Monday, October 30, 2006

A short post

I've got some major stuff happening soon. I got a picture for you.

Whoever can tell me where its from wins a date with Becca the Magnificant or Darth Inferna or Tatooine the Tauntaun or Anakin Skywalker.

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Comment up where you saw this familiar picture at; and win a wonderful date.

If you'll excuse me, I have to inform the prizes they are being used,

Erifia Apoc

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gifts from a table

Today, as I was heading back to the temple, I came across an asteroid. There was an old man sitting there. He had a table set up, and he looked sad. I stopped the ship, and I exited my ship, and I walked up to him.

“Excuse me Sir, what’s wrong?”

“No-one came to my asteroid sale.”

“Its not advertised.”

“You’re here, right?”


“Want to buy something?”

“I…” I really had to get to the temple, “Sure… I can buy something.”

He showed me his table. My eyes widened. There were presents for every one of my friends and family. I bought everything he had, and I immediately starting sending them out.

Becca, my sidekick, received an antique purple mask.

Tatooine the Tauntaun received a antique bubblebubkin.

Dante Typho received an eye patch that one belonged to Airen the One-Eye. He was a notorious pirate.

Lt. Cmdr. Oneida received an antique slicer kit.

Tak received an old rimfire powder cartridge gun.

Barriss would receive (when she gets back) an old med kit, from before bacta.

Anakin would receive an old collection of comics, all starring Yoda when he was young.

Dark Jedi Kriss received an old shutter camera.

Captain Picard received a replica Borg cube, with working Borg Vats, to assimilate other action figures.

Professor X received a phoenix feather. I thought he would be interested in it, it came from his world.

Against my better Judgement, I sent a hand held plasma torch to Darth Nepharia. It just seemed fitting that without her I wouldn’t still be Erifia, I’d be some vile maggot sith lady.

I sent Jon a copy of Dante’s Inferno.

I sent Gar Gar the cat, a antique play toy.

I put an old set of Oola dolls into a time capsule for a certain female jedi of the future (Jaina).

I sent Jaba, something I probably shouldn’t have. X-Ray Glasses. I’m a terrible person.

If you’ll excuse me, I feel really happy about what I’ve done for my friends,

Erifia Apoc

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Friend Healing

(View her blog to see everything I missed.)

"Yes I do trust you with my life," Barriss said as she bowed her head "Of course, Master."

“I order you to stay here, on your home planet, getting to know your people. Once you know your people and culture again, I order you to call me. If you leave this planet until that point, you are in direct violation of my orders. Are we clear Padawan?”

"Yes Master." Barriss slowly said, then asked "And if the council calls me back, then what Master?"

“Then you contact me, and I will handle the council. Understand?”

"Yes Master." Barriss replyed.

“Excellent. Good. Padawan, I have another order I want you to follow more carefully than anything I’ve ever told you before,” I sat down next to her and took her hand in mine, “Take care of yourself, okay Barriss? You’re my best friend, I don’t want to lose you.”

Barriss looked into Erifia eyes before saying "I will take care of myself Erifia, don't you worry about that. As you are mine, I just don't want to lose what we have."

“We won’t… I need to let you think my dear, I’m sorry I’ve intruded on your rest for so long.”

"You didn't intrude, Erifia." Barriss slowly said.

“Don’t butter it up, I intruded. I know I did, I was just concerned for you.”

Barriss shook her head before she said "No Erifia, you didn't intrude. I know it doesn't mean much but you helped me." as she gave it some thought then said "A healer being healed by a fighter, do you know how rare that it is?"

“I consider it a friend being healed by a friend.”

If you'll excuse me, I have to go out for awhile. My dear friend needs some time,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shaken' up

(View her blog to see everything I missed.)

“Erifia, I’m a healer!” She stated, “Besides if you read the label it stated that the contents are under pressure.”

“I will shake it then, to demonstrate…” I grabbed the bottle and I began to shake, in hard and long strides. And after a moment, I set it on the ground. I took several steps away, and I pointed at it as it shook a little, “Notice how unstable it is, how it cannot stand on its own. How with all the pressure inside it is trying to break it.”

She spoke with impatience, “And your point is?”

“Such is a jedi’s soul, a jedi’s person when they bottle emotion,” I concentrated on it, and I spun the lid off the top, and it exploded, sending koke throughout the room, “Without a safe release for the anger, we are all bound to end up with the same fast as that bottle.”

“I see,” Barriss spoke solemnly, “Maybe its best that I leave the order.”

A tear dropped down from my cheek, “You’ve been so brainwashed!” I screeched, “Just because you broke a rule doesn’t mean you have to quit! I was trying to keep you in the order, to keep you sane, and whole…”

“And I thank you for that, but I broke more than one rule. I disobeyed the customs of my people,” She said a tear dropping from her eye as she looked away.

“If I had a credit for every time I did that…” I stated trying to get her to stay, but if it was set in her mind she would leave, than I couldn’t stop it.

“Oh Erifia! If I leave it will because I know I can’t be any good to anyone if I blow up like that koke bottle.” Barriss said as tears raced down her face. “But right now, Erifia I need to heal myself. And I can’t do it back at the temple. I thought coming here alone would help me.”

“I’ve got a solution, but you must follow my orders exactly,” I responded. It was a flawless idea. One that could work to the benefit of everyone, especially Barriss.

"Orders!?" Barriss stuttered. "What do you mean by orders?" she asked.

“Do you trust me? If you do, Padawan, than you’ll follow your master’s orders.”

If you'll excuse me, I am waiting for an answer,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Late night awakening

(View her blog to see everything I missed.)

I woke that night because of a buzzer. I sat up, and rubbed my head. I looked and I could see Barriss trying to move quietly through the darkness.

“Up a little late?” I asked whispering.

“I thought you were asleep,” she spoke almost afraid of something.

“I was, my lekkus wiggled and I woke,” I explained.

“Oh!” she said as she raised her eyebrow, “how do you feel?”

“Well, that accursed Bacta makes me want more. Its pretty addictive. But I don’t need it, so keep it away from me,” I smiled trying to tell her I was joking.

She smiled, I am pretty sure a forced one, and said, “Yes it is! But it was either that or be in pain for a long time,” she looked towards the floor, “I’m sorry about earlier.”

“For what?” I asked, “I told you to. I’m sorry I hit you, but I had to get you to release some of that anger.”

Her eyes were red as she said, “But you shouldn’t of had to.”

“Barriss, you’ve been trained to bottle emotions, ever shake a bottle of koke? What happens?” I asked trying to get her to realize my illustration.

“No master,” she said, “I’ve never had a bottle of koke before. Much less had one to shake.”

My mouth widened to an O. I left the room silently, and I returned with a bottle of koke. It was cold, and the bottle fogged from Erifia’s touch. She handed it to Barriss.

“Shake the bottle.”

“You want me to what?!” She asked.

“Shake the bottle.”

She shook the bottle lightly, “I do not see what this will accomplish.”

“Shake the bottle. Shake it hard and shake it long. Do not be gentle with it.”

If you’ll excuse me, I want to see this, its going to be very funny,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Anatomy of Erifia: Outfits

Over the course of my journals, I’ve wore a wide array of outfits. Some of which are pratical, such as this one.

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Others however are a little darker then others and represent me in a really foul mood.

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Some were for some trick I had to play to get something to work.

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Others on the other hand, I wear whenever I am going on date. Sometimes I have to fight during those dates.

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When I am relaxing I got for something a little less flamboyant.

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Then of course there is my dancer outfit…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And last and least, one we shall never speak of again…

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If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some minds to erase,

Hugs and Kisses (In the outfit of your choice),
Erifia Apoc

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Anatomy of Erifia; Lekkus

Several questions have been asked over the time how exactly my lekku wrappings work. I thought it was about time I explained what was going on. My lekkus are long tail like appendages that hang from the back of my head.

Each lekku contains a part of my brain, and likewise, each lekku contains a different set of consciousness and memory, all being guided by my brain. The Left Lekku is the one in which I keep all of my school knowledge. Every little fact I know about the universe is contained within in. When I am trying to figure out a riddle or a puzzle my left lekku is in control. When I spout out a fact about Gammorrians, it is remembered in the left lekku.

In my right lekku is my common sense. It is the lekku that says, “Wait, you’re actually going to do that doofus?” It is also where all of my martial knowledge is kept. When I fight, when I do anything that involves anything physical it is the lekku that handles the thinking for that action. My flawless expertise in combat, if I didn’t have my right lekku, I would be nothing but a flailing little girl.

My middle lekku is the lekku in which I contain all of the memories and thoughts that I never want anybody to learn about. It contains my most painful and joyful memories. It is the only lekku in which I can use my imagination and create images from. It is the lekku in which my single memory of my mother in.

My brain, handles all the short term memory, and all the normal stuff.

My lekkus, are as Dante put it, an erogenous zone. When they are stroked lightly, and repetitively, it sends a sensation of pleasure into my body, and as a reaction they wiggle. When they wiggle, they send a message to a gland, which produces adrenaline. Therefore it makes me want to dance.

When a twi’lek woman dances, her lekkus, as mentioned before, wiggle. This wiggling causes a hypnotic effect that effects all men who can see her. They stare, and it’s a very erotic dance…

Likewise, Lekkus can speak to each other through this wiggling, in an almost telepathic way. I can speak to other twi’leks through this wiggling. Sometimes, my lekkus begin to speak with other lekkus without my knowledge.

Along those lines, my lekkus also have a mind of their own. Sometimes, they will move to do something to hurt me, such as pretending to be a snake so a youngling steps on it in fear. Other times, my lekkus will knock something out of my hands, that was poisonous or was going to blow up.

As fas as the anatomy of the muscle structure is, its very snake like, except it lacks the vertebrae. In theory (though it would be painful) you could fold my lekkus like paper. There is no cartilage in them at all. At the top, for about seven inches, is where the lekku brain is. Around that, however, there is a thin layer of (eww) mucus. Incase the lekku were to be smashed, it pushed the part of brain contained in it to be forced into my skull. It results in a migraine and in rare cases a coma.

My wrappings are very simple, they hold up objects on a long thing chain, which comes off of the end of the wrappings for each lekku. The lekku wrapings stay up because of how tightly they are wrapped and also the lekku binding glue I use. Easily available at your local, Twin Lekku store.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In order from left and down, to right and down, here is what is on my lekkus.

A Red Lightsaber
A White Lightsaber (my master’s)
A langorain ship caller
A Call Everywhere Like Link-up. Or Cell for short.
A thermal detonator
A second thermal detonator
A Blue lightsaber
A Purple lightsaber (mine)

Its much better than a purse in my opinion, and a lot of people for some reason don’t ever check my lekkus, Oh well.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go… Oh well, what does it matter,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My best birthday?

I hate today. Today is the day my mother died. Of all days, this day is the one that upsets me the most. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, but it hasn’t helped. Today is the day I was born. Today was the day I killed my mother.

Today is the day the drama filled life of mine started, and today is the day that comes once a year and proceeds to make fun of me, saying, “Here is another year… Good luck with the next one.”

I am turning 25, today. It may not seem important, but to me it is. Because this marks one quarter of a hundred years of pain and torment. Tonight at 9:36, my mother gave her life to secure mine. I should look at it as my mother loved me so much she gave her own life so that I could live mine.

No… Its not that way at all. My mother died a pointless death for a worthless cause. What have I done? What have I done that has helped anyone?

I woke to Becca and Tatooine singing Happy Birthday to me. They had baked a cake, and it was unnecessarily bright. I forced a smile and blew out the candles. I wished my mother was here.

Becca and Tatooine both gave me a gift.

“Open it!” Becca shouted at me. When I did open it, it was a new dancer outfit. With new lekkus wrappings.

“Thank you Rebecca,” I said with a soft smile. My mind was so filled with guilt, doubt and sarrow, that I couldn’t express my true happiness in the thoughtfulness of Becca’s efforts.

She took a step back… I knew why. I had never called her Rebecca before. Tatooine then pushed a gift forward with his nose, I opened it. It was a bubblebubkin. Not his. But another brand new one. I smiled softly. I rubbed his head.

“Thank you both… But I need to be alone right now. Okay?”

“Mommy?” Tatooine asked as he nuzzled my arm.

Becca sat next to me, and she gave me a tight hug. “I don’t know what to say…”

I released it all. I had been holding it for so long… Tears flowed through my eyes, and sobs escaped my lips. I began to cry as my mouth frowned to a point of pain. The heat filled my face and the tears streaked down my cheeks.

I hugged Becca because she was the closest thing to me, and when I did Tatooine leapt up on the bed. It was clear I had upset them, even through my burning tears, I saw them crying. Were the scared since I had broken? Were they sad because I was sad?

I released it all, speaking all my woes in tears, and releasing the problems in my life in the form of sobs. All understandable. All of them escaping my lips like a dam had been broken open.

It felt good afterwards. When I had expended all of my emotion and energy into that one cry, I felt, happy? I fell asleep sometime. I don’t quite know when, but it was a sleep I gladly accepted.

When I woke I was alone in my room. I was smiling. Me, happy. Wow. I looked in the mirror, was I a brighter shade of indigo? I undid my lekku wrappings, and I put Becca’s gift on, and I strapped Tatooine’s gift, to my lekkus with my weapons.

When I exited my room, I had received several cards. They were sitting on the table. Kriss had sent me the negatives of a picture she took with the torn up originals. Ani thought it would be nice to send me a bottle of Klingon Blood Wine. Barriss Offee sent me something I marveled at. It was a decrative leg band; It was black, and it was had tribal designs from Ryloth on it. I put it on, and I liked it. There was some feeling to it.

Jaba had sent me a keg of Huttbeer. I thought it was thoughtful of him. I received a gift card to Fredricks of Coruscant from Jardena. Typho had sent me a small round object. I looked at it. It was electronic of some sort. Tak sent me a piece of paper with a black dot on it.

There were several knocks on my ships door. I opened it, and I felt two hands grab my wrist. I was being dragged somewhere by someone I didn’t know. Or Someone I couldn’t see.

They threw me onto a ship, and blindfolded me. I kept trying to fight out of it, but I couldn’t use my arms and legs to kick. It was if I was being subdued by some other way. Needless to say I was scared, and I couldn’t escape.

Finally after maybe an hour of sitting in dread terror, the two men came and grabbed me. They dragged me through a door, and then they undid my blindfold, I leapt up, with sabers extended. It was Professor X and Captain Picard.

Wasn’t today his 300th something? He took time to kidnap me and take me to some bar. That’s so sweet of him. I shut off the saber, and I smiled and I laughed.

“You guys had me sooo scared!”

Professor X spoke, “We wanted to get you smashed. Your sidekick said you were having a bad day, so we came to remedy it.”

Captain Picard Spoke, “I can only do a couple rounds, then I have to get back the Enterprise.”

A couple rounds went by and Captain invited us to go to the Enterprise for that party. I accepted and I sat at the bar talking with some woman named Guinan. She is cool. Her and I got to talking. She’s a wise woman. By the time the night was over, I was so drunk, I couldn’t even walk, and they put me in guest quarters on the Enterprise.

If you’ll excuse me..

*Yawn* XO…

E. A.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Search for the Bubblebubkin; Final Part (Becca)

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I slapped him twice I think. Maybe three times, I don’t know, once I was finished I said, “Thank you for saving us. But this doesn’t change anything between us, you hurt Erifia.”

We landed at the temple, and he left the ship. Barriss smiled at me, and I curtseyed, “Thank you very much Barriss.”

She nodded and left the ship. I laid down. It was a long couple of days, and I don’t know… I was really tired. I woke that night, and Erifia was sitting there thinking. It startled me, and I looked at her very confused.

“I don’t know?” I asked her.

“I’m back. Yoda made me a master. I missed you two,” She responded.

“That sums it up,” I responded to her, “We’ve had a…”

“Adventure that was all because of Tatooine’s Bubblebubkin?”

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“Yes, I don’t know how you knew?”

“Because I stored a disk in it. I knew it would be safe with Tatooine, who would look in a child’s toy? It was foolhardy on my part.”

“Yes it was,” I said angrily.

“Yes it was,” she responded, “I’m going to go lay down with my baby. By the way, I am adding a bonus to your paycheck.”

I hadn’t felt this used since that one time when I was working on the starship enterprise in the RS department.


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Captain Kirk stood, “Okay-Today-We-Are-Going-to-Take-Mr. Spock- McCoy-and-you-in-the-red-shirt.”

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“I don’t know, what’s the mission.”


I sighed. This wasn’t going to go well for me. I walked onto the teleporter and we were beamed onto the planet. As soon as we appeared these big things came out of nowhere, and began to shoot at us with red beams coming from their hands. Captain Kirk grabbed me, held me in front of him, and a beam hit me in the leg.

“Ouch! That hurt… No! No! I’m out of here…”


“Scotty, beam me up,” I said into my little symbol thingy.

End Flashback

I smiled, and laid back down on the couch. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. In the morning we were all on a foreign planet.

Erifia wasn’t here, but Tatooine was bouncing off the walls.

“I love you Aunty Becca!” He screeched, “Thanks for making everything better, and bringing mommy and my bubblebubkin back.”

I shrugged, “I don’t know what I did, but you’re welcome little guy...”

“Good,” he said, “’cause I made a mess in the room.”

I stood and began to chase after him as he ran from me and locked the door to Erifia’s room behind him.

“I’ll get you, you little runt!”

I sighed and got out the bucket and the mop.


Ps. 5

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Search for the Bubblebubkin; Part 5 (Tatooine)

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Today we are going to get my bubblebubkin!

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Aunty Becca and me have been everywhere! We’ve met lots of people. And our last stop was to get the bubblebubkin. We arrived on Mommy’s jedi planet. And we went to the republic base, where The old mean guy stole my toy too.

When we entered all of the guys who look the same started doing weird stuff as Aunty Becca looked into their eyes. I didn’t care! I was getting my toy back! We arrived at the end of the hall and Aunty Becca opened the door. She walked in, and saw a picture.

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He looked scary. I didn’t like him. She opened the picture and put in the password. I can count to five! 1 2 3 4 5. It clicked open, and I saw it. It was my bubblebubkin! I leapt into the vault and grabbed it. Aunty Becca made a OMPH! Sound and she landed on the floor next to me, and the vault closed.

No! It was dark, and I was scared. I hadn’t been this scared since that time I was on Hoth with Han Solo.


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Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were having a hard time, and they were looking at me funny.

“Look Luke, this is going to stink,” Solo said.

“What’s going to stink?” I asked, bouncing around.

“Uhm, you need to lay down Tatooine, I need to save Luke’s life…”

My eyes got wide, I looked at them, “What’s going to stink?”

Han Solo said, “I’m going to cut open your stomach; and use your intestines to warm Luke.”

“You’re sick!” I said, “That’s sick, you’re sick… Ewww… Gross… Gawd… I’d prefer death…”

Han Solo stated, “Come on, its for a noble cause!”

“Cut open your own intestines champ, I’m out of here…”

End Flashback

I began to cry. I began to whine. Aunty Becca found me and stroked my ears to calm me down.

“Aunty Becca… Why are we here?”

“I don’t know…”

That’s when behind us I heard some sounds. My ears perked and I turned. There was a blue light, and the wall opened up.

It was Okey-Doke Kablokey and Aunty Barriss!

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“Come on ya’ll!” He yelled, “We gots to get ya out of here.”

I followed him but I was angry at him. He hurt my mommy! When I followed him, on the outside of the compound, we got into Mommy’s ship, and we all flew to coruscant.

“Thanks Aunty Barriss,” I said softly.

That’s when Okey-doke came back. He looked at me.

“No! You hurt Mommy! You made mommy sick! Mommy would still love me if it wasn’t for you.” I grabbed my bubblebubkin and went to my room.

If scuse me!

FIVE! I can count to FIVE!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Search for the Bubblebubkin; Part 4 (Becca)

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I don’t know… It seems like we’ve been on a terrible wild Bubblebubkin chase, running into lots of people. Trying to find a little toy… I don’t know.

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So as we went to see Padme, a couple clones stopped us. I looked at them, and I sighed.

“Look, I don’t know, okay? I just have to see the Senator. Geez… I don’t know I haven’t had this much trouble seeing a leader since that time Dark Helmet was playing with his dolls.”


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“Oh you’re helmet is so big,” the little man said with a high pitched voice as a doll of Erifia kissed his head, “It almost makes me wish I wasn’t a jedi so I could kiss you…”

“I don’t know,” he mimicked my voice, “But I would love to kiss you at the same time.”

So both Erifia-doll and My-doll were kissing this dark helmet doll, and he is making the kissy, kissy, sounds.

“Marry me, both you…” he said in a manly voice, “You know you can’t resist me, Star Wars women are always attracted to a man of my particular Spoof nature and helmet size…”

“I don’t know,” I chimed in, “It would be awful hard to get around.”

“How much of that did you hear?!”

“I don’t know,” I responded, “Enough, I guess.”

“Get out! Get out!”

Talk about mood swings.

End Flashback

They shrugged. That was it. I concentrated. They removed their helmets. I looked at the one in his eyes. I read his thoughts.

Every single thought and memory was mine. My eyes began to glow and I planted one of my own, The ball in your hands is a bomb, and if you stop playing with it, it will explode. He began to play with the fake ball, and I moved onto the next one. His thoughts and memories were mine. I then planted one for him, Your gun is your girlfriend and she’s been upset because you’ve not been speaking with her. He then began to speak with his gun, begging and pleading for it not to leave him.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged sweetly, and walked through the door. Padme was there, with a Red Haired Woman and some Guy.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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“Excuse me… I don’t know… I just was wondering… My little tauntaun here, he’s missing his toy, and I was told you may know something of it.”

That guy gasped, “Yeah. I know something, girl. Palps ordered earl to infiltrate a ship to steal a toy. I thought maybe he was just playing with earl… But I guess not.”

The red haired woman hit him, “You let him steal from a tauntaun.”

Padme then hit him too, “That was like so wrong!”

He held both his arms, “You can find it in his secret vault. It’s on Coruscant. It’s hidden behind the big picture of himself on the wall.”

“I don’t know…”

“The vault’s access code is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, gurl.”

“What? I don’t know a lot, but isn’t that stupid? That sounds like the kind of combination an idiot would have on his luggage.”

“Back off dawg!” That guy said.

“I mean… I don’t know,” I said as I led Tatooine to the Ship. We are going to get that bubblebubkin if it is the last thing I like do.


Ps. 12

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Search for the Bubblebubkin; Part 3 (Tatooine)

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So Aunty Becca and I went out looking for my bubblebubkin yesterday. We didn’t find it. Mommy hasn’t been back, and we stole the ship! Mommy is not going to be happy. She was taking us to Naboo.

Once we get there we are supposed to look for a Pretty Lady! She is going to help me find my bubblebubkin!

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Once we got on Naboo, I began to bounce around the cabin. I was going to get my bubblebubkin back. Aunty Becca took me on the leash to the center of town, the shopping mall.

“Excuse me?” I said, “I’m looking for a Pretty lady! Can you tell me where she is?!”

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The man turned. He only had one eye. I hadn’t seen a Cyclops since that one time on Earth.


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There was a man with red eyes, and he had me cornered in a cave.

“What’s your name?”

“Tatooine,” I said scared.

“Prepare to become my dinner Tatooine, I am very hungry, and I haven’t eaten Tauntaun for a long time.”

I rushed towards him, and my tusks went into his eyes. He grabbed his eyes, and he ran to the door and opened it. I ran out among a flock of sheep.

“Tatooine has blinded me! Tatooine has blinded me!”

I looked up on the hill, and Storm and Professor Xwere there, and Professor X said, “If an entire planet wanted him blind than he deserved it.”

End Flashback.

He scared me at first but then he petted my head. He rubbed it rough and behind my ear. I smiled. I like him.

“Pretty lady? What’s her name?”

Aunty Becca said, “Uhm… I don’t know… I think its… Uhm…”

“Pretty lady!” I yelled as I jumped into the air, “She’s going to help me find my bubblebubkin.”

Aunty Becca began to say some names, “Jennifer… Jenny… JeskaJolrael…”

“Jardena,” the one eyed man said, “Is her name Jardena?”

I jumped up and down, “Yes! Pretty Lady is Jardena!”

“I’m Captain Typho. She’s in the mall here, go up the stairs and into Gorge and Gorgeous, the female battle armor store.”

“Thank you Nice Cyclops!” I screamed as I licked his hand and ran Aunty Becca up the stairs.

Inside the store with lots of shiny shirts, the pretty lady was standing there.

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“Hi Pretty Lady! I’m looking my Bubblebubkin! Have you seen it?”

She thought for a second, “You must be Becca and Tatooine. Tak told me you would be coming. I haven’t heard of any missions for any of my clones for a toy. But… But… I do know of someone looking for something of Erifia’s. So maybe if you check with Ani Skywalkerand Kriss. They might know something. They’ve been with Padme, I’d start there.”

“Thanks Pretty Lady!” I shouted excitedly.

We were going to go and get back my Bubblebubkin!

If scuze me!

TWO! I can count to Two!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Search for the Bubblebubkin; Part 2 (Becca)

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Last night, a man came into Erifia’s Ship and he grabbed Tatooine’s Toy. Erifia was paying me good money everyday to keep the ship clean and to keep her tauntaun happy. So I had to get her tauntaun its little toy I don’t know… Its…

His Bubblebubkin.

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He’s not very good company… I mean… I don’t know, he’s like a five year old, he can like scarcely talk. Well, he can talk cause he has a translator… But I don’t know.

So I put his leash on and I took him outside.

“Can you smell your bubblebubkin?”

“Uh-huh! I can smell it Aunty Becca! I can smell him too!”

“What’s he smell like?”

“Uhm! Let me smell…”

So the little guy led me towards the Coruscant center of activity. There was a mall and such things. He pulled me up to man in white armor.

“Him!” he said excitedly, “Him!”

I tapped his shoulder, “Excuse me…I uhm… I don’t know how to say this sir… But Uhm… Could you give me his toy back?”

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He turned and looked at me, “TK - 266, here. You’re Erifia Apoc’s sidekick. Aren’t you?”

“Yes… Can you give him his toy back?”

He pet Tatooine’s head, and removed his helmet.

“He looked like me right?”

“I don’t know. I guess,” I replied.

He laughed. Was he laughing at me? Why would he be laughing at me?

“Can I have it back please mister?” Tatooine asked.

TK – 266 spoke, “Look dear. I know you don’t know a lot of things. But I am a clone. There are thousands upon thousands of people who smell and look exactly like me in the army. Perhaps you should check with my boss, Jardena. She may know something about the theft of a tauntaun’s toy.”

I haven’t felt this stupid since that time I thought it would be cool to dress up like Smurfette.


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I don’t know… I will never bring this up again… Never… Ever.

End Flashback

“Where is she?”

“She’s currently on R and R in Naboo.”

“Rags and Rollers?” I asked, “I don’t know where that place is anyway…”

“Rest and Relaxation. Naboo should be programmed in Erifia’s computer.”

I sighed, and Tatooine cried, as Tk – 266 rubbed Tatooine’s head, “Good luck… You’re going to need it.”


PS. 6

Monday, October 09, 2006

The Search for the Bubblebubkin; Part 1 (Tatooine)

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Mommy has been sick lately. Something was wrong with her head, and her heart. Aunty Becca said that Mommy would get better soon. So every night my mommy was sick, I slept with my bubblebubkin.

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My bubblebubkin would keep me warm, and I would keep it warm in my mouth. But I wouldn’t hurt it with my mouth. I would carry it with me when I ate, and I would carry it with me when I played in the park.

It was my substitute for my mommy…

Aunty Becca was sleeping on the couch, and I was sleeping on the ground at her feet with the bubblebubkin in my mouth. The door opened and A man ran in. He held a blaster at my head, and he said, “Don’t move.”

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I started to cry. Mommy would save me. She had to save me. Aunty Becca sat up and she said, “I don’t know but I haven’t been assaulted on a ship like that since the one time Darth Vader thought I was someone else.”


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Aunty Becca is standing across from Darth Vader, and he says, “Where are the plans?”

She says, “I don’t know.”

“The stolen Death Star Plans, where are they?”

“I don’t know.”

“We have ways of making you talk…”

“I Don’t Know!”

He held his hand up and she began to choke.

“I don’t know!”

“Take her away!”

End Flashback

The man held the blaster at her, and I dropped the bubblebubkin out of my mouth. He withdrew a small toy, and it began to beep when he pointed it at my bubblebubkin.

He grabbed it, and he laughed. He ran out the door. He stole my bubblebubkin. He stole my bubblebubkin…

Tears streaked from my eyes. I wanted my bubblebubkin. I began to scream and bawl. Aunty Becca patted my head.

“It’ll be okay Tatooine… We’ll get your bubblebubkin back. I promise.”

It wasn’t the bubblebubkin I missed. It was mommy. I missed my mommy. She doesn’t love me and Aunty Becca anymore. Even if she is sick. Why doesn’t she love me? Other mommies love their kids when they are sick, right?

I laid down next to Aunty Becca as I cried. She kept patting me telling it would be okay.

-Scuse me sleepy!

Ps. Six! I can count to Six!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


So, me and my author sat down and had a conference. It went something like this.

"Erifia," my author said, "I've got some bad news for you."

When your author says they have bad news for you, then you know it is really bad.

"What is it?" I whined as I threw myself on my author, and began to cry.

"Oh! Oh... No, Nothing like that. I guess me leading you on like that deserves a...

... Okay. No. As your author I am taking you out of the spotlight temporarily."

Who was my author replacing me with?

"Becca and Tatooine."

How did my author know what I was thinking?

"I'm your author. You'll be back. I promise."

"What are they going to be doing?"

"I've got a little something lined up, 'Becca the Magnificant and Tatooine the Tauntaun, in, The Search for the Bubblebubkin.'"

"I call Shenanagins!"

"No... You'll take it like a true character of mine, and do something to occupy yourself."

I huffed, and left my author's trailer. I went into my ship and did a Google search for Indigo.

Kind of makes you wonder how one child can represent an entire color.

If you'll excuse me, I've got some serious whining to do,

Hugs and Kisses (for everyone but my author.)
Erifia Apoc

PS. What was up with the rainbow colored text? Was my author bored on a saturday afternoon or something?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I have much to teach you, young Offee

(There is more than this to be seen, Click here to know what I mean.)

“Barriss. I cannot teach you more until you are willing to learn. Do you want to hear what I have to say?”

“Yes, I would like to hear what you have to say,” she said softly.

“You have to let yourself feel these things. If you don’t you’ll build up and want to kill everyone you care for. See what’s it done to you? You’ve contained resentment for Lumaniara and now it is hurting you.”

“I don’t know how to let myself feel those things, Erifia,” She laid her head down and began to cry.

“I can teach you,” I said, squeezed her shoulder softly.

“But would you take me on, knowing that I want to kill you,” she asked as she grabbed my hand.

“Eh… That’s no big deal. Everyone wants to kill me, why not you too?”

“No, Master! That’s not the way it should be.” Barriss stated.

“Let’s start with this, I am ordering you to yell at me knight. Hit me if you want. I want you to yell and yell, yell at me about all the things I’ve done to you.”

She looked at me, waiting for me to tell her it was a joke, “I don’t yell much, and why would I yell at you?”

“Because I ordered you to, knight,” I said in an almost demeaning way.

“I’M NOT A KNIGHT! I’M STILL A PADAWAN!” She yelled at me, and she grabbed her padawan braid out, and showed it while yelling, “SEE THIS? UNTIL THE COUNCIL REMOVES THIS, I’M STILL A PADAWAN!”

“Oh, that’s right,” I said trying to edge her on, “You’re just a useless padawan.” My master had done this to me a long time ago.


“Prove it, Padawan. Yell at me! Useless jedi. What have you done?” Please Barriss… Break… Break so I don’t have to yell at you anymore.

“I’VE LEARNED TO BE A JEDI HEALER,” she yelled at me.

This wasn’t working, “Yet you hit me? You want to kill me,” I sat up, and I pushed her shoulder. Let it out Barriss. Please, “What kind of a healer are you?” One that has saved my life, twice.

“BECAUSE YOU ARE WHAT I CAN’T BE!” she yelled. Jealousy.

“Yeah?” I shoved her again, “I’m a Jedi Knight! I love being a Jedi Knight! I loved it so much, they made me a Master. I’ve been a knight for three years! Loving every single minute of it… Oh, you’re just a silly padawan, huh?”


I punched her. Nothing damaging, I hit her in the cheek, “Then fight with me.”

“NO!” She slapped my face, and uppercutted me in the stomach. I doubled over, and I back handed. Once again not hitting her to hurt her, just to get her to release even more of the anger.

“No, Erifia I won’t hit you again,” she spoke she then narrowed her eyes, “Not while you’re hurt.”

“That shows how useless of a healer you are,” Barriss don’t give into your anger, release it…

“I’M NOT A USELESS HEALER,” she yelled as a volley of blows landed. Hit after hit, one to my face, to my stomach, to my legs, to my arms, to my chest, to my lekkus, to my arms, to my head, my cheek, my lekkus. Each one hurting a little more, and a little more.

I stumbled backwards dropping into a big chair, “Now how do you feel?” I asked with a little bit of a smile, in soft tones.

She fell to her knees, I spat out a little blood, “Like a weight has been taken off of my shoulders.”

I smiled at her, “Good. Now I’ve got so much to teach you… But If you’ll excuse me, I think I need to inject myself with bacta and take a nap…”

“Teach?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I responded, “Teach you how to live with your emotions so they don’t make you explode.”

I fell cozily asleep knowing in her fragile state she could kill me at any time,

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to wake tomorrow,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Interlude: My date with the Prof, final.

(Readith Here to see their perception.)

Together Prof and I walked away from the remains of the restaurant and towards the center of the city we were in. It was an interesting place, because somehow it was still light out, and the moon was very close, and the sea was over this berm, and together this gust of wind blasted us.

We were headed towards my ship. I spoke with him briefly about the events that were going on with the temple. I explained why I was unsure of the reason I was made Master. Professor explained about his recent adventure with Jon.

He however, left out something I had heard about through the grapevine. I heard it from Ani, who heard it from Kriss, who heard it from NandeHi, who heard it from Jaba, who heard it from Picard, who heard it from Vampirella, who heard it from Jon Jonnz, who heard it from Synth Lynn, who was involved with Koma, who came to rescue of Henchman, who stole Magdelena, which made Prof mad, and he became a being known as Onslaught.

We continued walking, and we came across Tak dancing. He has a sign saying, “Save AOC.” He’s a champ, I dropped sixty credits into a marine helmet. Soon thereafter we arrived at my ship.

“What about you, prof?” I asked, “How are you getting back to… Earith?”

“Oh, I’ll be alright, I’ve an unbelievable taxi service.”

“Well our date wasn’t boring,” I said, “I like it that way.”

“Indeed. I had a wonderful time. Just the thing I needed to take my mind off things.” Becoming a being of indescribable and somewhat wimpy evil, “Thank you very much Erifia, not least for saving my life. I hope we can get together again.”

“Sure, give me a call sometime.”

I gave him another kiss on the cheek. I waved at him I leapt onto the ship, and kicked in the Langorian hyper thrusters, and flew off…

If you’ll excuse, I like dating, I want another, and another, with all different people,

Erifia Apoc

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Interlude: My date with the Prof part 3

(Readith Here to see their perception.)

“Sorry Love,” he responded, “What kind of rep would I ‘ave if I just let a pigeon go because someone offered me more money?”

He launched another barrage of mini-missiles. Boy was he even more loaded with ammo than I imagined. They however were aimed at the ceiling, and when they hit, the ceiling collapsed. I did a cartwheel and landed safely away. I turned to see if Prof was okay.

That’s when Jango turned his full attention to me. He released a volley of shots at me, and by instinct his clumsy and imprecise shots were deflected by stroke after stroke of my purple lightsaber. My baby-doll. I kept walking forward.

I’m sure Jango knew what this meant. He kicked on his jets, and flew across the dining room. I force-leapt after him. I hit him hard into the chest, and he flew towards a back wall knocking bricks and more ceiling down around him.

“How did you find him?” I asked and I feinted with my saber. I didn’t mean to kill him, just to make him expend some more energy.

“Idiot made reservations ‘ere,” he chuckled, “He used their telepathic logging system, as soon as his name hit their system-“ he took off into the air. Tricky little bugger he was, “My system flashed and I came here.”

He finished by firing two more missiles at me. I leapt into the air, and spun allowing the missiles to pass on either side of me. I used the force of the explosion to force jump forward, and I threw my purple saber, meeting it with his guns, and I brought it back to me.

I rushed forward, and grabbed my saber from midair, and as he tired to fire a point blank wrist rocket at me, I round house kicked him. The Wrist-Rocket Launcher went into a ruined pillar, and it shorted.

He activated his jets again, but I cut into them with the saber, and I brought my elbow to his cheek, and kneed him in the stomach, and I brought the hilt of saber down, denting his helmet knocking him into the ground.

The civilian police came and took Fett away. I smiled. That was nice. I should have more dates like that.

“My hero,” Prof said.

“Still hungry?” I asked joking of course.

“You were incredible, I’ve never seen such grace and beauty,” Now that was a compliment.

I smiled, I had to, how couldn’t I? I dropped my eyes to the ground, and said, “Thank you… You really liked that?”

“Oh yes,” he said and he leaned into kiss me.

I was taken back. What? I leaned back a bit, and kissed his cheek. That was a little fast.

“Not on a first date Prof, Sorry…” That was how the rules went right? I wouldn’t mind a kiss on the cheek. But that seemed a little fast.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to help the Prof out of this terribly ruined restaurant,

Hugs and Kisses (to the cheek),
Erifia Apoc

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Interlude: My date with the Prof part 2.

(Readith Here to see their perception.)

“Jango Fett? Jango Fett!” He asked with fear in his voice, “Who on earth is Jango Fett?” He regained his composure.

“No one from Earth Prof, He’s a tough bounty hunter, he’s from my galaxy.” I held my sabers ready. Waiting for him to fire his blasters.

He launched a missle towards me, and I force shoved it away from me. Why do all my dates never work out well?

“I am Master Erifia Apoc!” I shouted. It sounded good, right? I then yelled at him, “Stand down immediately Champ, or we will go to war, and I have too much respect for you to kill you under the circumstances!”

“Not until I get my pigeon, love!” He responded. He fired at the ceiling, and sparks flew all about. This was no big deal. I’ve been on Mustafar before, sparks don’t hurt at all.

“There are innocents about, champ. Who are you after?” I had to get him away from these people. If he stayed here, the casualty rate may rise, and that doesn’t look good for a brand new Master.

“Baldy there, love.” He responded.

I almost laughed. Prof was some sort of puppet master, all he had to do was think, and Jango went away. I waited, pointing at Jango, coolly. Kind of saying… Get him Prof!

“Prof?” I asked, hoping he was waiting for a good time, rather than have to fight with Jango, I wanted to get him talking, “Who put the bounty up?”

“The Shi’ar Empire?”

“What the frell is the Shi’ar Empire? And I bet I can pay you more to go away.”

If you’ll excuse me, this is going to be a real expensive date,

Sabered Hugs, and Explosive Kisses,
Erifia Apoc