Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Feeling better

"Becca, hand me the slicer."

Becca handed me the crescent wrench. I sighed, "Becca, the Slicer please..."

"I don't know which is the slicer..."

"The one with blue electricity on the end."

She handed me the slicer, and I cut into the computer system. I began to slowly fuse and push wires. Mixing them, Fixing them.

"Where's that crescent wrench?" I asked her.

"Underneath you..."

I wiped the sweat from my brow. It seemed to be pouring out, and my white work outfit was totally soaked.

"Boy..." I said as I grabbed the crescent wrench. I began to loosen the oil.

"Do you need an oil pan?"

"No--" My mouth was full of oil. I spat it everywhere as it leaked out on me. I had to fix these engines to run on dark matter.

I pulled and I pushed. I groaned and I moaned. And after a full hard day of work. I had finished. The engines and the computer were fixed. The ship was not the correct size, and the correct temperature...

I found out what the problem was. It was recongizing Tatooine as the captain of the ship since he spent most all the time there, and what does a Tauntaun think about? Warmth and Safety. And safety for a Tauntaun is closed space.

My poor baby, made his mother very miserable. I entered the ship, my body covered in sweat, dust, grime, and oil, and I went to get a shower.

It was heavenly. It was nice and cool, and I washed my body clean of the filth, grime and anger I had at my ship.

When I went out, the ship said in a soft accent, "Ye done then? Would ye like me ta' make ye'r room perfect for ye?"

"Yes please ship. Who is the captain?"

"Ye'r of cour..."

"Thank you ship. Make it so."

I went to my room, and laid down

I wish that the silly paparazzi would take pictures of me when I actually look okay.

If you'll excuse me, I've got to use a bit of that money I have to live in luxury until I am interrupted next,

Soft pillow hugs, and softer pillow kisses,
Erifia *Yawn* Apoc

Ps. 1

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Computer and Moving Back Troubles

Sorry everyone, I, Erifia Apoc, now officially am hating my ship. Not only is it running on hundreds of year old techonology, it won't let me in. So get this. I walk up, and it says, "Aayla Secura, you are denied access to the ship." Yeah...

Becca, finally let me in. I don't even know how she did it, but bless her heart she did. She was sweating heavily.

"Becca, is everything okay?"

"Its kind of hot."

The ship had shrunk in size, and also its Air Conditioner decided to quit, and I stood, curling in on myself. And I had five or six boxes from LGS to put in it. (I was packing and putting away now so if I either lost or won, I wouldn't have to worry about doing it.)

So Becca had to help me, and even little Tatooine helped me. Box after box, and when I got it all in, I realized it has too small now for it. *Sigh*.

Okay. So I have to say, My ship is against me, and I don't like it.

Apparently, it didn't like being spacious and open, and nice and cool for me, it decided it wanted to shrink and be hot. I'm just really ticked I'm so ticked, that... Wow... am I ticked.

I need to go kill droids. So many droids that my anger all goes away. I don't want to go sith again. It was fun, but I don't want to.

If you'll excuse me, PAIN... PAIN!!! PAIN!!!!!!!!!

Jabs and Punches,
Darth... *Sigh* Darth *Sigh*... Erifia Apoc...

PS. Don't know when, but soon I will be back.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Busy and an LGS Update.

Hello everyone!

You may wonder why I am chipper, and actually smiling?! I am having a great day.

I've made to it to the final two in LGS. You can see the first two parts of my challenge by clicking...

Part 1


Part 2.

I also, have a story to tell you. Way back in the day, I had a to disguise myself as a clone. Well. I thought nobody would ever see that... But sure enough someone snapped a picture.

Yeah, you can click on it to see the whole story. She started spreading that around the temple... I really need to get that DJK!

If you'll excuse me, I have to go Papparazzi hunting,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Guest Poster - Becca the Magnificant [Topic - Tag and bag.]

I don't know... I think I was tagged or something...

Okay... Here it is...

1. Grab the Nearest book - How To Know.
2. Open to page 123 - Done.
3. Find the fifth sentance - Done.
4. Post the text of it and the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

So therefore, to truly know, you know you must know. I don't know is not acceptable to you. Knowing is the only try way to know, You do not know how not to know.

5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.
6. Tag Three People. - Captain Dante Typho, Jedi-Girl Jaina Solo, and The Martian J'onn J'onnz.

I don't know... Erifia is really busy working for winning LGS. So she told me to write something funny...

"Chicken?! I thought you said Lick Him!!!"

I hope that'll do...

-Becca the Magnificant

Ps. 3 (11 K's.)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Maybe I want to be sad...

“Erifia Apoc… Prepare to die in the lava of Mustafar!” General Grevious yelled.

He was lowering me slowly into a pool of lava.

I don’t die… You were looking worried. I don’t die. How cruel would it be to kill me off just after my 100th post?

Well, as he lowered me, he walked away. I sighed, and slipped out of the chains, as I was plummeting towards the lava, I force leapt, and landed on the side of the factory. I decided to go and get the plans anyway.

I burst into the main room, and Grevious and a whole bunch of droids were standing there. All with blasters pointed at me. He held the plans in his hand. He stuck them into his mouth, and laughed, “You’ll never get these stupid jedi. Kill her.”

I don’t die… You were looking worried again.

I jumped back out of the room, and ran in true ‘new’ style. The lasers slowly drifting by as I leapt from berm to beam. I leapt out over a pit, and the ship caught me.

I ran to the pilot’s seat, and I kicked it into Langorian Hyper Thrusters and took off.

That leads me to where I am. Having a really bad day… Before having been defeated by Lord of the Idiots, I woke up. Tatooine had eaten something that didn’t agree with his stomach, and as a good mother I had to clean up his room. He’s still to young to use the toilet. That wasn’t really bad. That’s a mother’s duty.

I also had to choose someone to vote out on LGS. Force was that the most difficult decision I had to ever make…

But I went to get a shower, and the hot water was out. So it was, really cold, so cold my skin turned red. (Yeah Twi’lek skin turns red instead of blue.) I then went to put on clothes, and all my clothes were dirty, cleaned wrong, or shredded. So I had to barrow one of Becca’s robes.

I went to the mall, and they were out of dancer outfits. I went next door to dancer outfit emporium, they were out of business. I had to resort to, Happy go Lucky Girl. It was very bright… and very pink.

I wound up with a pink skirt, and a pink tube top. Gag me.

The first thing out of Grevious’ mouth was, “Nice outfit Pinky.”


So I sat in my pilot’s seat. Hand on my cheek, moping. I’m allowed. Its my prerogative as a woman.

That’s when I heard, “Eww-uu-eee… Yoda Jedi, I am…”

“Becca no…” I pleaded…

That’s when she brought this…

Right next to my ear.

“Destroy the sith, we must!” She said mimicking Master Yoda’s voice…

I tried not to smile. I didn’t want to smile.

“Dolly Parton I love, idiots I hate…” I forced myself not to smile…

“Becca…” I said, “Stop it!”

She tried to shove it my ear, “Into your brain, go I must… See hallow I will.”

I sighed, trying hard again not to smile.

“Sing to you I will…”

“Becca! No! What if I want to be sad!?”

“Cause a bad day you had,
One down you are taking,
Turn it around a sad song you did sing.
Don’t know you say,
Lie don’t to me, you,
Ride for a go, and a work to smile,
Bad day you had,
Lie the camera, does not,
Mind you really don’t, back down you are coming,
Bad day you had,
A bad day you had…”

A small smile leaked through my lips, “Becca stop it!”

“Smile… you must,” she said as she shoved it in my ear again.

“If I do, will you stop, so I can be sad?”


I smiled a fake smile, and she said, “Smile fake that is, force-wedgie I will give…”

The smile turned into a real one, as I remembered the painful force wedgies of old.

“Much better,” she said, as she went and put the Yoda pez into its emergency use secret spot.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go wipe this stupid smile from my face, curse that pez dispenser,

Want to be sad hugs, and smiled kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Friday, August 18, 2006

I Am Erifia Apoc (100th)

Erifia's Chronicles; My own Blog

My name is Erifia Apoc. I am going to tell you the story of my life so far. I was born on Ryloth to a wonderful mother, and a pig father (I’m a twi’lek if you didn’t know.) My father had me taken away as a child to the Jedi temple for training. I was three. Do you know how young that is? Even at such a young age I showed potential in sabers and mind tricks.

I. Hate. Droids. So. Much.

I'm also a republic spy. Believe it or not, a mother to a tauntaun. His name Tatooine the Tauntaun. By the way, clones scare me, they are hiding something.

My father is ignorant, my mother died in childbirth. (And you wonder why I think the universe is out to get me.) Did I mention I am rich, and my father is a merchant who only wants credits?

Sometimes the temple makes me take these stupid classes. I've seen beautiful things. I've met intelligent, wise, and wonderful people. (Only a few.) They have told me things on my journals, like the first time. Some of my friends make jokes... Lame jokes. But why can't I join in too? Life is about fun too, you know?

My pet, the one I mentioned earlier, decided to get me in big trouble. So naturally, I had to get myself out of it. It really wasn't that hard.

(Aayla Sucks!)

So, after learning what I needed I could finally go out again. I actually went and helped clones *shiver*, no-one else was going to.

(Aayla Sucks Twice as Hard!)

There was this one time, I got these Droid attack plans. With the help of one amazing clone, and his intelligent commander, we stopped their attack. Then Windu and the Commander of the Republic Navy decided they wanted to wipe our minds. Naturally, yours truly took care of everything. Then I went to a party with the ewoks.

(Aayla Sucks so hard, Gravity is Jealous.)

I then took my vacation, and I went back to where I was trained. The Temple. I played some youngling games that I played when I was a kid. I got to thinking about my mother... I spent the day with an old friend, Barriss, after that. (I also joined up in this thing called, Last Gladiator Standing, but more on that later.) I took, what some would call, a wonderful bath. I went searching for food, and wound up searching at Dex's Diner. I then showed up at some yardsale. Then It was off to Shennywood, my last day with a boom.

So I got these Orders. (Getting ready to scream) So I had to find this planet (Trying to calm down.) So I had to get there. (Deep breath to scream.) So I wrecked on Langoria. (Release, almost time to scream.) So I Fell into some caves. (Deep breath...) Interlude (Questions!) So I found some weird machine (Getting ready to...) So I was kind of dumb...(Getting ready to...) I got a new ship... (Deep, Deep Breath.) So I went to my boss, took him a green laser beam, when he left the room, I found his secret plans for some big bowling ball, and I took them and sent them off. (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

I actually Posted on the Sith's Day. I am a goth at heart, honestly.

I actually got a sidekick, she's pretty cool. She's very sweet, and she cares about me. How awkward is that?

(My Greatest Secret Contained Here. Don't Tell Anyone!) My Sidekick knows that secret.

I took another vacation. Because I can, and I went with Nabeshin... What a man. A Man who got me in trouble!

So I began to work on my own, without the republic's knowledge. I met a good hearted man who needed my help for nothing truer then love. Slicers and spies were sabotaging his relationship. I agreed to help him. It was a good enough reason. Plus it helped Oneida. He wanted bugs found, but the sneaky devil got one up, and put it there to test my skills. But I had to do my job, he was paying good money for it to be done. I am so devoted I put a fish into my ear. (I think I turned into a crab too...)

I drew more pictures... More on these later.

I'm not sure about this one... All I know is The one with blue triangle. He makes me laugh.

My Sidekick and My Kid make a good team, I think.

Ani (The Chosen one) needed some help from Barriss and I, to find the Jedi Paparazzi. But that was a memory of mine.

As a Good employee I always inform my bosses of stuff they may have missed.

(How many times must I tell you to wait for LGS later!)

My Baby misses me as I work. I miss him too...

Some Therapist (Not my Wookie one) Knows me pretty well.

As usual, My (remaining) family sucks almost as much as Aayla Secura. His birthday was not too long ago.

A man has a crush on me. Its the first time that ever really happened. Those three spies, yeah, they are not nice people. But D'Ice is.

(I told you to wait for LGS!)

I remember how long it took to find DJK. Wow... That was a trip.

Some guys, wrecked my ship looking for those plans. They aren't there... Lucky Becca was...

I am so devoted to getting my job done that I think I may have heart someone's heart...(I'm sorry Mal... Honestly.) I know its not you Mal... Honestly... Trust me, I know. Its those three guys, and they are going to get their's. Sooner than they can imagine.

Even in my failure I found answers, even if it was the first time I ever failed.

(There are some memories I really like to forget.)

(But I would never ever get rid of them, I want to keep them.)

I suppose the only thing to do for answers is to go back to the beginning. But at the same time, I kind of liked the beginning.

I get by with a little help, from my friends…

Yeah, I suspect I could beat anything. Even time.

Erifia's Chronicles; Last Gladiator Standing

I signed up for Last Gladiator Standing.
However. There were some complications with my team.
For my first challenge, I had to kill a droid...I mean Robot.
For my second challenge it was a race... I should pay more attention to all the rules..
For my third challenge, I had to eat at a buffet (Kind of).
Then I got my lovely sidekick, Becca the Magnificant.
(I went on vacation but you already knew that.)
I had to make Fluke Starbucker laugh... Yeah, wasn't going to happen. I'm not funny.
For the next challenge I had to guide people around Hacknor, (Joy.)
I had to face my mirror self. She was very chipper and bright (Brrrrrrrrrr).
The I commentated on the fight between Shego and Kim with the help of my old professors.
Simon, who hates me (Though I don't care the he does) said I won, very lackluster.
Then I had to clean up after wookies and decapodians, it was easy...
Then I had to become a man... Miserable.
Ouch...My freakin lekkus.
Here's some secret information about me.

Now here's my list of friends...

Master Yoda (He was my inspiration)
Aayla (Not Friend, most hated enemy!)
Revan (I really don’t know about this bloke)
Crazy Ewok (My first commentor, like my brother)
Lt. Commander Oneida (The second person to comment, She’s really awesome)
An Army of (Cl)One (A smart little clone)
NandeHi (She’s a nanny…Bless her heart)
Barriss Offee (Thanks Barriss, You’ve there for me, a lot.)
Aayla Secura (She was cloned, and this one is smarter… I still hate her.)
Fluke Starbucker (He’s a pretty funny guy.)
Jon, Intergalatic Gladiator (Thanks for the compliments, they make me feel good.)
Luminara Unduli (The one who trained Barriss. She gets street creds.)
Jaina Solo (I can’t wait to train you someday, little one.)
Wedge Antillies (Good Pilot, better person.)
Captain Picard (You’ve paid me so many compliments… Thanks so much.)
Arya Dela (I don’t know much about you, but thanks for the comment.)
Padme Amidala (Boss lady, and still a great girl, keep it up.)
Captain Typho (Dante. I love you. Honestly. You’re the best.)
Noel of Neptonian (You’re a great person. Keep it up.)
Billdo Haggus (Hey Billy. You own...)
Professor X (Professor X, Thanks, you rock. Even with the bald head.)
Jawa Juice (Hey JJ, keep representing the little people..)
Ani Skywalker (Keep it up man…)
Vampirella (Thanks for not feeding from me..)
Sweet Marissa (You are a sweet one, deary..)
Local Henchman 432 (I won’t forget the pranks, expect revenge..)
Magdelena (I really don’t love your man, just like him a lot. Keep up the blogging..)
Dark Jedi Kriss (Hey DJK Thanks, We will find you soon.)
Uncle Skeeter (Girls rule dude, don’t try to tell me otherwise..)
Jaba Fat Boy (I like you better then Jabba.)
Spiderman (I’ll be your friendly neighborhood twi’lek.)
D'Ice (Thank D’ice, its nice to know someone could love me.)
LORD Vader (You’ll never catch me to kill me, but I won’t kill you.)
Captain Koma (Thanks for the comment.)
Another Ani (We’ll find DJK soon.)
J'on J'onzz (Sometimes you just have to hit me up top the head to get my attention.)
Darth Nepharia (Thank you for the compliment, It makes me happy to get them.)
Sevan (I found you, you find me.)
Jedi Katt (Here kitty, kitty… *Wink*)

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got my 100th post party to go to, come and join me!

Hugs and Kisses for everyone (Except Aayla,)
Erifia Apoc (Or Leuba Sapphire for others, Agent 357, Unit #01101001 01100100 01101001 01101111 01110100 et. All.)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Guest Poster - Becca the Magnficant [Topic - So Much Going on!]

I don’t know… Like… Wow… See, I’ve got something secret and special going on. See my boss, Erifia, she’s making her hundredth journal entry, very, very soon, and I wanted to do something special for her…

So like… I don’t know, if you guys, I don’t know, could stop by and read her hundredth it would mean a lot to me, and her…

Okay. The other stuff, I am doing is using my artistic ability to make her some posters to get her votes for LGS.

I don’t know… I guess they are okay…

I just started with that one… I don’t know… Its okay…

Then I made this one… See? She really needs your votes…

I don’t know about this one… So… Yeah… Like…

Please? Stop by in a couple days. It would mean so much to me and her, and Tatooine. Also, be sure to e-mail this Jon character (joninterglad@hotmail.com) and tell him you vote for Erifia Apoc… okay?

Please? *Pouty lip.*

Pretty Please? *Pouty lip.*

Pretty Pretty Please? *Bats of Eyelashes.*

Okay… I got to run.

-The Magnificant Becca or Becca the Magnificant, I’ll be either for you…
PS. 6

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Droid Slaying. Making Credits. Feeling good.

I stretched out a bit. I looked in the Republic Central Base and found a place of weakness against the CIS.

Felucia… Again. Aayla Secura, once again has abandoned her post. I kicked it in my ship. The republic was still paying fifty credits a piece for droid motherboards. Amazing isn’t it? On a good day I can kill a hundred droids.

We all know fifty times one hundred is five thousand.

I would be relieving my stress and making credits… There is nothing better…

I kicked the ship in Langorian Hyper Thrusters. The Ship arrived in Felucia in an hour. I had landed in an outpost camp of the republic.

“Jedi Apoc.”

“Report commander.”

“The CIS are occupying a once held Republic base on a very important hill.”

My lips went from being very neutral to a curved up smile.

“What are my chances of survival?”

“A jedi of your droid killing skill. I would give you a less than ten percent chance of survival.”

“I like those odds.”

“Would you like clones to accompany you?”

“No thanks. Give me coordinates.”

He gave to me. They do not move this story along. So, who cares what they were.

I rushed through the jungle swamps. I saw several acklay attacking a droid patrol. I jumped up into the jungle canopy. I began to crawl from treetop to treetop, my breathing quickening with each droid that passed under me.

This is where I was meant to be. Then I saw him. A droid sharpshooter, he had me in his sights. He released a shot, and I dropped from the tree, right in between six super battle droids.

I activated my thermal detonator and I force jumped above the canopy. There was an explosion, and I heard a droid sound off, “It is Erifia Apoc… All Droids on her!”

That made me smile as the turbulence from the explosion disrupted my force jump and sent me to a nearby tree. I could see the sharpshooter, and he could see me. He fired again, and it hit my tiara, and reflected it off of it.

That was lucky. This guy was going to put me through Sith and back.

I ran along the jungle floor until I reached where he was. I leapt into the tree, and removed its head. I grabbed its gun, his ammo, and his single thermal detonator. I attached the detonator to my third lekku like always, and I strapped its gun to my back.

I leapt from branch to branch until I reached the outside of the hill. I saw clone bodies strewn all about. I sighed. So much senseless death… I leapt down, grabbed some thermal detonators, and I set them for five minutes. That’s all this should take… The hill was amazingly fortified, it had a view of all sides from the top, and I saw sharpshooters, and droidekas, and all different kind of nastyness, I didn’t want to deal with…

But how sweet would this be.

I shot a sharpshooter, and all the droids reacted immediately. They came running down, and began patrolling the area. I waited… 4:50…4:51..4:52…4:53…4:54…4:55… I leapt into the air, high up, and there was giant explosion as all the detonators went off. I landed on top of the hill.

There was a mobile Super Battle Droid maker. It was surprisingly small, and it was shut off. I turned it on, and held my lightsabers right where the door shoved them out at. They were using nano-technology… This was not good…

Before I got bored, there were two-hundred motherboards, and I called the clone commander through my ship, and they sent the came up. Many of the clones stood and stared at me, as the super battle droids, just came out, exploded, came out, exploded. Several laughed. I called my ship, filled with motherboards, and took this thing to my artifact room. If I ever needed credits… If my friends ever needed credits…

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got credits to collect…

Hot hugs, and dirty kisses,
Erifia Apoc

CD = 3

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Last Memory: Erifia's Back Baby

Sith Lightning. The most disturbing thing I've ever heard in my life. I had given into my anger, that I prided myself on being able to flow with, and used lightning. Ever since I saw Aayla do it so long ago, I tried to keep myself from doing it.

But I gave into my anger. I sat underneath the mediatating falls. The water caressed my body, and I felt the cool rush and I opened my eyes, and I saw everything that had happened. I was standing there, watching it as it happened. I observed myself closely. My breaking point...

My breaking point was not my father, it was not Aayla secura, but it was the last person in the universe I thought it would be. It was my mother.

I brought my hands in front of me, and I used the force and the waterfall began to move up and down, and in a beautiful display it swam around me.

Deep breath. And water went into my mouth, and I held it there. Allowing it to hamper my breathing. I brought a bubble of water and surrounded my head, I tried to take a breath, and inhaled water. I began to get dizzy. I tried again, and my sight began to blacken.

I tumbled forward, my head hitting the fountain's edge.

Its been awhile Erifia...

There was a being before me in a black realm. He was wearing a cloak, and he kept himself covered, but I knew he was.

"Forgive me master."

Erifia, I have been watching you dear.

"And you are ashamed?"

The opposite. You've held to your convictions. Even if they disagree with everyone around you. I told you about the flaws in the code so long ago so you could adapt to being not following it.

"But why, master? Why?"

Because Erifia, I knew you would become how you are now. Lost, confused and seeking answers. And I am here.

"What can I do?"

Erifia, your mother loves you. You freaked because you didn't get to spend the time with her before coming to the temple.


Erifia. I need you to do some things. First. You need to get away from the Republic. Work for them still, just not as much, they are dragging you to the darkside. Begin working for yourself. You'll feel much better.

"It can't be that easy..."

Talk with Becca the Magnificant about your feelings.

"No! All she'll say is, 'Oh... I don't know.'"

Exactly. She won't remember most of what you tell her, and you'll feel better having spoken about it. She won't tell anyone what you talk to her about. You pay her, remember?

"Force... Do you like being a know-it-all?"

Yes. I do. Hug Tatooine. That helps you, doesn't it?

"Yes. It does but..."

Stop drinking Klingon Blood Wine. It only masks your feelings.

"But... What about when I go boozing with Tak, Picard and The Prof?"

The entity sighed, I guess that's okay. But only if you have a DD.

"A dungeon and dragon?"

No! A Designated Driver!

"Oh... Okay... But I'm allowed right?"

I'm just giving you advice. You don't have to follow it. I would prefer you did...

"Oh... Okay."

Erifia. You need to start fighting droids again.

"What-Wha---What did you just say?"

You don't have to follow my advice?

"No, I'm going to, after that!"

Start fighting droids again?

"That's what I've been missing! I haven't been killing things!"

That's not what I meant...

"Shhh... Master... I need to go destroy some droids... Okay, I love you, bye bye!"

I woke, and coughed the water out of my mouth. I sat back underneath the waterfall. I had a malicious smirk on my face. The kind I had so long ago. I knew the answer to all my problems. I needed to start smashing droids again. That's when I was happiest. With a perfect source for my anger... Something I can kill, that helps people, and doesn't have a soul.

Amazing. Droids are perfect creatures... For me too Lightsaber on!

If you'll excuse me, I need to sit here for twenty more hours and pretend I am on a vision quest,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

CD = 4

Friday, August 11, 2006

Memory 4: DJK is found.

(You really need to read this if you want to know how Captain Typho's and my Te't'ee Ended.)
(If you haven't read this. You need to, without it you will be lost.)
(This is important to this story as well.)
(She was my partner for finding DJK.)

Barriss was crying, she hadn’t stopped. What was going on? I needed answers and I was getting none. Why was she crying and why was I crying? Had I done anything to her or to me to make me cry?

“We’re a mess,” she said slowly.

“Yes, but why?!” I asked impatiently.

“You don’t remember what just happened in here?” she asked.

“No, I don’t remember a thing… I know we were talking about your family, and then my mother, and then it was blank until you hit me…” I said softly. I couldn’t remember, was there even a space in between there?

She nodded and looked at me. Wasn’t she going to answer?

“Answer me! What happened?” I said as I sunk down up against the door.
“Tell me what happened!”

“Give me your hand Erifia,” she said. She was going to transfer memories to me.

I handed her my hand, and looked at her, scared of the answer, especially since she couldn’t say it.

I felt a flood of memories come back to me. Almost like they were being stored somewhere, and the one that scared me most… I curled up into a ball again. No… No…
“I deny it! Stop playing with my mind! I wouldn’t do such a thing!” I saw the lightning on my fingertips again and again, playing in my mind.

“Erifia, I’m not playing with your mind…” she said slowly, as she let go of my hand.

“I deny it!” I yelled, “It never happened!”
I began to cry, and leaned on her shoulder.
“I didn’t do it…” I kept repeating, “It never happened… It couldn’t have happened.”

She hugged me? Was she hugging me. I couldn’t be sure… Am I even a jedi… Who am I? Am I sith? What’s a sith?
“What did I do?” I asked again, not remembering again, “Barriss, what’s wrong?”

“Erifia,” she said, “You didn’t go anything wrong.”
I sighed and smiled. I gave her a tight hug.
“I was worried I had…”

She hugged me back.
“Thanks, You’re such a good friend. Go ahead and sleep on my bed, I’ll go sleep next to Tatooine tonight.”

“You’re welcome Erifia,” she said, she shook her head, “I couldn’t sleep on your bed, it wouldn’t be right.”

“Please do, I need to spend time with my baby anyway…”


Uh-oh… She thought I meant a child.

“No, no dear, my tauntaun.”

“You call your tauntaun…. A baby?”

“Yes, he’s my baby… Tatooine the Tauntaun. He’s my little child. He’s a sweety…”

“That’s sweet.”

I smiled, and opened my door, and went to lay down next to my tauntaun, who was surprised, he curled up in a ball in the crook of my legs.

When I woke in the morning there was an alert buzzing in the ship. I stood and rushed to my counsel. I jumped. Was that boy always this rash? Or just when he was awake. I pulled up on the ship, and went into full reverse, we were upside down for a moment until I got us back to normal. I looked at where the tracking device I had put on Ani told me he was.

I looked at my gas. It would be a close call, but without a doubt, Coruscant was just in my range. I smiled. It was time to go into Langorian Hyper Speed.

I’m not going to lie to you, no matter how many times I’ve used it, it is still just as fast, and still sends me off my chair and on my but.

“Ooof… Stupid ship!”

I got a red light. That wasn’t good.

“Good ship! Sorry I was angry at the situation.”

Everything went peachy again. That’s good. And Ironic.

We were at Coruscant. If they were worried about missing us, they’d find us in Langoria, because I didn’t let either the Republic or the Temple put trackers on this thing. It had only been an hour. Amazing.

“I love you ship.”

With that I landed, and went to wake Barriss up, I walked in the room, and didn’t her cloak…
I turned before I saw anything else.

“Barriss!” I yelled, “Ani’s at the temple, and that’s where we are.”

“Good morning to you too!” she said.

“Now, I want to give the boy a piece of my mind…”

She walked up and spoke, “Okay I am ready when you are…”

I walked off my ship, and low and behold I saw a poof of red hair, and two men with her. One was Ani. The other was covered in cheeto dust. Suddenly my frusteration was qualmed and I leaned against the piston on my ship’s door, I smiled softly and shyly at Obi-Won. I looked at Barriss, I motioned for her to give Ani a piece of our mind.

“HOW COULD YOU?!” She screamed.

I looked up at Ani, and I yelled at him, “We were still searching!”

“Chill,” he said, “We couldn’t get your line.”

“Well, I found you,” I said, “And I see you found her. Good. I’m glad. I saved you the trouble of having to find us, and if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go to my room in the temple and sleep. Hugs and Kisses.”

I rushed past them, a little hurt. If Barriss came, she would come, but I understood that she probably wanted to check on them.

“Erifia, I’m coming with you!” She said as I heard her footsteps on the temple floor catching up to me. I stood and waited.

“Look, I know you lied to me back on the ship. Something was up, and whatever it was, I lived it twice, and forgot it twice. Because there are big gaps in my memory, so I don’t care you were probably trying to protect me, but we are here now. Tell me so I can sort it out, okay?”

She looked at me and nodded her head, “Yes something did happen abck on the ship… You may not care, but I do. If it wasn’t for me being there, then you’d have fone some real damage to yourself or to someone else…”

I looked at her, “Sith Lightning?” I asked. I wanted the truth. If she didn’t answer me with the truth, I was going to break down.

“How do you know that?” she asked, dreading my answer.

“Because, Aayla Secura used it on me. And I am more like her than I want to be,” I leaned in and whispered, “I promised I wouldn’t tell and I won’t, but I need to do what I am about to do alone… Okay?”

“Erifia, I can understand that, but there’s more to it then that…”

I closed my eyes. No…

“What?” I asked as patiently as I could manage at the time.

“No, what I have to say to you can wait.”

“Please Barriss…” I said softly, “I’ve very few friends. I don’t want to lose you because you are holding something inside.”

She spoke softly, “We were talking about parents, and for a few moments I thought I lost you. And I got mad, so mad I hit you, Erifia. I’ve never hit another person without reason before now. I…we…both lost control back there. To be a healer, one doesn’t lose control like that. Its unheard of.”

I pulled her chin to look at me, I leaned in and whispered, “I am a frustrating person. I deserve a good hit every now and again. I promised I wouldn’t tell, and I won’t. I need to go get better, up here…” I said as I pointed at my head.

I gave her a quick hug, and I turned to go to my place to meditate.

Thanks Barriss. You’ve no idea how much I owe you.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ve much to do, and less time to do it in,

Erifia Apoc

CD = 5

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Memory 3: Lots of Emotions (Searching for DJK)

(You should read here to see what I left out.)

“Are you okay?” I asked Barriss as she got onto the ship.

“I think so…” she answered in turn.

My eyes softened over, it was one of the things I could control, I released the icy barrier and let my concern show through, “Then why were you so quiet on the way over?”

“I was,” she wiped a tear away, “Running a small test.”

“What do you mean by test?” I asked taken back, I thought she was running a common test, and if so… I don’t know what to think, I would have to hide her, the temple would have a witch hunt.

“A blood test,” she started t speak, then she thought twice because it was confirming my thoughts, “I ran a DNA test against myself and someone else.”

I raised my eyebrow, “Who?”

“The test showed that Master Luminara in fact is my mother.” Her tiny tears dropping down.

“Wait?” I asked, ever quick, “So your master could be your mother?”

“There is not could be about it, Erifia,” she said as she wiped away her tears, why does she wipe her tears so often? She needs to let them fall so they can land like badges of honor, “The test showed she is in fact my mother.”

My eyes got wide, “Isn’t that against the rules?” Barriss never broke the rules. She looked in total fear, “If so, I am so proud of her, and of you.”

She looked just as shocked as I must have. She had never heard me speak bad of the temple before, and it must have been a shock. The rules are what I hate, and nothing else. They make so many Jedi go to the dark side.

There was time of silence, and I looked at her, and said, “Do you need a hug?”

She barely nodded, and I wrapped my arms aroung her and tightened into a strong hug, “Are you going to be okay?”

“I don’t know, I think so,” she was trying to calm down. The rules were killing us, “Want me to go and kill someone for you?”

She looked at me to see if I was serious, “No,” she replied.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” she spoke.

"Do you think Luminara will tell you about your father?" I asked, and Barriss, clearly upset about the question spoke in turn with, "I'm not sure she will, I'm sure she does want to talk about it, but you and I both know that the code does not allow for that sort of thing to happen."

"The code," I let out a simple hmph, "So why did it happen?"

She responded with, "I don't know."I led her into my bedroom, and locked the door, she then asked, "What's your father like?"

My eyes had to burn with fire when she asked, "He's the most miserable man in the entire galaxy. When I was a child he sent me away to the temple because I was a financial burden on him." I didn't want to tell her about my mother... I didn't want to. She had one... I couldn't be jealous at her for that.

"You hate him for that, don't you?"

"Let's just say, I hate Aayla Secura more than anyone, but my father could quickly take her place," was my truthful response.

"I wonder is my father would have done the same thing?" she asked, ashen faced and scared. My real answer would have been, 'Yes, absolutely.'

"No, because of your mother," I sometimes am a little too nice... I don't want her heartbroken like mine was.

"What's your mother like?" she asked. Why was she asking me all these questions? What could it possible have to do with anything, what was my mother like. I felt the hot sting of tears running down my cheek, but I didn't realize I was crying.

"She was the most beautiful woman in all the galaxy... She loved me so much she gave her own life to let mine come into the world... I would have been so differnt if she was alive, I'd never have become a jedi, I'd have probably been a twi'lek dancing girl, like her..." I sighed, I wiped away my tears, "I always get like this..." and after a second of concentration, I covered all of my emotions up again, I don't like showing emotions, but I keep them close at hand, "I have a picture, its the only part of her I have..." I handed it to Barriss...

"It must be hard to know that I've had all this time with my mother and you only got a picture..."

I clenched my fist... I knew she was going to rub it in my face, I knew it... Somewhere deep down inside I knew she was going to say something.

"And? And what? You're master is still alive... You were going to say that too?" I screamed, "Weren't you?" I held my hands up to the wall, and I felt electricity building on my finger tips... My eyes became wide... I sat down on my bed... I went into the back corner, and curled up into a little ball. I closed my mind off, and I went to the back of my mind... I engulfed myself with a memory that could never ever be bad. One of my happy memories... One of my few happy memories... Back on Kashyyyk. With the bees, and the wookies... How much fun was that? With myself engulfed in that memory, replaying it again, and again in my head, then I moved to Seeing Ennth explode... The (second) most beautiful thing in the galaxy... I engulfed myself in it and watched again and again...

It was happy… I was happy. It was amazing… I didn’t know where I was, or what I was doing, but I was there… Nothing bad could happen to me. Nothing bad ever happened to me. “Erifia…” I heard someone call, I looked forward, see nothing there, “ERIFIA!” The voice was so familiar, I opened my outer eyes, the ones keeping me safe, there was a woman there yelling at me, but she never yelled before, she punched me in the side of my face, and my head went violently with the punch “IF YOU THINK HAVING MY MOTHER FOR A MASTER WAS A WONDERFUL… YOUR WRONG!”

Barriss, that was her name, Barriss was on the ground crying, “Erifia,” I think she was speaking to me, “She wasn’t loving… Her only realy concern was that I’d make it to Jedi Knighthood…” I was one of them wasn’t I? “Does that sound like a mother to you?” She began to sob as she put her head on bed and began to cry…

“Barriss?” I asked, “Why are you crying?” Why was she crying, I didn’t understand. What was she even talking about?

She began to shake, tears flowing even more. I sat down next to her, and she was shaking even more violently, “Barriss, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” The door was locked, maybe I brought her in here because she was crying, “Barriss, what’s wrong?”

She tried to speak, but then she balled her hand into a fist, she went to swing, but then she stopped, “I…Hit…you…” she turned red, embarrassment, anger? “Broke…Healers code…….Sorry…” she couldn’t look at me.

“Barriss… Tell me what I did to warrant the hit… Please? I’ll never tell anyone. I promise…” I rubbed her back, my cheek still throbbing, but I was trying to make sense of everything.

If you'll excuse me, I need answers,

Sobbing hugs, and quick apologetic kisses,
Erifia Apoc

CD = 6

Monday, August 07, 2006

My failure exposed

(My failure was witnessed by someone else, read on Their Blog.)

I was dreading this. I had failed in finding out exactly who was behind everything for Dante. I felt bad going to him with what little information I had. I knocked on his door, it was broad daylight, I was wearing my normal outfit, and I waited.

I felt bad because I had failed him, I looked towards the peep hole, and waited for Dante to open the door.

He opened the door, and hid how excited he was to see me, it was behind his eyes, “Come in, Come in.” Once I took a step over the threshold he took a deep breath and released his words out with it, “So… What do you have for me?”

I spoke softly, “I’ve got good news and bad news. The Good news is Oneida isn’t and wasn’t in trouble at all.” I wanted him to ask for the bad news, because this was the type of bad news people relay needed to ask for.

“What was it all about then?” He asked hurriedly, “Just a prank?” He frowned, “And what’s the bed news?”

“The bad news is three Malstarian spies were after you to try and get you to turncoat on the Republic. They had been following you for some time, waiting for a good time to get you to join them as a contact. But I have failed in the mission you asked, I do not know who messed with the picture, and neither do the three I had arrested…” I bowed my head in defeat, and couldn’t look him in the eyes.

I couldn’t even glance up.

“Malstarian spies?” he repeated slowly. There was a long pause. Something told me he knew I had messed up, and that I was worthless.

He then reached out and gently lifted my chin to see him, “Thank you for alerting me about the problem with the Malastarians, but I don’t know where this leaves me?”

“If you’d like I can continue making sure no spies get to you,” I tried to lower my eyes again, but his hand was holding me there, “I failed you. I do not expect payment at all. I tried… I watched you, I could find no-one watching you with a holo-camera, I even tried rerouting it back, and I got fifty-thousand locations. Whoever did this was out of my league. They must have been trained since birth to be a slicer… I was trained much later…”

I was trying to explain my failure, I felt so bad, that a tear almost appeared in my eye, and I turned quickly wiping it away I turned back to him quickly. I took a deep breath, and banished all of my emotions. My face became as stoic as always, and my eyes masked, and began to fill with blankness.

“I don’t care about any spies,” he spoke, “There’s nothing they can do to me. I only care about…” He stopped himself.

“Well thank you for trying, he said after a long pause, “What about that guy, Mal? I mean its got to be him right?”

“No, its not Mal, he was my prime suspect, and then I looked. He was following the spies following you,” I answered, “He was trying to protect you.”

I looked up to him, “You care about Jardena. Even over your own safety, as long as she is alright, you can keep going. Not all jedi are idiots Dante,” I said softly, “I know that in emotion you don’t traverse that thin line… Between good and evil. When you try and hide it, you’ll succumb… Look, I’m sorry I failed you. I know it was important to you.”

I turned and went to the door and laid my hand on the handle.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized, “I’m sure you did what you could.”

“As much as I could, I took my abilities, pushed them to the end, and I was able to crawl back again. Look, I’m going to go, I’ll be out of your life forever. Goodbye Dante.”

I opened the door and stepped across the threshold, I didn’t close it behind me, he was right there, and he could it myself. Thoughts all running through my head, so many of them I couldn’t keep them all straight, and I got to the end of the hall, and sat. I needed to clear my thoughts. If I went out so confused, anybody could jump me. I didn’t want that. I buried my face in my knees, like I did as a child.

“Are you okay?” he asked coming up along side, “I do appreciate what you tried to do for me. I mean that.”

I rubbed my eyes in my knees, and I looked up to Dante, “Yeah, I’m fine, thanks for asking… I do wish I could have done more.” I stood, his sincerity had shown through his voice. I only hoped mine was showing too. “I’m not very good at the whole showing men emotion thing.” I smiled trying to show I was both joking and being serious and I gave him a tight hug.

“You’re a sweet guy,” I said, “Keep it up okay?” I released the hug, and looked at him, “I have to get back to what it is I do, keep in touch? If you need anything give me a ring…”

“I’ll do that,” he said with a nod she then added with a twisted smile, I had never seen one like that before, “I may even come see you dance again, but that’s probably not wise of me.”

I turned from him, and walked through the door.
“Thank you…” I said as I disappeared.

If you'll excuse me I've many things to do, and less time to do them in,

Hugs (Tight ones) and Kisses (Long ones.)
Erifia Apoc

CD = 7

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Tables have Turned

“Okay guys… I see the tables have turned,” I spoke to Three Idiots.

“We will of tell you nothing,” Lollypop said.
“We would die first,” Duck said.
“We won’t say anything,” Blurnsball spoke.

“Oh, I think you will. Because if you don’t…” I walked around them, “You are going to be in pain. Because I have had it up to here…” I held my hand to my eyes, “With you idiots.”

They all looked at me. Without speaking.

“Oh. I see how it is.”

I slapped Lollypop and Duck as hard as I could. My hand stung a bit, but that was nothing compared to their faces.

“Which one of you two slapped me!” I screamed at them.

“It was Hojik,” Duck said.

“You mean Blurnsball?!” I slapped Blurnsball as hard as I could, and it sent his head flying violently towards the direction I hit it.

Then I backhanded both Duck and Lollypop.


“It was Hojik,” Lollypop claimed.

“Oh, you mean Blurnsball?” I said Sweetly, as I knocked Blurnsball down with his chair as I gave him a killer backhand. I shoved him back up with my foot to his face.

“Do you boys know who you are messing with?”

“No tell us little girl…” Lollypop said.

“Oh no you didn’t just call me…” I brought my foot to his nose and kicked him to the ground. I then kicked the back of his head, and the chair was standing again, “Now Duck,” I said to the last one, “Did you see what I did to them… Tell me what I want to know, and I will let you all live.”

“No,” Duck said wincing.

I elbowed his jaw, and brough my palm (open fisted) to his forehead, he shook a bit, and a tear dropped from his eye, “Tell me what I want to know, and the pain will end Duck.”

“We are following Typho!” Duck yelled.

With the Babblefish in my ear, I understood what Lollypop said to Blurnsball. I knew he was speaking a different language than common, it came out as profanities all aimed at me.

I punched out with my right arm, knocking his head into Blurnsball.

“Now Duck… Tell me, why are you following Typho, or I will make it hurt again, okay?” I said softly.

“I’m not…”

I kneed him in the chin, and another tear dropped from his eye, he started to fall asleep. I slapped him lightly, “Stay awake Duck… Tell me what I want to know.”

“We need a…” his head fell down, and he was out cold.

I moved over to Blurnsball, “Finish his sentence!” I screamed.


I took the crowbar and went to slam into his leg, “We need him to be our contact in the republic!”

“Now we are getting somewhere… Who do you work for?!” I yelled.


I took the crowbar and did it again, and he fainted. I stopped before it hit him.

“You…” I calmed down before I moved to Lollypop, “You tell me who you work for… Or I will break your skull in with this crowbar…”

“I prefer death.”

I swung the crowbar towards his head, and I stopped before it hit him, he was wincing, and he began to cry, “Now we are going to play a game. I am going to ask you five more questions, now I’m not saying which time I am going to continue my swing, so as long as you tell me the truth, you can move on until we get past the sixth question.”

I held it ready to swing, “Who do you work for?!”

“Malstarian Senator Ask Aak.” He cried out a tear in his eye as he winced.

“Does he know?!” I yelled, as I hefted the crowbar.

“No!” He screamed quickly.

“Why are you following, Typho, Mal and Oneida?!”

“Because we want Typho to be our contact… We want to make sure he’s the right man, and that he’d accept.”

“Which one of you is a slicer?”

“None of us!” I swung it towards him, “It’s the truth!”

I stopped it, and brought it back to swing it, “Why are you trying to break up Oneida and Typho?!”

“We’re not! Its not us,” He said.

“Who is it?!”

“I don’t know, probably someone in our organization!”

I brought it around to his head, and he cried, as the foam crowbar hit him, I laughed.

“You are far too trusting, and boy are you guys going to have fun in Prison,” I grabbed all of my equipment from the table, I called my ship to me, loaded these boys onto it, and took them to a republic jail, and claimed they were consorting with droids, and I gave them a beat down.

“Yes Miss Apoc,” said the clone jailer, “They will be locked away, and their key will be thrown away.”

“Good man.”

If you’ll excuse me, I have something really hard I have to do now,

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc (Finally)

CD = 8

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Author's Lock Override

As Per Request (Thank Jean-Luc Picard and Billdo Haggus), I got an Author’s Override for you.
(An Override from Here.)

Duck swung in first, he had missed Lollypop and he hit Blurnsball, Blurnsball, then broke out with a knife, and cut at Duck, who shoved his hand, and it came flying at me. I bit it with my teeth, and I used my feet, and jumped back, making the wood break.

As for Lollypop, he did a wall kick off of Duck’s face, and went into a roundhouse kick to Blurnsball. Both his the ground, bleeding profusely. Duck and Blurnsball both kicked him towards my broken chair, and he hit the two legs left, and got them hard to the chest.

Blurnsball and Duck both swung in at each other, One’s right hook, and the other’s left hook, met with each other’s faces, and the spun the to the ground. That’s when Lollypop stood up, and started kicking duck in the ribs. Blurnsball full on tackled Lollypop, and duck stood, pulled out a guitar, and slammed it on both of them. When he went to find another guitar they rose, chased him down, and double body slammed him.

In an amazing feat of endurance Duck rose and punched both of them in the back of the head. Then they all met in the middle. Did you ever see a cartoon as a child, where there is a cloud of white around them, and occasionally you’ll see a fist, and a foot, and a head, sometimes a crowbar and a knife. Well that’s what I saw. Then Lollypop stood on the outside. The other two were fighting, and Lollypop threw a box in, and then both fell to the ground bleeding heavily. I don’t know how they got them, but there were like sixteen different weapons laying on the ground, and now each of them had marks from almost all of these weapons.

Beautiful. Lollypop turned to me, and when he did, he got a crowbar and a magnum light to the back of his head. He fell to the ground unconscious, and then Duck and Blurnsball met each other with a left and right swing, and both went to the ground blood went everywhere. That director, like Quentin T-something- would be jealous of how blood covered this room was.

I picked them up, found some chairs, and tied them up, My hands were so bloody, I had to wash them three times.

If you’ll excuse me, tomorrow I need to pick up where my story left off, (They are about to get their’s as if that wasn’t enough.)

Bloody Hugs (Uck) and Bloodier Kisses (Gag),
Ms. Leuba Sapphire

CD = 9

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Taking an Unneeded nap

Hello my name is Leuba Sapphire. I’m a Twi’lek dancing girl, and have been for many years. I know nothing about Erifia Apoc, or her crazy life.

Usually that works; people are so dumb when it comes to believing other people.

It has been, and will continue to work for some time. That’s what I thought at the start of the night. My cover was flawless. Honestly.

That’s when somebody took a nightstick, and knocked me out from behind.

That’s where this all starts, if you care to hear it. I was knocked out from behind. Before I hit the floor, my mind was going a mile a minute, the questions my mind asked most were, “Who did it?” “Why did they do it?” “Did those three bad men catch me?” “Is Dante testing my combat reflexes?” “Who is Tatooine the Tauntaun?” and “How bad are these guys going to die when I wake.” Notice the last one wasn’t a question. That’s right. I meant it not to be a question.

So I wake, Duck, Lollypop, and Blurnsball are all standing in a circle around me.

“Why have you been following us?!” Blurnsball yells.

“No reason really, I think Duck over there is a handsome man.”

“Shutup,” he slapped my face…

“You slapped my face…” I said, “You, slapped me….”

He then back-handed me.

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll talk… I noticed that Lollypop over there, stole your wallet Blurnsball.”

*Mind Tricks Contained hereafter.*

“He did what?” Blurnsball turned to Lollypop.

“I didn’t dude, seriously.”

“Duck, hey Duck, I noticed Blurnsball cell contained your wife’s number,” I said.

“Seriously?” Duck asked.

“Would I lie to you?” I asked him.

“Yo, you oughta back up of my grill…” Duck said to Blurnsball, “I’ll shank you.”

Wow, I didn’t see that use of language coming.

“Hey, Lollypop, look, both of these guys, they are worthless, and they know too much about your secret plans… What are they?”

“Don’t you worry about it.” He said. Yeah, if he’s going to resist, I am going to make him pay.

“You’re right, you’re totally right. Its too bad that Duck over there… Yeah, see Duck, he just told me he was gunning for leadership of your troop.”

“No way,” Lollypop said.

“Yeah, take him out man.”

“I ought to.”

Erifia Apoc; No I’m not Aayla Secura, I’m too cool for that, blog wishes anyone under the age of 12, not to read the following. It is graphic, and some parents could find it offensive.

I looked around, that was the single best fight, between three idiots, I had ever seen, there was blood, and bruises, and everything. It took like, two hours… Oh, and sorry about the whole, warning type thing… You would have loved to read it.

I tied the three idiots up, and waited for them to wake. Now it was my turn to ask the questions.

If you'll excuse me,( I need to think up some questions, )

Annoyed hugs, and Even more annoyed Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

CD = 10