Monday, April 03, 2006

Droid Invasion: The Day After

What a week... Not only had I fought off a thousand *crack* droids with one leg, and half a lightsaber. *Crack crack* I was captured, and escaped with only the power of my right pinky. I fought Grevious, and kicked his *crack* butt. *Craaack* I saved myself from a fiery burning death by expending all of my techno-babble for a whole week *crack*. I then decided to treat myself *crack crack* to some spa treatment.

That and I had recieved a large fund from all the droids I smashed on my way out of the ship. *Crack*. Right now I am laying down, and getting a back massage by a true artist. *Crack.*

I already have gotten a facial, had my nails done, and relaxed in a mud bath. I even had those little vegetable rings put over my eyes. After the wonderful massage, I am getting into the hottub, then I am going to go to my really expensive presidential suite, and take a nice long nap, only to wake up to a meal fit for a Hutt ruling a desert planet. By Desert, I mean Dessert. I want some choclate.

So if you'll *crack* excuse me, I've got some *crack-crackity crackity crack crack, Crack Crack* some relaxing to do...

Hugs *crack* and kisses *crack*,
Erifia Apoc


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