Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Newest Hope: Part 2 (Sapphire)

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I was nervous… She was a good kid, I would hate to shoot her. I watched for a second longer, as long as she didn’t learn my real name, then I would be okay.

She closed her eyes for a few moments. I watched her. She was so like me. She needs to learn from me before its too late, before she had to kill her own Inferna. Before her Inferna ever was born in her mind.

When she opened my eyes, they looked much older then the girl she was a moment ago. I watched her as she spoke, her response came out as, “I don’t know. I’m guessing you don’t want to go back to the temple, because you never made contact. I don’t know why that is,” A devil with her tongue, with a hint of my old friend, Rebecca, “Perhaps you don’t like the changes Uncle Luke made.”

Anakin’s baby boy. I knew about Padme… Long before most anybody else knew. He found comfort and solace in me. He confided information in me. When he became Vader… I couldn’t put the beam between his eyes when I had the chance…

I loved him when he was Anakin. I couldn’t kill him just because he lost the fight to his Inferna.

“The thing is that we know so little about the Jedi back then, it would be brilliant if you could come back with me, and teach us, Master.”

My eyes widened, she knew who I was, I spun the gun on the table, and both of our glasses went flying, and I swept my foot as hard as I could to her chair, and I leapt over the table with my gun at her throat, finger on the trigger.

“Who told you I was a master?!”

She was scared, and she went for her saber, but stopped, unable to reveal the fact she was a force-user down in the bar. She pushed my barrel away from her. “No-one told me anything, I just assumed.” She spoke with the lack of emotion the old jedi I had.

“You must have been powerful to survive the purge.. Only two others managed it. So… That’s a no, for coming back to the temple then?”

I released her. But my gun moved back to her, I held the gun level, “I will come,” I said, “But if you ever hide your emotion again, I will blow your brains out of your head.” I sat down at the next table, I had to be annoyed, or at least give that air.

“I’m old,” I said, “I’m grumpy, and I’ve had a hard life. My past is my own, but if you would like me to come to the temple. I will come and I will teach with lessons from my past.”

I took a deep breath, and leaned back in the chair…

“Really?” She spoke with confused tones, “Wow… That’s… Brilliant!” She smiled brightly.

She took care of the drinks. I didn’t want her to. She looked at me, “The thing is, at the moment, there’s a bit of a… situation at the temple… I think that you could help us. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you on the way.”

I had to laugh one of the most silvery laughs she had ever heard. I held my hand to my mouth, and I swiped my gun with the other, “There is nothing that I haven’t encountered.”

I looked at her, “You flying?” I didn’t want to laugh at her again, but I knew I would if she said she was… My ship would be much, much faster. With the upgrades on my second trip back to Langoria… It would be a much easier trip too.

She nodded in response, “Sure thing. I have a Jedi-Ship docked in the bay. It should fit both of us.”

“I can fly us both out, with your ship in my cargo-bay,” I said to her, “Unless you don’t trust me.”

She looked at me for a second, trying to develop whether she did trust me, she then agreed, “Sure, if your ship can take mine. I’d love to see it!”

“Meet me by the Empty Lot, coordinates, 51-62. I will pick up your ship there, so we have room for the exchange.”

-Temporary End Transmission


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An empty lot is an untrustworthy place.

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Do we have to talk about Anakin here...

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I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and although I cannot you condone drag racing in your ships as it is a danger to pedestrians and other innocent bystanders, somehow I know you'll make the right choice.

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