Thursday, September 21, 2006


“Commander Nebula will be arriving on Muunilinst *cough cough* within hours. Prepare the droids *cough*” I shut off the com link, My Grevious voice was still good, it astounded me how dumb some people were. I had set the stage for my own downfall. Convinced the CIS that there was a General coming to Muunilinst to eradicate them.

I looked down. I am not stable, and I was not safe to be around. I was ready to crack, ready to break. Ready to give up.

Becca stared at me, reading my mind, and she recoiled. She had to feel everything, the regret, the willingness to die.

“No…” She said, “You’re stupid!”

I made no reply to her. She swung her fist at me. I blocked it with my head.

“You can’t… You’re so dumb…” She screamed.

I waited for the ship to arrive on Muunilinst. I stared blankly at the wall. I had to do this. If not for me, then for those around me. Darth Inferna can never exist. I cleared my lekkus. I strapped two of the sabers at my side, and held two. I left the thermal detonators. I wanted them to at least have a body to recover.

I went into the back storage room. I had two other sabers back there. I grabbed them as well. The ship landed a little roughly. I stepped outside. I activated the ship’s shields. I stood there with two sabers strapped at my side, and two in my hand, lit and ready to go. I let the firmness I was holding them with, slack a little, and they cut into the earth.

There was an empty field in front of me. I stood in its center. That’s when I heard the movement gears grinding. I had to do this. I had to. If I died, then I died a Jedi and not a sith. I had to do this to make me feel good inside. I had to make up for all of my sins.

The army was being led by Dooku. They had saw fit to meet the Army of Commander Nebula with a sith lord. When he saw me, there was a pause. I looked at the army behind him. Thousands upon, thousands of super battle droids. I had no fear. They were going to kill me… I began to laugh…

Dooku was taken aback. I was alone. He raised his arms, and the droids charged forward. I let them. I let them surround me. I closed my eyes. I opened them. The super battle droids all raised their guns.

I dropped my six sabers onto the ground. I knelt down on my knees. I put my hands behind my lekkus.

The droids seemed taken aback by this. That’s when they fired. I made my sabers all extend using the force. They began to spin around me as they had when I was Darth Inferna. Sabers spinning so fast it seemed like a barrier of light was around me, and as the droids fired their blasts began to roll off of my shield barrier.

I called my purple and white saber back to me, leaving the red, and blue one I claimed from that one droid, and the green and the yellow one, which I bought at that yardsale. They spun around me as I walked forward, cutting through droids.

Never letting a single shot pass. I pushed electricity through my two sabers, it swept through one, and going to the next. I threw my purple saber outwards, it swept through a line of them. It came back to me. They began to throw grenades, and with each grenade that hit the saber wall, it made them explode instantly.

I threw my other sabers up into the barrier. I force shoved several droids down, and then I released sith lightning at the next out of one hand.

I smiled… I felt whole. Saber after saber. Blow after blow. I began to destroy and explode everything that came in contact with me.

Finally, the droids were called for a retreat but I didn’t lower my saber wall, as I approached Dooku. There seemed to be a barrier of living force around me, because any droid parts that I had missed, all were thrown out of the way.

I began to throw and pull all six sabers at Dooku, who had trouble blocking all of them. I released force lightning at him. I pulled him to me, and I kicked his face.

“I am Erifia Apoc!” I shouted, “I am not Darth Inferna!” He would never again meet Darth Inferna. He would never get to see her dark eyes again.

Count Dooku spoke, “But…”

“I am Erifia Apoc! I am not a Sith. I am a Jedi.”

I grabbed his shoulder. I released sith lightning into it. I forced all my energy into it.

“Let go!” He screamed as he began to spasm.

“If you want Darth Inferna, you can have her!”

I let all the saber rest, as I called them all to me. I force ran to my ship. Once I was on it, I collapsed. Becca hit a button. I looked. It was a holo recorder.

“You destroyed two thousand super battle droids, by yourself… I don’t know. Do you feel better?”

I nodded weakly.

“What made you feel better?”

“Captain Typho… Just like I knew he could… I could of not let myself live if he hadn’t helped me.”

I went to the shower, and I began to cry as I let the warm water run over me. Obi-Wan had killed me. Nepharia had reaped my Soul. Typho saved my life.. Now it was up to me to change some things.

The first thing I am going to change is hiding any of my emotion. I will wear it all on my sleeve. The Second thing I am going to change is I am going to be nicer to those who care about me, I was a horrible person but no longer. The third thing I am going to do is refuse to let other people think for me.

I was so tired… The fatigue and pain of using so much force had drained my life energy away. I laid down on the bed, I am going to sleep for several days.

If you’ll excuse me, I am going to go to the temple, and yell at the council,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc as it will be forevermore.

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Great to have you in one piece Erifia.

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Blogger Captain Typho said...

What time is the broadcast?

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Blogger Erifia Apoc said...


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Blogger Captain Typho said...

It keeps timing out. :(

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