Friday, April 07, 2006

Punishment 3: The Retaliation

The tauntauns were acting finicky when I came back, and then I saw him, the first wampa. He grabbed one. Instead of chasing and killing him, I followed him. He didn't see me in the snow. He led me towards a cave.

I followed, and once inside I heard several wampa growls. I followed him deep into the cave, and I smelled meat. There were four-score tauntauns gutted and hung for food storage.

I watched him. He hung it, and went down in the cave. I followed silently, being sure to make no noise. When I looked down, there were easily a hundred wampas, some sleeping, some awake. Non gaurding.

If these guys were anything like Wookies, this is going to be harder than I expected.

I extended my lightsaber, and all of them, sleeping or not, stood and charged to me, growling.

"I hate you!" I yelled as I ran into the group, and in slow motion moved around their claws, and dug into them all. I was too deep into Matricidal Rage to stop. They had killed my baby's mother, and it was time for them to die.

I spun in a circular motion, and cut into several, than one leapt towards my head, and I cut into him while spinning into the next. I jumped into the air up high, and grasped onto a stalagmite? Or a Stalagtite... One of those... Does it even really matter?

I cut into it, and it fell, and crushed several, as I leapt on top of it.

I threw both of my lightsabers, and kept them spinning and cutting beneath me on the ground level.

This was feeling good... I like this whole revenge thing.

I jumped down, and ran forward, slicing into a line... And there in front of me, was a huge Wampa, it was a she, I could tell. And As I was angry for them killing a tauntaun, I just killed all of her children.

She slammed her fist, and a lot of the pointy ice things on the ceiling fell down. It was all I could do to avoid it.

I leapt forward, and attempted to cut into her hide, with little or no effect.

I've got two words for you, Uh-Oh.

She sweapt her fist at me, and sent me flying into a nearby wall. I hit it, shattering some ice, and rolling down. *Crack*.

I don't know what it is about my life, am I glutton for punishment? I'm a good person, really. But it seems everyday, something worse than the last day happens to me.

I started thinking... I had no idea what I would do. Wow... Do I really sound that self centered to you, as I do to me? I... Eye! That's right! Eyes... And dodge.

Note to self, don't ponder while in a fight, or huge wampas will shatter the ice behind you, and fill the room with glass shards...

"I've got some laser eye surgery for you!"

I threw my sabers, and both of them went into the beasts' eyes, and she fell backwards.

There was a earthshattering shake, and as the cave ceiling collaspsed, I leapt on top of it, and went out. I headed for the McDookus.

Once there, I found my ship waiting for me. It apparently found the signal, and went to it.

I love AI.... I mean! Uhm! I love AI when its in my spaceship, and not in a droid.

There was also a health inspecotor there, and he told me I could not take Tatooine with me. He would have to stay here.


"No buts, its a fine of 1,000,000$."

"Okay, I'll leave him here... For future refernce, my name is Aayla Secura."

"Thanks for your cooperation."

I grabbed the baby wrapping, and kissed its head...

"I'm sorry Tatooine..."

A tear fell from his eye, and he licked my nose.

"You're not making it any easier.

I set the wrappings down, and went to my ship.

I kicked on my ships thrusters and went out of the atmosphere.

"Lady Apoc," the ship said, "Detection of a life form."

"Ignore it," I said, "It must be a malfunction."

I smiled to myself.

If you'll excuse me, I have a lot of credits to collect,

Hugs and Kisses *Awww*,
Erifia Apoc.


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