Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Droid Slaying. Making Credits. Feeling good.

I stretched out a bit. I looked in the Republic Central Base and found a place of weakness against the CIS.

Felucia… Again. Aayla Secura, once again has abandoned her post. I kicked it in my ship. The republic was still paying fifty credits a piece for droid motherboards. Amazing isn’t it? On a good day I can kill a hundred droids.

We all know fifty times one hundred is five thousand.

I would be relieving my stress and making credits… There is nothing better…

I kicked the ship in Langorian Hyper Thrusters. The Ship arrived in Felucia in an hour. I had landed in an outpost camp of the republic.

“Jedi Apoc.”

“Report commander.”

“The CIS are occupying a once held Republic base on a very important hill.”

My lips went from being very neutral to a curved up smile.

“What are my chances of survival?”

“A jedi of your droid killing skill. I would give you a less than ten percent chance of survival.”

“I like those odds.”

“Would you like clones to accompany you?”

“No thanks. Give me coordinates.”

He gave to me. They do not move this story along. So, who cares what they were.

I rushed through the jungle swamps. I saw several acklay attacking a droid patrol. I jumped up into the jungle canopy. I began to crawl from treetop to treetop, my breathing quickening with each droid that passed under me.

This is where I was meant to be. Then I saw him. A droid sharpshooter, he had me in his sights. He released a shot, and I dropped from the tree, right in between six super battle droids.

I activated my thermal detonator and I force jumped above the canopy. There was an explosion, and I heard a droid sound off, “It is Erifia Apoc… All Droids on her!”

That made me smile as the turbulence from the explosion disrupted my force jump and sent me to a nearby tree. I could see the sharpshooter, and he could see me. He fired again, and it hit my tiara, and reflected it off of it.

That was lucky. This guy was going to put me through Sith and back.

I ran along the jungle floor until I reached where he was. I leapt into the tree, and removed its head. I grabbed its gun, his ammo, and his single thermal detonator. I attached the detonator to my third lekku like always, and I strapped its gun to my back.

I leapt from branch to branch until I reached the outside of the hill. I saw clone bodies strewn all about. I sighed. So much senseless death… I leapt down, grabbed some thermal detonators, and I set them for five minutes. That’s all this should take… The hill was amazingly fortified, it had a view of all sides from the top, and I saw sharpshooters, and droidekas, and all different kind of nastyness, I didn’t want to deal with…

But how sweet would this be.

I shot a sharpshooter, and all the droids reacted immediately. They came running down, and began patrolling the area. I waited… 4:50…4:51..4:52…4:53…4:54…4:55… I leapt into the air, high up, and there was giant explosion as all the detonators went off. I landed on top of the hill.

There was a mobile Super Battle Droid maker. It was surprisingly small, and it was shut off. I turned it on, and held my lightsabers right where the door shoved them out at. They were using nano-technology… This was not good…

Before I got bored, there were two-hundred motherboards, and I called the clone commander through my ship, and they sent the came up. Many of the clones stood and stared at me, as the super battle droids, just came out, exploded, came out, exploded. Several laughed. I called my ship, filled with motherboards, and took this thing to my artifact room. If I ever needed credits… If my friends ever needed credits…

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got credits to collect…

Hot hugs, and dirty kisses,
Erifia Apoc

CD = 3


Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Are those thermal detenators standard issue? Those seem like they could really come in handy. I might have to see about equiping the X-Men with them. Or at least getting some for my combat mode hover chair.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Wow! You really did well, Erithia!

2:47 PM  
Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Incidentally, what's with the CD thing at the end of your last posts? Is that "count down"? Is something big coming up? It's not a Y2K thing, is it?

3:24 PM  
Blogger Erifia Apoc said...

If it was, I wouldn't tell. Tis a secret. ;). Thanks Capt.

5:50 PM  

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