Monday, February 26, 2007

Concerning the Lack of Posts

Hey Everybody,

I have not died, I am doing fine, There will be a post soon. Some stuff has come up in my life, and I have been focused on that. (Mainly a new significant other, and some heavy observing at school.) Also, Coming up soon is my 200th post. I don't have any plans for it. Well... I sort of don't have any plans for it.

Its more, I have plans for it, but I am not going to pick what I do, You are!

So here are your choices for my 200th.

1. I can do another, "Who got me this Dress?" type post. With 199 being the Entry and what it is about, and 200 being your entries.
2. I can do my much debated over and banned series of posts with Aayla Secura.
3. I can introduce a new character, and the 200th Post will be Erifia meeting this character.

Please contribute... And of course...

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Sorry for the delay!

-The Author

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pulled over by the officer (Becca)

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(Some Police Officer took report of the scene.)

I needed to go Tatooine milk. He was out, and he still needed it. He’s a growing tauntaun. I don’t know, I think he needs vegeatables and things.

So I go up to the controls of Erifia’s ship, it should be just like playing a video game, right?

I sat down at the controls. There was no steering wheel. Only a joystick… I grabbed ahold of it, and I turned the key to the ignition and the ship revved up. I released the holds, and the ship released from the ground.

“I don’t know what’s next,” I said to myself. I then released the joystick, and the ship went full force forward. It hit something. I pulled the key out and the ship dropped to the ground, and it rumbled.

I ran to the door, grabbing my insurance and drivers license. I opened the door, “I’m sorry Officer.” I handed my information to the person who pulled me over.

“I’m not an officer, it’s me, Becca. Kriss?”

“Thank god, I think I was drinking this morning. Who are you again?”

“I’m Kriss, Erifia’s friend. I’m suppose I’m supposed to help you learn how to fly a speeder.”

My eyes widened and I stared at her, “Erifia’s gots friends?”

Kriss smiles, “Huh, Well, uh, yes, sort of.”

“Oh hi!” I exclaimed with glee, “I’m Becca the Magnificant, I work for Erifia, I’m her sidekick.”

“I know who you are, we’ve met before, remember?”

“Nope. Oh, Hi! I’m Becca the Magnificant, I’m Erifia Apoc’s Sidekick.”

She smiled, and shook my hand, “Nice to meet ya, shall we start?”

“Oh no, I’m sorry, I like boys.”

“Hmmm… Good to know, most girls do.”

“I don’t know…”

“You want to start the lesson now?”

What was she talking about? There was something very important I was supposed to remember. Oh! Mace Windu! I hit his ship, and he wanted me to take lessons, and he was going to send Kriss to see me.

“Oh hi Kriss! Thanks for coming. I am excited to start learning how to fly a buffalo.”

“Fly a what? Buffalo? No, A speeder. Mace wanted to teach you to fly a speeder, not a buffalo.”

“But Okie-Doke Kablokey spoke of a Buffalo with Wings. I assumed he meant for me to fly it.”

Kriss looks at me funny, “Buffalo wings are chicken wings, you eat them, not fly them.”

I feel sad, for the chickens, tears fill my eyes, “But chickens would get hurt.”

“Can’t eat them alive, well you could, but you can’t fly them…”

What is she talking about? “You can’t eat a spaceship silly. And yes you can fly them.” I put my hands on my hips proud that I knew you could fly a spaceship. I remembered that much.

“So, I’m going to teach you to fly?”

“I don’t know.”


Ps. 4… Wait, that’s can’t be right, let me count again… 4… Wow…

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jabim: Part 10 (Erifia)

When we arrived back on Coruscant, I took the men back to their post. Deadweight was the last one to leave, we stared at each other for a long moment, and he reached out and grabbed my wrist.

I had never been so demeaningly grabbed my in my whole life. He was scolding me, trying to show me he was tougher than I was. But then he did something I would have never expected. He pulled me to him, and tenderly rubbed my cheek.

He stole my lips. Took them from me. I wrapped my arms around him, one arm around his waist, the other holding his shoulder gently. He held his hands on my waist, and he pulled me closer to him.

My lekkus, all three of them began to wiggle. He took my hands into his, and held them tightly.

“Please, don’t leave, Erifia…”

I closed my eyes, and tears dropped down them, “You know I have to.”

“But, aren’t you happy?”

“Yes. I’m very happy… But…”

“But what? If you see a chance to be happy you take it.”

“I can’t,” I whispered into his ear, “I can’t, they will hunt me down. We will always be running.”

“Will I ever get to see you?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “I don’t know.”

“Don’t leave,” he ordered, his harsh tones caused me to flinch.

“Deadweight; Don’t.”

He began to sob, and he squeezed me in a tight hug, he cried on my shoulder. He kept apologizing again and again. Claiming he wasn’t good enough, he didn’t deserve even the few kisses he had taken.

I shushed him. My whispering hissing a constant reminder I was there. I kissed his cheek several times. Then he took my lips again. I gave them to him this time. He gently ran his fingers down my lekkus. I sighed as I tossed my arms around him.

I kissed him, many, many times. He pulled back from me.

“I forgot…” he kissed me again, this one longer, and he drew away from me, “You have to go, Erifia, remember?”

I nodded, and my smile from his kisses, turned into a frown. He stepped off the ship, and I was left on it. I stumbled backwards drunk from the kiss, and the feel.

I landed in a chair. My hands shook. My lips quivered. My lekkus wiggled. My whole body was thrown out of whack. I could do nothing but cry. Why did they outlaw this at the temple? This feeling that made me want to fly, but made me want to stay in his arms. A tingling in my spine that carried to my whole body and made me feel warm, safe and secure.

I wanted to leap around and sing, and dance. But without him I wanted to lay on a bed, and cry. I took a deep breath, but my lungs jumped, and it shook my whole body.

I finally was able to rise, and fly to the temple again. I paced back and forth and my lekkus wiggled. They were talking to themselves.

Where is he?
I miss him.
He touched me.
I want to be his.
He is wanting us.
Go back to him
We need to see him.
He is ours.
I want him to lead me to where I should be.
He will be lead.
“Shutup… I have to go inside.”
Every part of you wants him!
“Stop,” I pleaded.

My lekkus stopped wiggling, and my body stopped its onslaught of emotion. I walked out of the CIS ship, and I sent it to the nearest Republic base. I looked around, I missed Becca, and Tatooine. I missed the temple.

I miss him.

I went to where I had parked my ship. I wanted to see Tatooine. And yes, Becca.

“Where in the known universe is my ship?!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. My ship wasn’t there.

If you’ll excuse me-

I miss his hugs, and kisses,
Erifia Apoc


PS from the Author = I am not happy about the new blogger. I am not happy about it at all.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jabim: Part 9 (Erifia)

The bacta had engulfed me again. Pain flooded my body. I screamed. Not for any other reason that procuring help. I needed it. I felt so alone, in the bacta. The scream came out as bubbles.

I tried to move my lower body, but nothing came from it, I started to cry. It was frustrating. I closed my eyes again so I would think I was safely. I would convince myself.

I wish I could be on my ship, listening to Becca say, “I don’t know.” And Tatooine leaping on my lap, and being overly affectionate. Being at the temple, dealing with Anakin, and Obi-Wan… NandeHi taking care of me while my neck healed. I feel so alone…

I am so alone… I want to be home…

When my eyes opened the next time, I felt better. I moved my legs, and wiggled my fingers. I marveled at me moving my fingers, even in the bubbling bacta.

I wiggled my toes. It felt good. I smiled, and I let my eyes close in relief. I bent at my waist. I ripped the sensors off of my body so they would come and get me. When they saw me moving, they released the bacta.

I tried to stand on my legs, I fell down to my knees. I used my arms to crawl out of the bacta tank. Deadweight was there waiting for me. He helped me up. The men were there. All of them safe; that was my primary mission.

They laid me on a bed, and I rose, there were no words exchanged between us.

“I want to go home,” I said, “I want to go home. Get the men ready, we are going home.”

I worked my way to the transport ship, alone. Once I was there, I slumped down in the captain’s seat. I felt so broken, so ragged. I didn’t want to do anything anymore. I wish that I was normal. I wish I could have a family.

“Tri’lek,” Deadweight said, “You never said anything about the kiss.”

I looked away from him.

“I see,” he said.

“No, please… I just… I just don’t know. I don’t know.”

He smiled faintly at me, “Okay, Erifia,” he said, “The men are here, we are loading up. We want to go home too.”

I nodded, I have no idea why I am so sad, so upset, so happy, so unsure. When Deadweight entered next he told me the men were ready to go. He sat down next to me in the copilot seat.

He turned his body to me, and he grabbed my cheek, it wasn’t forceful, but he commanded my attention. He brought my lips to his, and took my lips again. I relaxed in his arms.

He hugged my gently, knowing my neck was still tender. I laid my head on his shoulder, and kicked the ship into auto-pilot. He wrapped his arm around my waist. He supported my weight.

“I take it you didn’t mind the kiss,” he said softly.

He wasn’t my first kiss, Obi-Wan was, but Obi-Wan didn’t want to be kissed, “You were my first kiss,” I whispered.

“That’s a shame.”

I felt his warmth. Was this happiness?

If you’ll excuse me, I’m not moving.

Hugs and Kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jabim: Part 8 (Erifia)

“Hey babe,” I heard a voice from nowhere. I was asleep, but awake.

I looked around. I was in a dream world. I was surrounded by rain and rainbows. I was laying on a bed, and Master Gerith Gwin was sitting across from me.

“Hey,” I said with a smile, and I tried to sit up.

“Don’t. Stay laying down, Erifia. You have a broken neck sweetie.”

I felt the tear come down my face.

“Wow,” he said, “I trained you well.”

I didn’t move, but I spoke, “Yes… You did.”

“You make me proud, every single day. When I think about you, and when I watch you; I saw to myself. That’s your girl, Gerith.”

I smiled, “Am I going to die?”

“Maybe,” he said.

“Am I in a coma?”


“Did I put myself into this coma?”


“So my lekkus are fine?”


“So if they can fix my neck, I can wake up.”


“Speak to me… Just don’t keep saying yes.”

“I notice you’ve blacked out twice during this mission. You lost yourself in the panic of caring for those men.”

“Don’t give me that,” I said, “You trained me to care.”

“Yes, I did. But I also trained you to use your mind with your emotion. Not just your emotion.”

“I’m sorry,” I said behind tears.

“Nothing to apologize for, babe.”

I felt tired. My eyes began to feel heavy with the onset of sleep, that I so wanted.

Master Gerith spoke, “Don’t go to sleep.”


“Don’t go to sleep.”

I opened my eyes, and I stared at him.

“I forgive you,” he said.

Tears filled my eyes, and I reached for him, and he scooted closer to me, and took my hands. He smiled at me.

“Master…” I said softly.

“I know it wasn’t your fault. I know you didn’t mean it.”

I tried pulling him closer to me, and he braced my neck, and held me in his arms. He hushed me gently, because of how shaky I was and how bad I was sobbing. He kissed my cheek in the fatherly way he did when I was younger.

“Little Indy,” he said, and I stopped crying.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

“Little Indy… I forgave you once, and I would forgive you a thousand times.”

I smiled faintly. My lips were too sad to push them into a true smile.

“Now… Wake up…”

My eyes shot open, and I was emmersed in the bacta tank again.

If you’ll excuse me, Everything is so green,

Broken hugs, and cheek kisses,
Erifia Apoc

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Jabim: Part 7 (Erifia)

With the men of Jabim, and my own men, we have plans to take the instillation. The plan was that I run in, wake everyone up, have them all aimed at me, while the Jabim snipers, and my men armed with rockets get ready to blow them up.

My head was still running with confusion, and I am sure, as I stood at the woods before the instillation, I wasn’t prepared for battle. He had kissed me? Why? I’m pretty, but I’m not gorgeous. I’m loud, boisterous, and annoying. Any redeeming qualities I have are based on physicality. I’m rash and hasty.

What could have possibly drove that man to kiss me? I walked forward. I extended my sabers. I wasn’t going to be subtle. My pace was faster then I had intended, and when I arrived at the edge, the droids all turned to me.

There were several Super Battle droids, and their wrist blasters all fired at me. I began to deflect their rays at me. I tapped into my right Lekku. Pushing all of my current memories into my middle one.

Jump! I leapt into the air, and threw my saber down. It made one explode, and I rushed past the other into the base. Several Genosians were there and they all began to fire at me.

I reflected their bolts back at them, and they knocked themselves unconscious. I rushed to find the transport. On the outside, I heard shots. The snipers were beginning their work. I found the armory room. My gun…

Not my sniper rifle, but my gun, the one I found back on Langoria. I grabbed it. Then I set a beacon on the room. I turned, and six droids stood around me.

I clicked the button on the gun, and then it began to charge. They laughed at me in their silvery metallic laugh.

“This is the Erifia Apoc who has destroyed many models before us?” It asked.

That’s when the gun fired a bright green beam, and it ripped through them, and the walls, and the forest, until it struck the mountain side. I rushed past them, and went to find the stairway to the transport ship.

It took me a couple of times, and the droids were busy with the snipers outside. I jumped up the staircase instead of walking up it. I went onto the transport, and I ripped out the droid brain that was going to be driving it. The ship jumped, and I activated the manual controls. I took off with it, and a droid came up behind me, and struck me in the back of the head.

I felt a sharp pain fill my body, and I turned on him, and I punched him. He was so taken back by this action, and my hand hurt bad, I lit a saber and cut him in two.

I checked the ship, and once I knew it was clean, I drove it to the landing pad. There were rockets blowing up, and then in air, there was an actual explosion that shook the ship, and sent me in a dive.

I pulled up, and I was able to land on the pad, roughly. My migraine from the droid hitting me was so painful, I just laid my head down. My men and the men of Jabim could handle it from here…

Right now I just want to take a nap.

If you’ll excuse me…

- - X - - O - -
Erifia *yawn* Apoc

(PS from the Author: I had some computer troubles so that’s why I didn’t post. Sorry loyal readers. Thanks for commenting, and thanks for reading.)