Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Special Event: Time to answer some questions

Okay everyone, you all have been reading my journals. Some of you have questioned me, or my methods. I am going to answer those questions in what we in the Spy world like to call a "Press Conference."

Jedi Jaina Solo States:
And I thought that Jedi's of the Old Republic were not alowed to have emotional attachments...

That's a flaw that only the weak try to use to become stronger. Without emotion, without love, we are no better than Wampa or Acklay...
And besides, if you hold back your emotions, espiecally love and hate, you'll be more apt to give into the dark side.

Lt. Commander Oneida Rhetorically asks:
Bummer, Aayla is a bit angry and vindictive for a Jedi, isn't she?

Yes. Very. Very.

Army of (cl)One {Tak} asks:
Waht would a Tauntaun do on Kamino?

Sit in my ship and whine until I came back.

Army of (cl)One {Tak} asks:
Are you having a three Lekkus vs. two Lekkus thingy issue with Aayla? Just asking

No. She had the issue first. I promise you. *Cough*She sucks*Cough*

Lt. Commander Oneida asks:
Your Tauntaun eats at McDooku's?

Yes, he whines and cries if we pass one without stopping. He likes the cheeseburgers...

Fluke Starbucker asks:
so, what's that third thingy for, anyhoo?uh, wait... come to think of it... what are those first two for?

A lekku contains part of the twi'lek mind, they are used for communicating with other twi'lek, and dancers use them to partially hypnotize those watching.

My good friend Barriss Offee asks:
Don't you remember that?


I still don't remember you! Are you sure we even know each other? What's this class you speak of?

Shutup, no-one buys it. The whole Amnesia thing.

Jean-Luc Picard states:
Scream away!


Captain Typho states and asks:
Endor is the new spot to party? Who knew!

Yes. But you have to meet up with Crazy Ewok.

Lt. Commander Oneida asks:
Would the evil twin of aayla wear even less clothing?

*Sigh* Yes, she's a... Well... She's not a nice person...

Logan asks:
was your mother a Twi'lek dancing girl?

Yes. The most beautiful one of all.

Jedi Jaina Solo asks:
What do you wear?


I wear my revealing outfit out of neccesity. If I don't, they might pick me out as a jedi, and I'd be dead. Right now, I can use... Well... I can distract them... okay?

Army of (cl)One asks:
So NorCal or SoCal? (for those of you not from CA, yes it does make a diffrence. LOL)


Marissa asks:
why you hate Aalya you mean or something?

I am going to calmly state, I hate Aayla Secura. Marissa... Here is your answer.

Go here first.
Then, go here second.
Lastly, go here.

Thanks everyone, The questions were great!

If you'll excuse me, I need to procrastinate a little more before I countinue my jornal entry,

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sometimes its confusing: Caves, in general, that is.

I recieved orders, I found directions, I wrecked (real bad), and I explored some.

After resting at my ship for the night, I decided to go out again, it was fairly useless, nothing, nothing at all except ruins and plants. It was odd, not even insects, but it was lush and green.

I hadn't swam in the water yet, but I was sure there was no fish. Why would this world be desolate of intelligent life, except plants? What would have left the foilage, and killed all the life.

*Swoosh* I fell into a hole. How stereotypical. I landed with an unforcely thump. I checked my legs, they were not broken. I looked around. This cave actually had something in it. There was a weapon. Or some sort of a weapon. I grabbed it, and I looked it over. It was weird.

It had a lot larger energy chamber than a blaster. I shot, but it didn't do anything... But then it began to suck in the energy from the air, and it released a blast of green energy so strong it knocked me to the ground. The cave wall, exploded, and it distinegrated into thousands of tiny little pieces.

The cave was unsteady. I ran out with the weapon. I had to, no other choice. I aimed it at a tree, the tree exploded, leaving not even a trace of it.

It was so weird. It was like this single weapon destroyed the entire planet... Or maybe... An amplified version of this weapon did.

It was only a theory and The Chancellor would want actual proof. Although I could lie... Now I was ticked enough to figure it out anyway.

I looked over the device... Again. It looked almost like it could be used as a superweapon.

Thats when I topped the cave, and I saw... I saw...

If you'll excuse me, I have to wait to build up the story,

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sometimes its confusing: Wrecking on a foreign planet, that is.

*Orders*. *Finding*. *Wrecking*.

"Erifia..." I heard distantly, "Erifia Apoc. You are to get up, or I will dispose of your body."

I rose from my unintended nap, and I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I looked around, trying to find something... My ship was laying in a Verdant Field. I looked around. It was so peaceful.

I exited my ship... I began to yell, and yell, and yell, in langauges known in all sides of the galaxy. From Wookie to Lekku speak.

Not only was my engines trashed, my guns had been removed from their bases, and my ship's haul had more damage then Jabba's easy chair.

"Computer, download yourself into a mini-disk, I don't want anything repairing this and taking off with you."

There was a ploop, and the cd came out of a drive.

I grabbed it and stepped out, this would be base camp. I went for the forest first. It would be the most comforting to me. It was deadly silent. No birds. No sign of life. Thats when I saw the Timberland Ruins.

I ran my fingers along the lettering. These people were so primitive. I couldn't understand it. If they didn't have weapons, where have they gone?

This was a wild goose chase. There was another reason I was sent here... I have to be getting too close to something... there had to be some form of Betrayal. I didn't trust anyone, why did I trust the republic officers?

I began to walk towards the field again... Without my ship, I could not do a scan for life. Hindsight... Hindsight...

This place was so desolate. But so fresh and green... Langoria...

I decided, rather than waste my time, I was going to run, full, force carried speed, to the closest ruins. Large ruins, they were.

It looked similar to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, but not. It was made of stone, and it was incrediably large. I walked around, looking for any form of text, or sign of intelligent life anywhere.

There was nothing. No books, no clothes, no weapons, no furniature. Nothing. Just these large ruins.

It was almost like somebody got lazy trying to erase an entire race's existance. I sat down on one of the stones, and was incrediably confused. How could he possibly expect me to find the way a race died, without any sign, anywhere.

If you'll excuse me, I've got a large planet to explore,

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sometimes its Confusing: Traversing Space, that is.

So, I got these orders to find Langoria. Well, I found a map, now the problem is getting there.

After dropping off, my dearest little tauntaun, at a sitters, and going to the local CeilingMart and collecting all the food I would need for four months, I kicked in the thrusters, and programmed my ship to arrive there.

I went and laid down in my bed, and I had this dream...

Obi Wan was on my ship, and he had stowed away, just to see me. But he was younger, like when I had the biggest crush on him. He came, and he laid his hand on my cheek, and leaned down and gave me a kiss... Such a kiss, that I couldn't even slap him (Which believe it or not, would have been my first reaction.)

I jumped awake... There were alarms going off. I rushed to the deck.

"Computer, what are you doing?"

"Lady Apoc, These appeared out of nowhere."

"Prepare the guns."

"Lady Apoc, the guns are out."

"You can't be serious."

"Afraid so."

"Do something!"

"I can kick the thrusters on high, and convert all systems but life support and engines on the shield, and maybe you can get by. Langoria lies, just on the otherside."

"Make it so..." I paused for a second, "I mean, just do it."


There was a blast, and I felt faint...

"You... said... not... life...."

I laid on the ground, and I held my breath... I had to see if I was going to be alive when this was over... The ship was so shakey, it knocked my air out of me, and I had no oxygen.

I used the last of my strength to pull myself to the windows.

Langoria was green and blue, with life and water. There were cold caps, and mountains. It looked beautiful... The ship kicked in even further, and I tried one more deep breath, but there was nothing there, and the atmosphere was beginning to tear the ship up, it was so thick and strong...

I closed my eyes, and my head landed with an ungodly thump on the consol.

If you'

hu... an... kis...
E... A...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sometimes its Confusing: Finding Directions to an Unknown world, that is.

So, I have these orders to go to Langoria. Ever hear of Langoria? Yeah, I hadn't either.

So I started where I knew. The Jedi Temple library, with the thousands and thousands of books contained therein. I began to search each of them, one by one.

Wookie shaving. No.

All about the darkside. No. (Last checked out by Aayla Secura.)

Dolly Parton's Autobiography. No.

The Guide to taking care of your Tauntaun. Own one, and No.

Lightsaber colors and crystal guides. Interesting, but no.

A complete list of the worlds in the galaxy and where to find them. No.

The anatomy of Droids. No.

How to make Smurfjuice. No.

What exactly is a Intergalatic Gladiator? No.

How to get to Langoria. No.

Force Healing. No. (Last checked out by Barriss Offee)

Saber styles. No.

Wait... There is something... I missed something... I ran and grabbed the book. I opened it and was shocked.

"You mean its actually made from smurfs?"

I went back to looking through the books.

Famour Bantha's of the First age of the Jedi. No.

A guide to becoming a Padawan. No.

Wait... There was something very important, back there. What was it? I ran and grabbed a book.

A complete list of worlds in the galaxy and how to find them!

Perfect! I opened and looked for Langoria. I frowned and a tear dropped from my eye.

"Its not there," I sighed and countinued looking.

After ten bookshelves, Ani came up.

"Yo E-A. Whatchu looking for girl?"

"Stuff on Langoria."

"Never heard'a that before, yo. Try the computers?"

"What do you mean?"

"Go to the computers, type in Langoria. You'll get a list of books on them."

He took me over, and did it for me. There was only one book. I wasn't sure it would help at all. It was called How to get to Langoria. It was too obvious. Too easy.

"Thanks Ani."

"No prob, yo."

I opened it, and there was a map, and how to get to it. It wasn't in our Galaxy, it was an outlier. It laid just beyond the outer rim worlds, and was by its own sun. I sighed. It was all the way across the Galaxy, outwards of the Tatooine (The planet).

I ran my fingers along the holobook. It could save me... Maybe it was the only thing that could.

If you'll excuse me, I have to prepare rations, and give Tatooine (the tauntaun) to a sitter,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sometimes its confusing: Republic Orders that is.

After my week long vacation, I reported to the Republic command base on Coruscant, and was actually recieved by Chancellor Palpatine himself.

I checked myself, my makeup was fine, my clothes were in order, my Lekkus were behaving, my tauntaun was in the ship. I took a deep breath, and walked through the door.

"Agent 357, Jedi Erifia Apoc, it is a pleasure to finally meet you."

He turned around in his chair and faced me.

"I understand that you're one of our best spies. The CIS seem utterly confused by your presence, and think you are one of their own, a Unit #01101001 01100100 01101001 01101111 01110100."

I nodded respectfully, and met eyes with him again.

"You've stopped a CIS Invasion on Mygeeto. You saved a patrol of clones from Acklay."

I nodded again.

"Besides these more recent events, you've done a great deal to aid this Republic, and the Jedi as a whole."

I stood still waiting. This man could make or break me.

"Erifia, there is something I want you to do, its very important to me. You'll be compensated well, fail, and you'll be prosecuted for all the laws you've ever broken and gotten away with."


"Erifia Apoc, you are one of the best and worst spies employed under us, you'll get the job done, but at what costs? You've cost the Republic large sums of money. There is no buts about it. You'll do this, or you'll rot in prison for a hundred years. Are we understanding each other?"


"You better thank your lucky stars I do not go to Jedi order with your emotional outbursts. Jedi aren't supposed to Hate, Jedi aren't supposed to love. You do both."


"No. No sir about it. I want you to go to Langoria."

"Where is Langoria, sir?"

"See, that's the problem, Agent 357, you are to find Langoria. Once you've found it, I want you to find any sign of life from the Langorians. If there are none, your job is the find out what happened to the Langorians. Fail in finding the planet, finding them, or finding the reason they went extinct, and you'll owe upwards of $3 Billion credits. I've checked your account. You're short by $2.79 Bilion Credits. Accomplish the task I set before you, and bring me back an artifact or a skeleton, or anything that proves the reason they went extinct, or bring one of them back to me, and I'll pay you somewhere near $100,000,000 credits."

I gulped. This was going to be perhaps my most difficult assignment I've ever had.

"Jedi Apoc, do not dissapoint me. I do not like to be dissapointed."

"Sir, may I make a request."

"That depends."

"Could I have as long as possible to discover this, it will be very hard to put a time limit on it."

"I agree to this."

I looked at him, bowed solemly and left the room. I sighed deeply on the outside. There were tears in my eyes, I banished them from my cheeks immeadiatly. This was going to be so hard. I'd never heard of them. The only way to figure it out would be to go to the Jedi Temple, and shift through the thousands of Holo-books.

If you'll excuse me, I have to do a lot of reading, a lot, and a lot of reading,

Hugs and.... I'm not really in the mood for kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Sunday, May 21, 2006

To the temple: Day 7. Have you ever been to Shennywood?

For my last day, needless to say, I wanted to go out with a bang. So I packed up everything up, loaded the ship, and I got dressed in one of my brand new dancer outfits.

And its no fun to go alone, and since I knew Tak was in the area, I gave Lt. Commander Oneida a call.

"I will come up and get you," I stated plainly, "Or you can come down willingly. But I am taking you to Shennywood."

"But... But..."

"You have a ton of paperwork, right? Okay, I'll go to Shennywood all alone, crying... Not having any..."

"Okay, I'll come, but I need to have someone do paperwork..."

"I'll say you had to assist me on an important mission, they will understand."

So After an hour, she arrived, I took her in my ship, and flew to Shennywood. We began to ride, rides almost immeadiatly, we hit up, Master Yoda's Nightmare. It was kiddish, and rough. Then we hit up, Tauntaun, it was childish. And waiting in line was a pain.

"I'm not having fun yet Erifia."

"Either am I, let's hit the up the speed-scooter."

We went onto the simulation speed-scooter ride. It was a little better, but her and I sat there, like it was nothing.

Than to the Ship 360. Nothing.

Than to The Sith's Revenge. It was a coster, supposidely at one time the fastest in the world.

Phewshaw... Nothing. It was like a lightspeed ride without simulation gravity. Training we all had to go through.

Then to the bograt exterminator, not worth all the hype.

We ate, and I bought for her, since I had forced her into it. It was really expensive, and not as good as it could have been.

We talked alot, her and I, about things. Life, and love, and all the things in between.

Then we hit up the last rides of the night. The Sith Lightning, an amazing roller coaster, it wasn't thrilling, but the ride was fun.

The we headed to the Smugglers ship, and rode it three times in a row, because it was almost closing time.

She looked at me at the end of the night, and said, "It may not have been the most thrilling thing, but, I had lots of fun. Thanks Erifia."

"I had a lot of fun too, thanks for coming with me. It would have been miserable alone."

"We should maybe do it again."

"I agree," I flew her back to her ship, and I landed, I would get a good night's sleep.

"Take care, Lt. Commander."

"You too Agent.

If you'll excuse me, I need to get a good night's sleep,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Ps. This was my last day of vacation, I have to go back to work tomorrow...
Pss. Thanks to Master Yoda, Mace Windu, Ani, Obi-Wan, Harvey the Youngling, and the Youngling crew-gang, Barriss Offee, TK 266, and Lt. Commander Oneida.

Friday, May 19, 2006

To the temple: Day 6, Yard-Sale.

I was awoken at five in the morning. My eyeliner I had forgotten had run over the night, and Tatooine was curled up in a not so comfortable position at my legs.

"Agent..." the voice said.


"Come on, let's go."

"Tak, I swear I'll kill you if this isn't important."

"It is, I promise."

I sat up looking at him.

"You are going to have to put on a helmet or something, the civilian clothes will unnerve me."

"You will deal Agent."

I was frusterated. To say the least it was early in the morning.

"May I change?"

"Sure, go right ahead."

"Out Tak."

He exited the room, and I got dressed in one of my new outfits. I cleaned off the makeup and put it back on.

"That took forever," she said.

"Five minutes, fast for a twi'lek. Fast for a woman for that matter."

He took me to a speeder, and hit the gas. I admit, I am a bad-nerve driver. I cause people to go white knuckled. But Tak, was worse, he was skimming on walls, and jumping over other vehicles.

By the end of the ride, I had to take a deep breath and orient myself. We were at a depot sale. Weapons and armor galore.

"Tak, you do care," I said with a wink and a smile, "Buy whatever you want, its on me."

I rushed around like a bee, by the end I had found three lightsabers, two beam rifles, several crates of thermal detanators, and one of my favorites, a plasma shield.

Tak bought one of each thing, save the lightsabers.

At the end, it cost me, $1,000 credits. For both of us.

"Consider it a present Tak."


I wasn't looking forward to the ride back to the temple, but it went faster, that's for sure. I stocked my ship. He helped me move crates, and I helped him with his.

"Take care Tak. I'll see you around."


"Yes Tak?"

"Nevermind. You take care too."

We parted, and I went back to the temple. I needed to spend some time with Tatooine.

If you'll excuse me, I've got a hungry baby tauntaun to please,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Thursday, May 18, 2006

To the temple: Day 5. Searching

When I woke in the morning, I wasn't hungry. I did however stand, and go directly to the library for my studies.

It was near about lunch time, and I went in the search of food, I first went to the kitchen. Once inside it was pretty bare. In the snack cupboard there was a large quantity of cheeto snacks, all of which had an "IOU Cheetos - Obi Wan" In the refridgerator, there was clearly something who wanted to eat me, so I hit it, and it hid in a food container.

Even if there was food in there, I didn't want it now.

I checked the soups cupboard. There was a cream of mushroom can. Two words. Ewww Gross. I skipped out on that, and went to the fruit basket. There were applecores. Some orange rhinds. I then went to the next cupboard. It was all guacamole, and cucumbers.

As easily as I could stomp Mace, I decided to leave the cucumbers alone.

Harvey the Youngling grabbed an apple core, and looked at me.


I smiled and said, "Baltimore."

"Whose your friend?"

I was going to say Harvey himself. But when Mace Windu walked in for his cucumbers...


Harvey threw the applecore at Mace, and it hit him in the face. I have to say, I laughed. He was so insulted he ran off.

Me and Harvey looked at each other, and laughed for about a minute, then high-fived and went about our ways.

I was still hungry.

I decided if all else fails, I should eat at Dex's Diner.

I felt scared when I first saw the place. So I ordered something simple. A Bantha Burger. When it came, it was nearly twice the size of my head, and it looked really good. So I ate. It took me a couple hours, but I ate it.

Dex took my picture, and put me on the wall, underneath, "Bantha Fodder."

I didn't know what that meant. I didn't know what I just ate. But I didn't want to know. I payed the man, and ran back to the temple.

If you'll excuse me, I feel a bit...*stomach grumbles*...

I-I \/ (^-$ /-\I\I l) l< I $ $ [ $
Erifia Apoc

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To the temple: Day 4. A (wonderful) bath

I woke in the morning, spent an hour with Tatooine, and then went to get a bath...

The temple is known for two things, its training of Jedi, and its wonderfully large bathtubs.

So I ran a bath, filled with lots of bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles. I laid down in the tub, allowing my lekku's to relax on the outside.

"Miss Apoc! Miss Apoc!" Harvey the youngling ran in, "Ani took the control from me!"

"Harvey, how did you get through the locked door?"

"I picked it! But He! He Took the control from me!"

"Tell him you'll tell A certain Senator about his spiderman underwear."

Harvey ran out of the room, and I force locked the door. I relaxed again, and I began to doze off a bit. Than the door was flung open.

"You told Harvey, yo!!?"

"No, I didn't tell him anything more than A certain Senator."

"Oh, I see E, is cool then. You're naked, yo?"

"Yes, underneath the bubbles I am naked, and if anymore of you break in here I will hurt someone."

"Can I..."


I force shoved him out of the bathroom.

I finally was alone, and I slowly began to doze off (again) and then the door swung open, it was Obi-Wan holding a magazine.

"Oh! Ya'll should really lock this."

"I have, four times."

He closed the door, and left... There was no way I was finishing the bath.

So I rushed, instead of relaxing I rushed, I was about to stand up, and in walks Windu.

"Does this cloak make me look fat?" He asked.

I shoved him out of the bathroom, and I closed the door and locked it tight, holding it down with the force, as an undisclosed number of hands tried to open it. Finally after I was dressed, I let it open, and I walked past them.

"For future reference, I am a girl. Don't you ever, ever, ever walk in on a girl while she is taking a bath, okay? This is your first and only warning."

All of them spoke in unison, "Yes Mam."

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to the library to maybe read a bit,

Bubbly hugs, and wet sloppy kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Special Event: Erifia Doodles

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to draw some more!

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Monday, May 15, 2006

To the temple: Day 3; What does the Twi'lek who has everything want?

I was awoken this morning by a very familiar voice.

"Erifia," she said, "Erifia, why didn't you tell me you were at the temple?"

"I...huh? Just a minute more..." I laid my head back down. She pulled on my middle Lekku, and brought me to a sitting up position.

"That hurts..."

"You should have gotten up," she said.

"If I had a credit for every time you've awoken me from a sleep of any sort, I would be the richest woman in the galaxy."

"You'll get over it," Barriss said.

"Its true, I probably will... Now what do you want?"

"No need to get snippy."

"Its a horrible day and its probably going to rain."

"I forgot about your whole, the universe is going to blow up any minute, lets be miserable about it attitude."

"It is, and I'm allowed."

She made me stand.

"You and I are going to go to the mall. I don't want to go alone."

"May I get dressed first?"

"Yes, meet me out by your ship, and by the way, you are flying."

"Fine," I sighed.

I did as ordered, and I flew her to the mall.

"Now what did you..." *whoosh*

It was Coruscant's biggest mall, and we had to make three or four trips around it, trying to find things that Barriss needed.

I however, really didn't need anything. But I did stop in Twi'Licks. A twi'lek dancer store, I needed a new circlet, the one I had was fairly worn out. Once in, I became like Barriss was in the whole mall. Before it was said and done, I had bought three more dancer outfits, two circlets, and ten new lekku decorations. They ever had a new line called, tri'lek. Designer lekku bindings. I bought five or six.

Barriss however muffed at the outfits, "They scarcely cover anything," and "No-one can fit into that."

Somehow, female twi'leks find a way to fit into anything.

Afterwards, she and I went to an all you can eat buffet and I had a showdown with the waitress. We fought over that glass. Eventually, when I had gotten up, Barriss had, had enough and gave her the cup of koke for a refill.

"There was a reason why I didn't want a refill."

"It seemed pointless to me Erifia."

"Its really hard to explain."

I drank it, and paid for the meal and the tip.

"But Erifia, I have money."

I said simply, "Not as much as me."

I was, soooo tired when I got back to the temple, and I had to break up a fight between Ani and Harvey the Youngling over the remote.

I saw Obi-wan come and I ran to my room, Barriss followed very confused.

"You are in love with Obi-Wan, aren't you?" she asked.

"No! Shhh... I mean! I'll see you tomorrow sometime, okay?!"

I leapt into my room with my bags, and landed on my bed.

If you'll excuse me, I have a very disgruntled Tauntaun who is very picky on what color of outfits I wear to please,

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Special Event: My Mother's Day

That's how my father remembers my mother. That's the only picture I have of her.

On one of my many visits to try and reconcile things with him, he told me, "She was the most beautiful woman in the entire galaxy."

I believe it too, I've not found a more beautiful woman in the galaxy. I scarcely compare to her when she was my age.

My father told me how ugly I was one visit.

That's life. I go back, at least once a year, I do it for the woman I never knew.

But I keep her faded picture with me. Scarecly showing her true beauty.

I think about how different my life would have been with her to care for me. I wouldn't be a jedi. I'd probably be some Twi'lek dancing girl, with no brains at all.

But I'd of probably been a lot happier.

She died giving birth to me. I think she knew she would die.

I guess she didn't know what I would be like... She might not have even wanted a child.

And a tear falls, good going Erifia, it drops down and lands on her photograph, then it disapears. Almost like she is wiping it for me.

Last night at Midnight I placed a rose in a vase, and wrapped a ribbon around it, with a tiny card that said, "To the best mother in the world," its not going to move, I know that, but every year I do it. At midnight tonight, I'll remove the vase from my room, and give it to the first mother I see the next morning.

Some think I'm crazy, some think I'm sweet, but I never tell them why I do it.

Than they would, like my mother if she were still alive, cradle me in their arms and tell me it would be okay.

Well it may be, someday. Not today though, not mother's day. Maybe it won't be okay until I die. But it will be okay, some day.

So here's to you mom, "Happy Mother's Day."

If you'll excuse me, I've got to stare at a photograph that will never stare back,

Absent hugs, and lost kisses,
Erifia Apoc

To the temple: Day 2. Youngling Games

After transfering Mace the credits, I then laid down on my old bed, and slept. I woke to the morning, a breakfast prepared by the chef at the temple, (Not by a particular person I can think of...) I ate heartily, and stood for a day of relaxation.

I retrieved a cool smoothie, and I sat in the temple's holo room, a wonderful warm beach with the warm sun spreading its rays on me, while the waves caress back and...

"Yo' E to the A. I needs your advice."

I pushed my sun glasses to the brim of my nose and looked at Ani.


"See I'm digging this foxy g'il, and she diggin' me. But the rules say no lovin'."

"And the problem?"

"Don't you see yo? E-A, I can't be tossed."

"If you love her, than there is no question, in private or in public, you should not hide your feelings."

"But ta' rules yo."

"Follow your heart Ani."

"Okay dawg, thanks for gettin ma' back yo."

"Word," I double tapped my chest and made the peace sign as he left.

Back to my relaxation. I did this until lunch. Then I opened a holo of a waterfall. I sat right in front of it on a rock and found my center.

Then a curious youngling did a cannonball from the top, soaked me and tossed me into the waterfall. It was cold.

"You're Jedi Apoc!" He cried.

"Glad to know you've heard of me."

"You're... You're the best jailbreak player to ever come through the temple."

"I seem to remember being okay at the game."

"You hold the record for the longest time hidden with people searching, four hours."

"Okay, I do."

"Will you play with me and the other younglings tonight?"

"Sure. If you let me sit under this waterfall until then."

"Okay, we'll switch the hologram when it comes time to play."

I sat back up on the waterfall, and near about 10 minutes went by, and the holo dome went into a Yavin 4, forest at night.

I stood and looked around and a whole ton of younglings plowed in, perhaps thirty.

Needless to say, there were 10 younglings looking, and 20 younglings hiding. Being the champ, I was going to look first.

It was unfair. But they asked me to play. I went easy on them, they were younglings. I amy destroy thoughtless droids, and hunt evil people, and even steal, but I will not break a youngling's confidence or dreams.

The match, with me going easy lasted five minutes. Then it was my turn to hide.

Which I did. It was scarcely fair for me to fully hide, so I left one Lekku in plain sight.

After about twenty minutes, all of the younglings (because it was thirty against me) gave up. Then one found the lekku.

They thought it was a snake and began to stomp on it. When I screamed in pain, they apologized crying, and I gave the little guy a hug and told him it just hurt a little.

The next game was capture the flag. They had to rock, paper, scissors over who got me. A young clever youngling named Harvey recieved me on his team, and did the 'Harvey's got game' dance in front of the other team.

Well, I kind of played down my skills again, I went easy on them, the only time I tried to catch them was when they had the flag.

The other team won one game, we won one game, and I pretended to be tired.

I didn't want a fight to erupt because I helped one side more than the other.

They begged me to stay and at least judge one more.

It was a tie, both got and dropped flags at the same time.

I told them that, and I hurried them off to bed.

They begged for one more game, and I told them how Master Yoda would force wedgie me, and how much I hated that, and how NandeHi would have my head.

They rushed to their dorms.

I went and cleaned up, and went to bed.

If you'll excuse me, I've got some serious reflecting to do,

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Friday, May 12, 2006

To the temple

I was on vacation, and my vacation entitled me to a week of whatever I wished. WHATEVER I wished. So, needless to say, I went to the temple, the only true home I've ever had.

I brought my ship down, and I landed it. Than it kicked and I hit another ship, leaving a huge dent.

I should have taken it as a sign.

I got out, and left my contact information on their haul.

I called Tatooine, who followed me closely, and I walked through the temple. Off to the right there were younglings learning from a master.

To my left, Anakin was running away from Obi-Wan with a bag of cheetos waving it and taunting him.

I sighed. This was indeed my home.

Anakin ran and accidently bumped me, and cheetos flew all over me.

Obi-Wan was behind me, and wanted them, so I ran.

I shook them off, and Tatooine came barreling through to.

When I entered my old dusty room, I looked at my things from when I was younger.

"Man I was dumb," I said.

I picked up, some of my old clothes, that Yes, I can still fit in. And looked at them. They were popular for a week. That was when I cared.

That's when I saw it...

I screamed and I ran and hugged it.

It was my little dolly. I squeezed it tight.

"Oh my dolly," I said with a smile, as Tatooine sneezed from the dust.

"I'll clean it up Tatooine, and I'll get you some lichens. You know they serve it at the temple to the younglings as food."

He looked at me confused. I pet his head.

"No remember what I told you, no going to the bathroom unless its outside or on something that belongs to Aayla or Mace."

Tatooine kind of nodded.

I let out a deep sigh, and began to clean, it took maybe ten minutes.

After it was spotless, I fell down on my old bed, and Mace Windu ran in.

"You dented my ship!"

Yeah, I should have taken it as a sign.

If you'll excuse me, I've got to pay for this idiot's ship,

Dusty hugs, and Tatooine kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Erifia Apoc vs. Aayla Secura: Finality

"I do not know how you aquired such wounds..." Barriss said as she began to heal my wounds, "They are like nothing I've ever seen, I'm not sure I can heal you."

I was holding my insides in. There was no feeling such as that. How firm your hand must be to ensure your life. I held tightly... I had to, and I was so tired. My eyes could barely stay open...

"Erifia, stay awake," she said.

"I can't," I moaned softly, and my eyes closed.

To spite me before we left for our individual trianing, she and Obi-wan had a secret romantic fling. I knew she had done it to hurt me, because she only spoke of him when I was in ear shot.

My school girl crush was my greatest weakness. Aayla exploited it at every chance she could, she would be in the holo-book library with him, and made sure I could see...

She was just using him... And late at night I cried when I thought of how crushed he would be if he ever found out. He did, and he was crushed. He came to me, and he told me everything. I've no idea why he confided in me, but he did... I patted his back and told him it would be okay... She wasn't good for him anyway...


"Open your eyes!" Barriss yelled.


Aayla stood beside me, at the end of our pre-training padawanacy. I had to give the speech, I to spite her worked my hardest to learn everything I could in school. I worked my hardest to become the best saber fighter in our year.

She was jealous. I knew she would be. She wanted to be where I was. But I could not allow it.

After my speech was over, she found me outside in the temple courtyard, I was saying goodbye to the school, Master Gerith Gwin was taking me away from Coruscant.

"I hate you," she said firmly.

"It didn't have to be so," I replied, "It never had to be so. Why did you pick on me?"

"You're a freak. I hate you, you've always been better than me. You started school earlier, you've outdone all my hardwork."

"You started it, I finished it."

"I'm so much more beautiful than you, smarter, stronger..."

"Aayla, you don't get it okay? Even if you are all those things, you sought to destroy me, and you destroyed yourself."

"Shut up!"

"I said to myself, it is not enough to succede others must fail. And Aayla, you were the one who put me through the most, you had to fail."

"Shut up!"

"You approached me."

She force pushed me into the fountain, and when I hit it, I felt my ribs crack. She held her hand out, and lightning came from them, it began to engulf me... Than she stopped. She covered her face with her hands and ran.

I landed into the water, and worked to get to my knees, so I could crawl to my Master. He needed to heal me.


"Erifia, I'm losing you, hold on!"

Tears streaked down my cheeks, there was a sharp burning pain in my wound.

I coughed, and I felt them move...


It was on Kiffex I saw her next.

Master Gerith Gwin went to search a lead, and I was old enough to search on my own. That's when I saw her, and she saw me. We stared at each other for a moment. She ran to try and get away, as if she was doing something wrong.

That's when I remembered Volfe Karkko. Aayla could use the dark side, I was a witness to it. I rushed after her. But she lost me, and I tried to track her.

By the time I found her it was too late, she had released him.

"Take care of the Padawan."

"Yes my master," Aayla said, and she drew her red lightsaber, and we crossed sabers.

I could easily beat her in training, because she was using a known style, but at the time she was using such an awkward style to fight with, I could do nothing but defend and back off.

Thats when she struck me with lightning right in my eyes, and I couldn't see, she cut into my side, that's when Master Gerith pulled away from me before there was too much damage done.

He sent Aayla flying into a wall, and grabbed me...


"Erifia, you must listen to Barriss, you can make it through this," Master Gerith spoke to me, holding my other hand, "But you must trust in the force, you are rejecting it."

I choked back on my spit, it felt like lava in my throat. I released my hand, letting my insides out, but I didn't feel them fall out.

"I need help Gerith," Barriss said, "Its too deep to hold on my own..."

I felt blackness, I felt cold, I let my head fall back slowly... I closed my eyes. I had to...

I couldn't breath because the blackness was so thick.

Sometime later...

I felt the cold again, I jumped up my lightsaber extended, and I held it defensively...

"I see you Aayla!" I yelled at her. She was standing there, taunting me, holding her red lightsaber ready to plunge into my chest.

I threw my saber at her, and she fell, two halves of her laying on the ground.

I released a deep breath, I had to go look for Karkko. I jumped and ran through the small corridors. I found him, and he had a saber extended. I threw mine at him. He had moved so fast, it missed him.

That's when he knocked my saber out of my hands, and his invisible hands held me to the ground.

"The infection took over!" I heard one of them yell.

I screamed, out loud, "I don't want to die! Let me live!"

I felt the blackness again. It was always there...

"Get back!" I yelled at it, "Get back!"

It did, and light shone through... I sat up...

I saw Barriss, she had fallen asleep at the desk, and Master Gerith was nowhere to be seen.

"Barriss..." I choked out.

"Erifia? You're awake... How do you feel?"


"I'll tell you everything..."

She did... Thats when she told me the bad news... I screamed... I cried...

"No..." I said softly... I buried my head in between my knees, and I cried.

She left me. It was good time, because I started throwing things. No-one else was in the room, but I didn't care. I threw things at nothing. I threw things at everything. I was sick, and I threw up.

I cried... I didn't eat a thing for weeks. When they forced the food down my throat, I just threw it up again. I got sick, and pale, and without nutrition, I began to become nothing more than skin and bone...

Finally, it occured to me, she wanted me out of the game, thats why she did it... That's why she did everything.

Master Yoda came to me after I started eating again, "Erifia, Before your master left, he told me to give this to you...."

He handed me a lightsaber, I extended it, it was the dark purple, almost black one my Master so loved.


"Question not, Erifia," Master Yoda said, "Countinue on with given path," he said, "Become a Jedi Knight, you must..."

"Yes Master Yoda..."


And I did... Erifia Apoc, Jedi Knight, Republic Spy, Orphan twice over.

If you'll excuse me, I really, really need to find my happy place right now,

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Party on Endor

After the whole CIS plan ordeal, and becoming very tired and refusing to fight, and instead making Windu do my dirty work, It was time for a break. (Deep breath after a long sentence)

The only place I knew that I would not have to fight on was The Forest Moon of Endor. If I remember correctly there are some crazy ewoks hanging around.

I stepped out my ship, and instantly fifty stones, and twenty spears were thrown at me. I blocked more than half of them with my saber, than I leapt into the air, and landed. Their leader came out and began to speak in Ewok babble.

"Listen," I pleaded, "I need to see Huonikabah."

They all stopped babbling, and said in unison, "Huonikabah."

"Right, I need to see him."

That's when he came down wearing remants of wampa fur, CIS droid shielding, and clone plastic armor.

He began to yell in gibberish and throw things at his men.

"No, don't punish them, oh great Huonikabah. I came for a party..."

There was a pause, and then something scratching, and the lights in the forest became bright, and several ewoks ran out with drinks, and they set up a bar, complete with snacks, and Huonikabah touched a button, and a DJ and a Dance Floor appeared.

"Equpita!" He screamed.

I leapt onto the dance floor, and the DJ played something upbeat, and Huonikabah jumped down, throwing off his trophies, and he began to dance, soon, I was a Jedi Twi'lek, surronded by dancing Ewoks.

After every dance, I would take a hit of Naboo wine, which is less potent that water... But we danced for near about 13 hours, and it all added up, so by the end, needless to say I was hiccuping.

The last dance was a Jawaisco, something they had invented 30 years ago, to show that everyone could dance, it was mostly arm movements from the hips to the air, and finally, I hiccuped my way to the ship, and Huonikabah had his men bid me a fair adieu by spitting on me.

I was honored that they had spit on me. Only because I was drunk. Had I not been drunk, I'd of kicked all those little munchkins right in the head.

The ship closed the doors.

"You need to stop doing this Erifia," it claimed.

"What are *hiccup* you talking about?"

"Nevermind, go get a shower, you're slimey."

I worked my way to the shower.

When I came out, I fell asleep on the groun next to tatooine, and when I woke in the morning, I was as good as new, and I gave Tatooine a kiss on his forhead.

"Ship, take me somewhere, I don't care where."

If you'll excuse me, I've got some lichens to harvest,

Hugs *hiccup* and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Monday, May 08, 2006

CIS Attack Plans: Wipe this, Windu!

Naturally... I didn't have a plan...But! But! I was getting one. I waited, and I thought, and I pet Tatooine, and I though, and I waited... And Boom! Like lightning... I had a headache. But After it passed that's when it became a migraine, but after that migraine, that's when an Idea came.

Naturally, if I told you, it would ruin this whole, keep it in the dark thing before it happens.

So I helped get my ship out of sight, and I waited, completely unnoticable in a Clone's armor.

That's when I felt the ship stop, and it was taken over by outside sources. Their ship landed, and Windu and the Commander walked out.

I watched them very carefully, and Oneida came and intercepted them.

"What do you think... sir... Forgive me."


Windu held his hand out, and that blue light came out.

"Look, its Mace, who can't even win forcie for shiniest bald head" I yelled.

He turned to me, and he had tears in his eyes.

"I was cheated!"

"The commander ought to know, he was a judge in that contest."


"Yes, I read so on the holonet."

He drew his pretty purple lightsaber.

"You cheated me?" He yelled.

"I didn't cheat you, what are you talking about?!"

"You're lieing."

So naturally, I sat back and watched this fight. Mace was a good fighter, indeed, and the Commander was a fair fight too... But in the end, Flamboyant Shiny head man won.

He seemed defeated and broken, and went onto the ship, leaving a nearly dead commander behind.

Tak and the Boys locked him up.

I removed the helmet and smiled at Oneida.

"I've no idea what just went on."

"You don't need to, I handled it."

"You're always welcome back Agent 357."

"Thanks Lt. Commander."

I began to move my ship, and Tak came and helped me move.

"I hated you scanning my memories with your machine."

"I know."

"Why did you defend them?"

"Because, even if I looked at them once, they are yours to keep. I'm sorry about that, truly..."

I got on the ship, and the clone troops saluted me.

"Set Course..."

"Oh, Take me to Endor."


In a flash of light, I was far away from Oneida's ship.

If you'll excuse me I have a party to attend,

CIS Battle Plan Hugs, and Holodisk Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Sunday, May 07, 2006

CIS Attack Plans: Yelling and Kicking

I landed my ship at the Navy's headquaters. I threw open my door, and I ran out. I shoved lots of clones out of my way, and I drew my lightsaber and cut into the general's door.

"You!" I screamed.

"What do you want Miss Apoc, I've got no time for your childish wants."

"Want? You know what I've done!"

"You've defended a capital ship from a CIS attack."

"She sent you the plans then? What do you plan on doing about it?! And How come we didn't get any backup?!?"

"Because we couldn't afford it."

"That's a lie! I've been searching our databanks, no CIS attacks have happened for two weeks! Where were you?!"

"Calm down... You all survived..."

"No! We didn't! We lost near twenty clones! That's Detrimental to that ship!"

"They are just clones," he replied.

"Is that what you feel?" I asked.

"That's what I know."

I force pushed everything off of his desk, and knocked it against the wall.

"What kind of navy are you running?" I screamed... "I can't even believe I am a part of the Republic, aren't we supposed to watch out for each other? I'm going to the papers!"

He paused for a second. He hit a button, and then said, "No you're right... I am going to take care of it, I am going to give everyone who witnessed it a mind wipe!"

The doors opened and in walked Mace Windu.

"Mace, wipe Miss Apoc's mind of the last mission she was in, then you are to head to Lt. Commander Oneida's ship, and do the same for every one of those clones. And anyone else who witnessed it."

Mace Windu held up his hand, and a blue light began to glow.

I sighed, I ran forward and kicked him in the groin, and brought my hand to the back of his neck, sending him to the ground, and then jumped and landed on his back.

"Clones! Clones!" The general called, "We have a Sith Lady in the complex, attack."

I leapt onto the table, and kicked him in his face knocking him down.

"Clones," I pleaded, "This man treats you as nothing but expendable soldiers, you need a leader who cares about your lives."

That's when a troop of clones came through the door and began to firing at me.

I cut into all of their guns, and ran out the door. Windu and The Commander rose, and yelled at the clones to chase me.

I arrived at my ship, and kicked it.

"Oneida!" I yelled into the intercom.

"Yes?" She asked sounding drowsy.

"Windu is coming to your ship to wipe your memories, Tell anyone who attempts to board that you are under siege by a spy."

"But what if they overide my systems."

"Just keep them out of it for some time, I am coming."

I kicked it into lightspeed, and after two hours I arrived, I flew into the boarding section.

She was waiting for me.

"They want to wipe our memories, so they can keep their honor intact."


"Because, The Commander of the Navy needs to be removed..."

"You plan on doing this?"

"No, but Mace Windu will."

"How do you figure?"

"Leave that to me..."

If you'll excuse me, I really have to come up with a plan now,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Friday, May 05, 2006

CIS Attack Plans: Attack this, stupid droids!

"Everybody who can fly, get to a ship!" Lt. Commander Oneida screamed over the intercom.

I ran from the room, and entered the main docking bay. Sitting there, in perfect serenity was a NTB-630 naval bomber. I smiled and force leapt to it, and entered.

There was no bot in it, and I kicked off the landing mode, and flew out into space.

Over the intercom I heard, "Welcome to my Squadron Agent."

"Tak?" I asked.

"Yes. We are going to assault the closest ship. Are your orders clear?"


I kicked in the thrusters, and flew forward towards the ship, and its main gunners began to fire at me.

"Careful Agent! They target bombers!"

I flew in and unleashed a volley of bombs. The turrets exploded. I pulled back, and flew behind Tak's ship.

"I've got you covered," I said through the intercom.

Another clone popped in, "In a bomber?"

"Agent, it is very unorthodox."

Lt. Commander Oneida spoke, "You done chatting? You've got six CIS Fighters coming in."

I pulled up, and slowed it down. The fighters whizzed under me, and I kicked the thrusters, and shot several bombs down onto them. boom, boom, boom, boom...

I pulled forward, and released two laser spread onto the last two.

"I belive you, Agent," Tak said.

I felt really hot, and I looked, I had been hit, and the fighter was coming to finish the job.

"I'm pulling off, and heading to ship."

"You can't do that Agent, we need you!"

I shut off my intercom, and flew from the group.

"She's abandoning us Commander, have her court marshalled." I heard.

"We will worry about her in a bit, but right now we have two CIS capital ships, attacking us."

"Yes commander."

I pushed into the CIS ship's dock, and extended my lightsabers. They all began to fire at me, and I reflected the shots. After they were disposed of, I leapt into the CIS Bomber.

I yanked the droid out... Removed his head, and kicked the thrusters... I began to mess with the intercom signals until I heard, "Tak! Get the bombers on our main haul."

I pulled up, and rushed for the main haul.

"There's one behind you Tak its got you locked on, you need to get out of there!"

That's when I fired, and I hit the bombers behind him, and I pulled out.

"I had to get rid of your useless Bomber."

I flew forward, and began bombing the sides by the doors, very heavily.

"Agent, aim at the bridge!"

"Trust me Tak," I screamed, as I unleashed another volley of bombs. The main doors shut, and I hit the other side the same way, closing those doors.

"Kill the guns! Kill the guns!" He screamed, "Don't worry about anything else, Agent's got a plan."

I hit the second ship the same way, and Tak kept me covered, he was amazing in a starfighter, I will admit, probably better than me. After the doors were closed, His squadron, hit the ships that were flying, and the other two squadrons hit the guns, and after they were defenseless, it was like kicking a infant.

Our casualties were only in the twenties, but it was still a great loss for everyone on board. I could feel it.

When I landed, Tak and the boys celebrated, and I went to Lt. Commander Oneida's war room.

"Did you think I abandoned you guys today?"

"Nope, not for a moment, I've heard of how much you hate droids, so even if you were scared, you'd have come back to kill some more."

"I'm glad I could help. I can't stay for too much longer. Keep that Tak close. He's an amazing soldier."

"I know."

I headed towards my ship, a bit tired, he was standing at the entrance.

"Agent'e, you seemed like the type to leave without saying goodbye."

"Right, I don't say goodbye. It was good fighting next to you Tak, keep it up."

"The men respect you," he said.

"So do the ones I saved on Felucia. Its my job Tak."

"I understand, but you fought with us, even when the odds were in favor of you dieing."

"We'll all going to die Tak, I don't know when, but it will happen, and life will move on for the universe. I'll see you around..."

I entered the ship, and he saluted as I took off.

If you'll excuse me, I have to go yell and scream at the Republic Navy Generals for being stupid,

Hugs and kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Thursday, May 04, 2006

CIS Attack Plans

"Kick it ship!" I screamed.

The ship tried speeding up, but couldn't go any faster.

Behind me were an amazing number of Droid fighter ships, and all of them were launching everything they could at me.

"Go into hyperdrive, get me to a Republic Capital ship!"

The ship replied, "I'm sorry, I can't do that, the only Capital Ship in range is not allowed to be boarded."

"Get there!"


"No questions!"

Tatooine ran up to me, shaking and scared to death. The ship kicked in the hyperdrive, and the droids were left far behind us.

"Its okay baby, Mommy has you..."

Once in hyperdrive, Tatooine calmed down, and I looked at the disk... It took some amount of work to recieve it to. More than normal. It was almost like they were expecting me to.

Trap or no Trap, I had the plans, and had to get them to a Republic Capital Ship...

The closest one, was by Dagobah. Seemingly doing nothing, but orbiting right now. Once in range, I heard a clone come over the transmission.

"You are not authorized to be near the planet Dagobah."

"That may be true, but I have CIS attack plans on my ship that need to be viewed."

"You need to speak to our commander."

"Put him on."

"Him? Its a woman."

"Better yet, put her on."

After a minute, having the main guns aimed at me, I heard a voice.

"What do you need?" She asked as kindly as a ship Commander could.

"I've got CIS battle plans, and I need to get them to the Republic as soon as possible."

"I need your rank, and position of course."

"Republic Spy 357, Erifia Apoc, Jedi Knight."

"You are cleared to land."

The guns aimed away from me, and I entered into their main hatch, where a woman stood. She was in a commander's outfit, and stood with a number of clones around her.

I exited the ship, and she looked a bit confused.

"Odd get-up for a Jedi Knight."

"Unfourtanitly I am both, Spy and Knight. I cannot wear what normal Jedi knights would wear."

"Fair enough, Erifia Apoc, my name is Lt. Commander Oneida."

"Would it be improper to call you Oneida?"

"If you start calling me, Lt. Commander, I'll call you 357."

"Fair enough. I've got the plans here, I've not watched them yet..."

"Let's run them."

She escorted me to the battle room, and entered the plans into the computer.

The droids were planning on claiming the desolate outer rim planets, like Dagobah, and creating hidden underground foundaries, using transported materials from Mustafar. They also had devolped a teleportation system in case the republic were hitting their transports hard.

"We cannot allow this," the Commander replied.

"I thought since you had this planet surronded maybe you knew of this?"

"I had a hunch. But if what they are planning is true, my little Capital Ship won't survive the three they are sending."

"How good are your clones?"

"Amazing. I'm very lucky."

"They offered me, an army of Jar Jars."

"Are you serious?"

"They don't like me very much, I follow very few rules."

"You sound like my type of Jedi."

"Thanks, at least someone thinks so."

"How much do you know of clones?"

"Mostly everything..."

"Really? You'd be intrigued by a TK 266. I call him Tak. I suggest going and speaking with him, while I try and get us some assistance."

"Yes, Lt. Commander."

"Go to it, 357."

I smiled a bit as I left the room, there was something about her that seemed so charismatic, I liked her... And I say that about very few people.

I entered the dining hall, where I was directed to speak to TK 266.

"TK 266, Attention."

He stood instantly, and rose from his bench... I had to say I shivered, it was all of them together that frightened me. If they were to put the helmets on it, would be better, but, all of them, the same face...

He stood in front of me and Saluted.

"I should very much like to speak to you in Private."

"Yes mam... Uh..."


"Yes Agent."

He took me to a interrigation room, I think he thought he was under arrest or something very similar because he didn't relax at all.

"State your name."

"TK 266."

"Your name."

"That is the only name I bear Agent."

"I've been told otherwise..."

"Tak then, if you've spoken to the Lt. Commander."

"I have indeed. She told me to speak to you... I know a lot about clones. What are you thinking?"

"I'm confused."

I typed that in. I looked back up to him.

"I'm a Jedi, may I read your mind?"

"Of course Agent."

I reached my hand out, and nothing. It was what I thought would happen.

"Interesting Tak, now, that being done, may I scan your memories?"


I watched the most recent ones only, I had to much respect for this clone to do any further back.

"Good with a rifle?"


"It was the only one blaster I've ever used... I liked it."

"Why are you asking me all these questions?"

"Because I'm interested."


"What do you feel when you look at me?"


"Fair enough Tak. I am sorry for pulling you from your friends, would you call them?"

"May I speak truthfully?"

"I hope you have this whole time."

"They are my friends."

"I thought they were."

I paused for a moment, and read his face... He saw me looking at him as closely as I was, and he shifted in the seat a bit.

"Dismissed. And try to relax around me."

"Yes mam."

He exited the door... A clone who truly had a mind of his own... Incrediable...

I didn't want to disturb Oneida, so I instead sat in the room thinking...

That's when the red light of doom went off... We were under attack by two droid capital ships.

If you'll excuse me, I am going to trash some droids,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Erifia Apoc vs. Aayla Secura: Part 2

For those of you who haven't heard, Aayla and I have a long history together.

After the days when we were really young, we moved on to pre-padawan training. That was where I met Obi-Wan, back then... Whew... He was 'moderatly' attractive... By Moderatly, I mean smokin'. Aayla however, had a few good years on my thirteen, she was near about sixteen, and they matched ages perfectly.

She'd have never kissed him, if she thought I hated him, but it was obvious I had a huge crush on him.

It was simply, I was thirteen, and she was sixteen, in one moment, she reached her hand out, and brought his cheek to hers, and whispered something, looking at me intently, and then she met lips with him.

I cried... But not in front of her. I ran, I was an outcast, naturally, Aayla had secured that. It was then when I did the only thing I could think of... I went back there, and I grabbed her by her Lekkus and threw her into the wall.

She had hurt me so much, and except for that one time back as a kid, I never laid a finger on her.

From throwing punch on me at my first dance, to getting the entire temple first year padawans to hate me, to killing my only pet I've ever had.

Even to stealing my lightsaber, (Yes at that time I only had one, it was my white one), and throwing into the trash compactor so I had to go and get it, and taking a holo-picture of me when I came out.

She definatly looked confused when she turned around, and she drew her lightsaber, I pushed it out of her hand, and planted a fist in between her eyes, and she fell to the ground unconcious. Obi-wan, who was still with her, looked at me, and spoke in his soft dreamy tones, "Why'd ya'll go and do that fur..."

"I'm sorry Obi-wan, she hurt me."

"I'd of done it to then..."

From that moment it on, it wasn't about me against Aayla Secura, it was me against the world, I realized I had felt that way the whole time. And its not enough to succeed, others must fail, and the one who would fail most is Aayla, she had hurt me far to much, and now it was payback time.

I wasn't going to stab her in the back, not like she had done to me once before, by becoming my friend to learn my weekness and use it against me until I became numb to it, no. I was going to beat her straight on, no beating (No pun intended) around the bush, it was I, Erifia Apoc vs. The world and Aayla Secura, and I was going to win, and they were going to fail.

If you'll excuse me, I am going to go hunt some Jabberwockies on Kashyyk (They are the wookies biggest predator),

Hugs because I need them, and Kisses, because I never got one as a teenager,
Erifia Apoc