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The Newest Hope: Part 6 (Sapphire)

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I clicked a button on the com, “Wake up time, Miss Solo, we are within three minutes of Yavin 4. If you don’t want me blazing in, you should wake up now.”

She shook herself out of meditation, she stood and wobbled on her legs, “Easy Journey Then?”

“Yes. I don’t know the security of this new temple, nor how you want to deal with a ship of this size, and weird make coming into range of whatever defenses you have, that’s up to you, Miss. Solo.”

I had changed in the time between. I was feeling so young, I was thinking of wearing my old outfits, but I am too old for that. I did however grab my old sabers. They seemed connected to me. In my hands, I had done so much with them. They were concealed of course, but my sniper rifle was strapped to my back. I had that long before my sabers, and it never really left my side except for at my twenties.

“They’re aren’t really any defenses, Uncle Luke doesn’t want to seem Aggressive. The Jedi have been getting enough bad press as it is. Besides no-one ever really come to Yavin.”

She grabbed my com-link and spoke, “Jedi-Temple this is Jaina Solo. Requesting permission to land.”
“Sith Spit Jaina! You gave us a fright. We had no idea what was going on. Where’d you get that thing?”
“Its not mine, it belongs to an old friend. Now do we have permission to land or what?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah, Bay 3 is clear. It should be big enough. Or you can land at the edge of the forest and walk in. Its up to you.
She looked at me, “You heard the boy. Its up to you Captain.”

“I’m too old to walk. Show me where the bay is,” I pulled down breaching the planet’s atmosphere.

She laughed, “I doubt that very much,” She pointed to the left, “Its over there, built into the same cliff that part of the temple is. Here,” she reached and typed things into my ship.

The ship rocketed towards the cliffs, and I pulled it into the bay as directed. I landed it, and I stood, and stretched my legs.

“I do not want to immediately meet this girl,” I said, “I want to meet your Father, and your uncle first.”

“I was planning on taking you to Master Skywalker first so that’s not a problem, but dad,” she paused, “He’s back on Coursant.” She looked at my ship, and turned to take me to her uncle.

I looked at the temple of Yavin. It wasn’t like the old temple, but it was impressive, I remember playing capture the flag in the simulator as a padawan in a temple such as this. The forests were beautiful and were bright emerald. She showed me different rooms, and different uses for those rooms.

“We are still relatively few in numbers. There’s only around 100 Jedi at the moment and most are nowhere near master level, so it makes teaching very difficulty. Master Skywalker is trying to change that, be it slowly. He himself leads Anakin and Jacen, while Aunt Mara Jade is my mentor.” There was a door that was closed and she pointed, “This is a meditation room. Silence at all times and no light sabers to be ignited.” I wished very much to pull out my saber and cut down the door and start yelling.

They need to learn how to really meditate. As we turned the corner, we went outdoors, and into a larger building she paused at another room, “In this room we’ve begun to create a collection of Jedi Artifacts and all that we know from before the empire. Do you want to go in?”

I nodded. I prepared myself mentally, scared I would break down crying if I saw anything that reminded me- Just reminded me of anything. It was hard, so hard, being one of the last of your kind alive. I’m sure very few could understand what I was going through.

She opened the door, and stepped into the room, I followed, “There is not much.” She waved her hand to all of the things.

-Temporary End Transmission

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Hey cats and kiddies: I got a new experiment going on.

Amelia Cartwright

Take a stop if you'd like. Its from a series I am working on with a friend outside of the blogging world, so I wanted to give her a past.

Thanks all!


Blogger Catia Ravenstone said...

Remembering sucks.. Try living some 3,000 years and comming back to what you knew before. Then come to me about bawling your head off.

10:58 PM  
Blogger Phobia said...

Stay Strong Lebulba.. You came back because the Jedi are your family.. no matter what. They will always be there for you.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

I've already visited Amelia.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said...

I visted her blog too.

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