Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Its cold. If there is one thing I hate more than Droids, its being cold. I am a Twi'lek. I like warm climates. I would have rather been sent to Tatooine... But no, I am on Hoth. Want to know what my mission is? I am to keep the Wampas from eating the Tauntauns. I definatly don't care. Wait, better yet, I could care less.

This is what happened. I got back to Coruscant and I was given the $1,000,000 credits. The Jedi Temple and the Republic decided to split it fifty-fifty. At that time, they both decided so I don't make them pay me such a large amount, I was to go to Hoth, so I.

A) Couldn't recieve anymore bounty messages.
B) Would freeze my indigo body to a nice shade of red. (Don't ask me how it works like that.)
C) I would possibly be killed by Wampas and the money would be split back to them.
D) So I could be bored out of my mind.

Then they gave me a mission briefing...

"Erifia, this is a Wampa."

A wampa looks like an Albino Wookie, except with really sharp teeth.

"Erifia, this is a Tauntaun."

A tauntaun looks like a large bird, with soft cushy fur.

"Now, the Wampas have had an increase in population, and due to a unseasonably warm winter of -34 degrees."

"Joy," I said very annoyed.

"We need the Tauntauns, okay? They are excellent pack animals."


"So the Wampas eat the Tauntauns."

"Right," I said rolling my eyes.

"You need to protect them."

"So, you are sending one of your best spies to go and protect these hairy birds."

"Erifia, you made a..."

"Pledge to the well being and will of the republic, and to uphold and protect those lesser than me in the Galaxy."



I stood and pushed open the door. I began to rush down the hall.

No. I am not a brat. But if you had my reputation, and frankly my body build, you would be ticked about going to a place like Hoth.

Then I stopped, and took a step to the side. I took a deep breath...

"Hey," Obi-Wan said, "I heard about ya getting sent to Hoth. Sucks real bad. Don worry. Ya'll be back."

He kept walking. Didn't he realize? I know underneath that Cheetoh dust covered exterior, was the boy he was...

I sighed... I shook myself out of it.

The Commander ran up, "Erifia... I've just given an order for you, you are allowed to exterminate any and all wampas you see..."

I steadied myself, and let out another sigh.
"I don't need your order to do that, I was going to do that anyway."


"I'm going to Hoth. Just take yourself back to your room, and put the credits in my account. I am going to be counting each wampa I kill. And I'm not feeling in a real defensive mood. So I am going to attack."

...And since I've been here, I haven't seen a single Wampa or Tauntaun. All I've seen is snow, and cold. How long have I been here? Perhaps a week, maybe more.

Also, I'm out of food.

On top of that, my tent was covered in snow, and I can't find it.

What's this mean to you? There is going to be a red twi'lek real soon.

I began to walk aimlessly. I have no way to get off this planet. I just walked towards the snowdrift, and then to the next one, and then to next one.

The ground became nothing, and I fell straight down. I screamed. Its true, I did. And I screamed in pain when I hit the ground. But it wasn't that bad of a fall. Honestly.

I was in a cave with Tauntauns. They all looked scared at my presence... I felt heat. I removed my hood, and smiled.

They seemed at ease. Cutest animals I ever seen in my life. I noticed one was laying down, it was a she, and she was pregnant. The others were avoiding her. I looked and saw why. She had been cut up by a wampa...

Suddenly this whole mission struck home.

I helped her deliver, and through all the pain and stress, she passed. But the baby was fine. He looked up at me, and we met eyes...

"Awww...." I said softly, "You're so cute... I've got to give you a name."

I smiled, "I'll call you Tatooine. Tatooine the Tauntaun. You're a sweety. Aren't you?"

I didn't know what to do, I had to feed it, and the others weren't helping... I wrapped it in my jacket and ran out in the snow. I had to find milk somewhere... And I realized how dumb it was as soon as I stepped out of the cave... But I could swear I saw something familar in the distance.

I ran towards it. I had to.

If you'll excuse me, I really have to take care of my little baby Tauntaun.

Cold hugs, and cool kisses,
Erifia Apoc.


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