Thursday, April 06, 2006

Punishment 2: Tatooine on Hoth

It was close... I had to get there for Tatooine. I topped the snow mound, and I saw it. I was beginning to turn Red, and that was really bad.

I rushed to it... threw open the doors.


I took a deep breath, it was warm. They had milk, and they had a transport off this wasteland for me.

I cradled Tatooine in my arms, and kissed his little forhead. I ran and requested some milk.

"We can't serve you old chap with that beast."

Without thinking I drew both of my lightsabers.

"Now we can, you need milk? And food?"

"Please," I said with a smile.

He brought me a bottle of milk, and a burger.

I fed Tatooine, I didn't care about my own needs... Was this what its like to be a mother?

After my baby had eaten, I ate a bit, and he fell asleep.

Now... My baby was taken care of.

I laid it down, and called the clerk over.

"Take care of my baby, or I will hurt you."

"Yes mam."

I put on my jacket, and rushed out, I placed a homing beacon on the building, and rushed towards the Tauntaun cavern. From there, I would find the wampas, and they would pay.

If you'll excuse me, but I have to kill albino, tauntaun, killing Wampas.

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc


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