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The Newest Hope: Part 3 (Sapphire)

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My ship was large, and I opened it and got it ready. I hadn’t flown it for some time so I had to check all of the bits and pieces. The ship was from Langoria, and it had so many different gadgets, one of which was a beam, that could pick up a ridiculous amount of cargo, bind it in the ship, and then release it.

That was my plan, and I had used it on a ship before, and it worked. I waited on the outside of my ship, sitting on my stairs, with my sniper rifle, sitting right next to me.

She landed her ship, and I simply looked up, “Get anything you may need from your ship, and we’ll get going right away.

She thought the only two things she would need were a saber and a blaster… She is me… She is me in every single way.

She looked around the ship. She was trying to figure it out. I opened the doors, and operated the cargo-hatch, taking her ship into my own. When I exited the small room, I looked at her.

“Give me a second to get it out, and then you and I, we can talk, and I will let you explore this little monstrosity.”

She felt the walls with her hand. It sent shivers up her spine, and then she stated, “You’d best come out of hyperspace a little away from Yavin IV so you don’t scare the pants off everyone in the temple. Jacen will know that is me though. So does this thing have a name?”

“Nope,” I responded, “I just call it the Langorian. Which is ridiculous, because that’s the planet its from. And I will make sure they don’t die from fright. This old girl is quite scary. Looks like a ghost ship because of the rusty coloring…”

I kicked in the hyperthrusters… and I looked at her, “Want to see something neat… How long does it normally take to get to Yavin? Its been so long…”

“But every ship has to have a name!” She claimed, “You are kidding me! This thing came from Langoria?! Wow, It does explain a lot though. Umm… Back to Yavin, about three and a half hours in the falcon, so in a normal ship around four. She looked at me sideways, “But this isn’t a normal ship, it it?”

I laughed, “No, its not a normal ship,” I was beginning to feel like my old self around this girl, because of how alike she was to me, “But its no Falcon. I fought along side the Falcon on the second battle on the Death Star. She’s amazing… So agile… Nimble… Your father is very lucky. This ship, it will make it in two. But, this is a worthless hunk of junk in combat. It can’t maneuver, its got really big guns, and pretty strong shields, but it can’t evade… Sorry. I used to fly CIS Bombers on runs for the GAR,” I responded.

Her mouth was wide open as she stared at me. She was very confused. “You flew on the Death Star assault? Then do you already know Uncle Luke?” She asked me, then she looked around and spoke, “Could I take a look at its engine sometime? If you stick around…” She shut her mouth, and looked out of the window.

“I never met your uncle. That would have thrown off something with him as far as the force is concerned. And if you’d like, you can look at the engine. It’s incomprehendable.”

After the ship was ready in orbit, I hit three buttons, and the engines hummed loudly, then there was a green flash, and it looked like a rainbow as we flew and the star’s light refracted against the movement of the ship on the outside.

“If you’re the type of person I have you pegged for, I’m sure you’ll want to see the armory room first.” With that I stood, and walked towards the room I designated as the armory.

She tripped up on her own feet as I led her through my ship.

When I arrived at the armory I opened the door, in it were my four prized lightsabers. The one I made, and the one my master’s master’s master’s master’s made. The two I got from that stupid pointless thing I did so long ago.

There were weapons the GAR each one with a different story attached. There were Battle Droid’s arms, and all sorts of archaic weapons, including the original Langorian Beam Gun, that became the weapons system for the Death Star.

I had a hand in making it, and I had a hand in unmaking it, I had the plans, and I sent them out into the Rebellion spy lines, and I sat down on the aacklay shell chair I had made, and I let her investigate the room.

She looked around the room, she paused on a Magna Guard Staff, “What is that thing?”

-Temporary End Transmission


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

You're a tough woman, Sapphire.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Did you forget about your student of old?

2:03 PM  
Blogger Skywalker said...

More about than I thought.

11:37 AM  
Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...

Hmmmmm. Can I take a peek too? heehehe.

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