist (gosh, did I spell it wrong AGAIN?)and I mean it. dun wanna see u sad always.

12:35 AM  

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