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Questions from you: Last Set

Thanks for your questions! The last set is answered here. From now on, I will be answering a question a week, Every Thursday. So send them in Wednesday nights, and I will answer them!

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Hey kiddies, this one comes from Little Ani Skywalker, and I only thought it appropriate it go to Padawan Erifia, l’Ani asks, “Can I touch your Liuuks thingys?”

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Oh, you must mean my lekkus, an- You mean my lekkus! You little pervert!

I should come over there and tell your mother what you asked to do. Go wash your mouth out with soap, and wash your hands.

Touching my lekkus is like sexual harassment. Why even ask that?

You’re a sick, sick little kid.

They are my lekkus, and you can’t touch them. Get away from me, you icky little boy.

The Saiyan Prince wants to go for round two with Inferna, let’s find out what he has, “Do you think I should be intimidated after your last little crying fit in Erifia’s brain?”

Oh shutup, “Sunshine Prince.” Why don’t you get trapped inside of Goku’s brain, and have him knock you into a state of powerlessness, and let’s see how much you plead and beg.

You would. Trust me. When you sit there and watch the same thing and hear the same thing over and over, you get tired of it, “Wah: I have a traumatic backstory.” Or “I hate Aayla Secura.” Or “I killed a droid.” Or “I won LGS.” Or “Did I feed Tatooine.”

You’d get really freaking tired of it too, and trust me, its like watching Teletubbies for ten hours straight. You want to stab yourself in the head.

You’d cry too after ten hours of teletubbies and only a man trying to cover up his insecurity wouldn’t admit he would cry after ten hours of Teletubbies. So BACK OFF MY CASE!

And try to tell me you wouldn’t… Sunshine Boy.

Lovely. This one comes from Wolverine and it goes to me, “Author: Have ya got a pocket dimension in that Fro?”

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Good question: No.

See, my fro is actually more like a bag of holding then a pocket dimension. But it does have the air of a pocket dimension.

Like, if you need a place to crash, you are pretty cool, you want to come sleep in my fro for a night? You have to promise to pick up your beer cans. Last time I let someone crash who drank, I tried to throw a grenade and a beer can came out…


This one comes from- No… No… NO! It can’t be… Please… Its from “Blue Eyes”. Folks this is bad news… Real bad… The worse news… She states, “Hey baby. Remember me? Stupid question, you can’t even remember our anniversary. (It was last week, by the way). I hope you realize that I do read this blog. I know all about the flirting that you do. Well you know what; I have found my own little blog. That’s right, and there is nothing you can do about it. Oh, and when you finally do decide to come back home, the big pile in the front lawn is yours. Don’t even bother coming in because the only thing that will be keeping you warm at night will be the grass“

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Baby: Honey: Sweetie: Would I lie to you? I was busy, I had to save the world. I had to write a blog entry. I needed to change the oil in my fro. I was out with the guys. I was…

Baby… Come on. Look at me. It’s me… Smile… I’m your little Author. Come on…

I was busy… Darnet.

Don’t go on about the Blog again. Please… We both know you would just get one to complain about me… Am I really that bad?

I know I am a bad man, but I am always (almost always) there for you. That time you called me, I was fighting an alligator in the everglades. The second time I was chasing a boat on the high seas. The third time I was in France fighting off a terrorist cult of snail eaters. The other times I didn’t answer because there were equally impressive stories.

And why do you always put the pile on the lawn… Come on! That’s so old, you should burn it all.

Crap: No…

Don’t make me sleep outside, I’m sorry about our anniversary, I sent flowers with a droid, but Erifia killed him… Seriously.

Come on… I love you! Don’t you remember the wonderful dinner we had out- What about that one movie we- What can I do to make it up to you?

You want me to write you a poem?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I’m so sorry,
That I had the flu.

That’s terrible. You’ve got me so flusterated (frusterated + flustered) my poetry and grammar is off. I need you… I need you a lot more then you need me… I always bring you flowers from other worlds… I will try and stay at home more often…

Sometimes I have to run from evil men… And I don’t want you in danger.

Honey… Baby… Sweetie… Please… I’ll… I’ll cut my fro…

No… I’ll dress in different clothes….


I’ll… I’ll… I’ll make a public apology in the blogoverse, and admit that I am a terrible boyfriend…

“I, Erifia’s Author, am a terrible boyfriend, and I hereby apologize to the great, sweet, amazing Blue Eyes.”

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Please… Pretty Please… Blue… Come on…

Darnet… I need to get home…

- - - - -

Thanks for all your questions. It was fun answering them. You can ask questions on Wednesday nights to be answered Thursdays… These can be addressed to:

Erifia Apoc
Padawan Erifia Apoc
Leuba Sapphire (Rebellion Erifia)
Darth Inferna
Tatooine the Tauntaun
Becca the Magnificant
Orange Palps (Emperor Palpatine)
Aayla Secura
Gerith Gwin (Erifia’s Master)
Wookie Psych
Erifia’s Author
Blue Eyes (Author’s Girl)

Send those questions, on WEDNESDAY Nights to

-Author out!


Blogger Little Ani said...

Gosh! Bite my head off! LIke a wanta touch those blue worms anyhoo!

1:52 PM  
Blogger Skywalker said...

Looks like your in deep poodoo with the misses, Author. Uh, you might want to want to grovel more.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...

You better send Blue Eyes more than a 'I'm sorry'.Idol worship might work.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Vegeta said...

Hmph Kakarot would have to actually have a brain for that too work. That and I'd free myself by getting the Clown to kill himself he's dumb enough for that to work.

As for Monotony Go evrey day with Trunks lusting over anything female. Bra Lusting after Gotan, and wanting money for clothes though she has a job! her stupid screaming children, Kakarot being himself, Bulma whineing about how I should stop fighting,, And two teenagers constantly shouting at each other, Then add that to the fact I have to listen to the demands of over a hundred Saiyans. What you describe sounds like a Vacation. Then again what should I expect from an aspect of one's subconcious evil?

This is why I repress nothing, it causes mental instability.

2:48 AM  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

A really good post, Erifia. What is Ble Eyes' blog? We would all like to see it!

3:24 PM  
Blogger Erifia's Author said...

There you go Captain. She's just starting out. :)

3:31 PM  
Blogger Darth Nepharia said...

I always like expanding my light sabre collection. Right now I'm trying to add Quinlan Vos', but he's hard to find -- perhaps she also has a favorite, hard-to-find collectible she would like.

1:16 PM  

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