Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Visit Home: Part 3 (Becca)

Hello Gentle Reader!

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I’ve decided to take the worst first… Zapp. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I did it.

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I wore a wonderful blue dress, and my blue mask, and we left. He pulled his giant ship down in my driveway, and I climbed aboard the Nimbus. He took me to his… Cockpit. He mentioned it like, I don’t know, six times.

“Hey, baby… What do you think of my ship?”

I sighed heavily, and blew at a tuff of my hair, “I don’t know… I think you’re overcompensating.”

“Overcompensating or Making it symbolic… You know you want the Zapper.”

I mumbled, “Maybe a bug zapper.”

“I find the most erotic part of a woman is-“

“I don’t know,” I said, “Stop… Where are you taking me?”

“This lovely little restaurant near here.”

We landed at a Mickie Dees, “What do you think? I’m going to get six cheesburgers, and you can get one, sensual salad.”

My eyes lowered, He was trying to win my hand in marriage and he chose Mickie Dees!?!

“I don’t know!” I yelled at him.

“Whoa… You’re sexy when you’re angry.”

“I’ll show you sexy!”

He changed almost instantaneously and he was laying on the sidewalk wearing a pink robe, “I’m ready! Show me sexy.”

I read his mind, and I made him think I was an atrocious looking man… I made him think that the Nimbus was an enemy ship, and I made him think Mickie Dees was like a fancy restaurant, which wasn’t hard!

“I don’t know!” I yelled at him.

It could only get more, and more painful from here… I still, wholly, blame my parents.


PS. 5

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Visit Home: Part 2 (Becca)

Hello Gentle Reader!

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Guess what: I am required partake of the ceremony of marriage for the explicit purposes of procreation, so sayeth my matriarch and patriarch who are yearning for a taste of grandparenthood. I have theorized that they see me an unfit heir do to my lack of short term memory that makes me appear lackadaisical and perhaps unintelligent.

I mean- I don’t know…

So like, my mom and dad want me to marry someone. I am scared… Because my mom picked my dad and she had like, no taste in guys. And I don’t know, my dad wants someone smart so I’ll probably get like, some Star Wars Geek or something- I don’t know… Ridiculous like that.

I dreaded who they were showing to me…

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No- Not Private Hudson… Anyone but Private Hudson.

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Are they trying to kill me? What about Professor X?

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NO! Not him! He’s even worse then Hudson!

“Becca honey, after you go on a date with each of them, you can pick who you will marry permanently.”

Gentle reader… Sweet… Sweet, Gentle Reader… I don’t know like… Save me… Please… I need saved…

Please… I need help! I need help!


PS. 4

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Visit Home (Becca)

Hello Gentle Reader!

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This is Becca! How are you? – Oh… Yeah. You can’t respond. So, I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where I have been. Well, I hope you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, because I’d be sad if you didn’t miss me.

But I’ve been on Earth! I have family on Earth, and they requested my presence. It is hot here. Really Hot: And compared to the ability to fly to a cooler world in Erifia’s galaxy… I don’t know… No Earth AC can compare.

So my father, Daddy and my mother, Mommy wanted me to come home. That’s where I was. So I went back. Now, my mommy loves to shop, and I love to shop!

So what would happen is whenever my mommy and I would fight… I don’t know… We’d go shopping! I would buy her something, she would buy me something.

We, the Magnificanta are a well off family. My father hit it big in the synthetic sausage buisnesss and expended his empire to cover synthetic cheeses and synthetic fuels. He invested in… I don’t know… Uhm… That one thing… Uhm… Macrosoft, or something, in the eighties, and I don’t know, he made millions and millions.

So when I got there, my daddy handed me a hundred dollar bill, and I gave him a big hug. (My daddy didn’t really like hugs, so he showed his affection by handing me a hundred dollar bill, but I missed him so he got a hug.)

I tucked the money in my back-pocket because it clashed with my outfit. I don’t know, he didn’t seem so happy to get the hug. He told me about his business finances.

My daddy wasn’t the same since he discovered I had ‘mutant’ powers. My mom on the other hand, liked the fact I had powers!

She would, I don’t know, take me to book club meetings and little-get-togethers to find out what people really thought of her. I liked spending time with my mom. But my dad never looked me in the eyes again.

I don’t know… It made me sad. So: anyway, like… I came home, and my parents were loving on me ($1,200 from Daddy, he like really missed me) and lots of hugs from mommy, we even stayed up and watched Big Brother 8 together. But—I don’t know

Something wasn’t right.

“Becca,” my mommy said, “Your father and I are getting old. We want grandchildren.”


PS. 8

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Newest Hope: Part 8 (Sapphire)

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(Read from the New Hope’s Point of View, HERE.)
(Catch up, slow poke, Imperial Scum, Read HERE!)

Hera jumped up, and she looked shocked at me. She had been reading a book, and the book cascaded to the ground as her lightsaber was held ready to ignite. Then the hostility stopped, “No… It can’t be…” She then latched the lightsaber to her belt. I released my own covertly, and she took another step towards me, then she reached out and touched my face.

I felt awkward for her, and I wanted to push her hand away. But for some reason, I felt she needed this, “They told me you weren’t real. That they were all just stupid dreams.” She then fell to the ground, her head buried at my knees, and she was sobbing, “But it’s true… You’re real… And you’re here. You’re here.”

I looked helplessly to Jaina. I gently rubbed the top of her head, “Calm down Hera…” I knelt down, and she stopped me, holding me tightly around the knees. I decided that she needed to cry on me, more then I needed to move to make her rise.

“Hera… It’ll be okay,” I tried soothing her with my voice.

Jaina sat down next to her, “Come on, it’s okay. She’s here to help you. She’s the one the rumors were about. Her name is Leuba Sapphire.”

The twi’lek quelled her tears, and she sat up, “Really? You’re going to help me?”

I went to speak, to say I would be no good to help her, but Jaina answered, “Yes, she is,” she shot a look at me, it was one I had not seen for a very long time. She told me, flatly with those eyes I used to use for the same result, ‘Argue, and I will kill you,’ then she spoke sweetly, “Now, why don’t you tell us about your dreams?”

She sniffled, and then she spoke softly, rubbing her eyes of their redness and tears, “It was years ago. When I was still young.I must only have been about eight but I was still made to serve Tarken’s guests. They would make fun of me and call me names. The other twi’lek girls didn’t like me and they would trip me up so that I fell and got punished. When I had really bad days I cried myself to sleep and there would always be a tri’lek waiting for me there. She was so strong looking and she held two lightswords, sorry, sabers. Sometimes she would tell me that it would be all right and that we would meet someday but other times she wouldn’t speak. Just standing there and it made me feel better. Once I tried to tell the other slaves about her but they just laughed at me and I had just handed them another source of amusement to them. After a while I learnt not to mention them and eventually they stopped happening. But I never forgot her.”

She looked up to me, gripping tightly to my legs, “And now I know your name. Master Leuba Sapphire, Thank you…”

I am unsure of whether it was my old heart coming out in me, or whether it was the old mother I used to be to some little runt, and a stupid girl, but my eyes filled with tears, and I knelt down to her, at her level, I took her in my arms, and I hugged her gently around her shoulders.

I whispered, so she could only hear me, I didn’t want Jaina to know more about me then she already knew, “I am not sure it was I,” I said, “But I have dreamless sleeps, and a restless soul, and it could have been me. But, I know what you are going through, I was taken from my home, then I too had people who made fun of me… So stop crying… You’ve got to get a hold of yourself Hera… Staying in this room, alone, only speaking to Jaina will make them have won… And my name,” I whispered softer, “Is Erifia Apoc.”

I squeezed her tightly around the shoulders, and I stood, Holding my head proud, strong, and wise. I am Erifia Apoc. I cannot hide it, I cannot run from it. Leuba Sapphire was my cover, but not when I was a Jedi, I was Erifia Apoc, I am Erifia Apoc.

- - - - - --- -- -

I stood up in a large room, holding both of my sabers glowing brightly. I looked at the others in the room, sabers all ignited, all of them young, ready and able. I wasn’t afraid. I tapped my feet impatiently as the hands holding the sabers tightened, and faltered, wanting to strike out, wanting to fight.

The soft glowing purple saber, and the white one, were back where they belonged, in my hand, prepared to fight. The hum, and the sparks coming from them, as they barely touched the floor registered how dangerous they actually were.

There were two other sabers, a red, and a yellow one. There is no use running from she who shall not be named, nor my past anymore. I ignited them, this was an advanced move, none of these silly, rash children had ever seen. One hand faltered, and the saber dropped, they were getting tired of waiting for me to attack.

I turned my head to the doorway. Reinforcements. I pointed, “You two are late. You have kept the entire class waiting. You have kept me waiting. Miss Solo, you and my no good Padawan are going to be my… Victims for the day…”

I tilted my head to the side, and I took a step back, as the two sabers on the floor ignited, me using my control of the force. They rose from the ground, the red and yellow brightly shining.

- End Transmission

Monday, August 06, 2007

The Newest Hope: Part 7 (Sapphire)

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(Read from the New Hope’s Point of View, HERE.)
(Catch up, slow poke, Imperial Scum, Read HERE!)

I walked around the room, Kriss’s camera… It made me smile and made me sad at the same time. I ran my fingers over it. The next object was Aayla’s slave bands. I sighed when I looked at them. I paused, there was a med-kit, “Barriss,” I whispered as I touched the object. I moved forward, NandeHi’s sewing kit… Master Yoda’s hand-held pressure washer. When I came to the end, my eyes had to be filling with tears, it was then I turned around, and I saw Ben’s lightsaber.

I was shocked by what I saw, and I gasped. My tauntaun’s bubble-bub-kin was there, along with Becca’s mask, and – my old diary. It was still locked, no signs of forced entry…

I knelt down at the base of the pedestal, and I buried my face in my hands and I begin to sob, I rose, stoically, and I looked at her, I am sure it came out as harsh and angry, “Take me from this room, I never want to see it again.”

She led me up stairs, and I followed, silently. I didn’t feel like speaking, finally at the top I spoke, “Thanks for showing me that room.”

She turned and looked at me, confused, surprised, “Why?”

“Because I am old, and allowed to be erratic and irrational.” I didn’t say another word, but I walked forward in the temple, I had no idea where I was going.

I think I hurt her feelings and I felt bad for a moment, and then she spoke, “We’re nearly there. Master Skywalker should- Oh!” She stopped, and I saw him turn the corner.

“Jaina,” he spoke, “There you are. Zekk said something about you arriving in a strange ship.”

“Yes master,” she responded, “I’ve completed the mission you set me. This is Master Leuba Sapphire,” she pointed towards me, “Its her ship. They weren’t rumors. She is a jedi.”

I stared at him. I walked towards him, and I touched his cheeks. I ran my thumbs deep into his cheeks, and I slowly examined his face. I brushed his hair without hurting him, and I opened his eyes wide.

“I always thought he was lying to me…” I spoke to Luke, “I always thought it was some sick joke… That was his sense of humor… But here you are. You look very, very much like your father.”

I stared deeply into his eyes, I saw the twinkle Anakin always had, “I see you in there Ani,” I looked at him, “Luke… I never had the pleasure to meet you… I saw you when you were a baby… I think… No… I saw Leia when she was a baby…”

He looked at me, Teary eyed, and he began to ask me questions. What my name was? Leuba Sapphire. How old I was? Around sixty. What was the old order like? Stupid. My one word answers were getting to him. He wanted knowledge, and I have him none. I would give him answers, and I told him this, “I will stay here, and I will teach. I will tell you all you wish to know, except three things… What my real name is. Who all knew me. And Who my padawan was.”

That’s when I realized Jaina had left, and I smiled at young Luke, and kissed his cheek, and I went to find Jaina, realizing I had no idea where I was going, I looked at Luke, and he directed me there.

I didn’t catch the beginning of their conversation, but I caught the end, “-Where is someone like that going to turn up?” A voice that wasn’t Jaina’s asked.

I entered the room, without permission, and I stood, age and time weathering my face, strength and knowledge surrounding me, and my body in a stance that was conducive to fighting if I had to, “Here.” I said.

-Temporary End Transmission

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Newest Hope: Part 6 (Sapphire)

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(Read from the New Hope’s Point of View, HERE.)
(Catch up, slow poke, Imperial Scum, Read HERE!)

I clicked a button on the com, “Wake up time, Miss Solo, we are within three minutes of Yavin 4. If you don’t want me blazing in, you should wake up now.”

She shook herself out of meditation, she stood and wobbled on her legs, “Easy Journey Then?”

“Yes. I don’t know the security of this new temple, nor how you want to deal with a ship of this size, and weird make coming into range of whatever defenses you have, that’s up to you, Miss. Solo.”

I had changed in the time between. I was feeling so young, I was thinking of wearing my old outfits, but I am too old for that. I did however grab my old sabers. They seemed connected to me. In my hands, I had done so much with them. They were concealed of course, but my sniper rifle was strapped to my back. I had that long before my sabers, and it never really left my side except for at my twenties.

“They’re aren’t really any defenses, Uncle Luke doesn’t want to seem Aggressive. The Jedi have been getting enough bad press as it is. Besides no-one ever really come to Yavin.”

She grabbed my com-link and spoke, “Jedi-Temple this is Jaina Solo. Requesting permission to land.”
“Sith Spit Jaina! You gave us a fright. We had no idea what was going on. Where’d you get that thing?”
“Its not mine, it belongs to an old friend. Now do we have permission to land or what?”
“Huh? Oh, yeah, Bay 3 is clear. It should be big enough. Or you can land at the edge of the forest and walk in. Its up to you.
She looked at me, “You heard the boy. Its up to you Captain.”

“I’m too old to walk. Show me where the bay is,” I pulled down breaching the planet’s atmosphere.

She laughed, “I doubt that very much,” She pointed to the left, “Its over there, built into the same cliff that part of the temple is. Here,” she reached and typed things into my ship.

The ship rocketed towards the cliffs, and I pulled it into the bay as directed. I landed it, and I stood, and stretched my legs.

“I do not want to immediately meet this girl,” I said, “I want to meet your Father, and your uncle first.”

“I was planning on taking you to Master Skywalker first so that’s not a problem, but dad,” she paused, “He’s back on Coursant.” She looked at my ship, and turned to take me to her uncle.

I looked at the temple of Yavin. It wasn’t like the old temple, but it was impressive, I remember playing capture the flag in the simulator as a padawan in a temple such as this. The forests were beautiful and were bright emerald. She showed me different rooms, and different uses for those rooms.

“We are still relatively few in numbers. There’s only around 100 Jedi at the moment and most are nowhere near master level, so it makes teaching very difficulty. Master Skywalker is trying to change that, be it slowly. He himself leads Anakin and Jacen, while Aunt Mara Jade is my mentor.” There was a door that was closed and she pointed, “This is a meditation room. Silence at all times and no light sabers to be ignited.” I wished very much to pull out my saber and cut down the door and start yelling.

They need to learn how to really meditate. As we turned the corner, we went outdoors, and into a larger building she paused at another room, “In this room we’ve begun to create a collection of Jedi Artifacts and all that we know from before the empire. Do you want to go in?”

I nodded. I prepared myself mentally, scared I would break down crying if I saw anything that reminded me- Just reminded me of anything. It was hard, so hard, being one of the last of your kind alive. I’m sure very few could understand what I was going through.

She opened the door, and stepped into the room, I followed, “There is not much.” She waved her hand to all of the things.

-Temporary End Transmission

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