Thursday, November 01, 2007


Hey everyone.

I've tried and tried again to get everything put together, and to find time to blog. But needless to say, this Semester has destroyed my free time. So, I am going on a Hiatus. Probably until December when I don't have School for a month. In that month, I promise you, and ending to this Becca Story, and of course, another story, probably Christmas Based.

What opted me to finally say something?

I, and I believe Miss Pelda Pinik have been robbed.

Normally, I am flattered to think that someone wants to use my little Erifia, or Miss Rebecca, or any of my other characters for their purposes. I am fine. Even using my concepts. But I am a writer, some of you may not believe a good one (which is fair), but everyone will agree that at the end of the day - writers only have what they have written.

I was a part of that site, to be honest, I know not what happened to all of the previous posts. Nor do I know what happened to the site. But the first entry, is Belda's own work, and the second is mine. With no credit to the original authors.

I'm not one for drama, but look, please, just delete those two entries, it is not right to steal.

Thanks for your time everyone,

Long overdue Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc