Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jabim: Part 7 (Erifia)

With the men of Jabim, and my own men, we have plans to take the instillation. The plan was that I run in, wake everyone up, have them all aimed at me, while the Jabim snipers, and my men armed with rockets get ready to blow them up.

My head was still running with confusion, and I am sure, as I stood at the woods before the instillation, I wasn’t prepared for battle. He had kissed me? Why? I’m pretty, but I’m not gorgeous. I’m loud, boisterous, and annoying. Any redeeming qualities I have are based on physicality. I’m rash and hasty.

What could have possibly drove that man to kiss me? I walked forward. I extended my sabers. I wasn’t going to be subtle. My pace was faster then I had intended, and when I arrived at the edge, the droids all turned to me.

There were several Super Battle droids, and their wrist blasters all fired at me. I began to deflect their rays at me. I tapped into my right Lekku. Pushing all of my current memories into my middle one.

Jump! I leapt into the air, and threw my saber down. It made one explode, and I rushed past the other into the base. Several Genosians were there and they all began to fire at me.

I reflected their bolts back at them, and they knocked themselves unconscious. I rushed to find the transport. On the outside, I heard shots. The snipers were beginning their work. I found the armory room. My gun…

Not my sniper rifle, but my gun, the one I found back on Langoria. I grabbed it. Then I set a beacon on the room. I turned, and six droids stood around me.

I clicked the button on the gun, and then it began to charge. They laughed at me in their silvery metallic laugh.

“This is the Erifia Apoc who has destroyed many models before us?” It asked.

That’s when the gun fired a bright green beam, and it ripped through them, and the walls, and the forest, until it struck the mountain side. I rushed past them, and went to find the stairway to the transport ship.

It took me a couple of times, and the droids were busy with the snipers outside. I jumped up the staircase instead of walking up it. I went onto the transport, and I ripped out the droid brain that was going to be driving it. The ship jumped, and I activated the manual controls. I took off with it, and a droid came up behind me, and struck me in the back of the head.

I felt a sharp pain fill my body, and I turned on him, and I punched him. He was so taken back by this action, and my hand hurt bad, I lit a saber and cut him in two.

I checked the ship, and once I knew it was clean, I drove it to the landing pad. There were rockets blowing up, and then in air, there was an actual explosion that shook the ship, and sent me in a dive.

I pulled up, and I was able to land on the pad, roughly. My migraine from the droid hitting me was so painful, I just laid my head down. My men and the men of Jabim could handle it from here…

Right now I just want to take a nap.

If you’ll excuse me…

- - X - - O - -
Erifia *yawn* Apoc

(PS from the Author: I had some computer troubles so that’s why I didn’t post. Sorry loyal readers. Thanks for commenting, and thanks for reading.)


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

It just seems like an average day for you, Erifia.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Phobia said...

Great work.. watch your back cause driods tend to like to come back from the rubble though.. found that out the hard way.. believe ne.. NOT fun..

6:01 PM  
Blogger cooltopten said...

dam sneaky droids ,at least that droid wont sneak up on you again.
good work :)

9:01 AM  
Blogger Skywalker said...

I had a headless one shoot at me. The little bugger.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Good idea about the nap. *yawns* I'm so sleepy myself.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Master Obi-Wan said...

Nice job Erifia. Anakin is right, it happens.

4:48 PM  

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